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  1. I got to this party late but read the whole thing over the past three evening and must admit I am sorry to see it come to an end and especially this kind as I always am for the underdog and In opinion we ( Americans ) were the underdog back then. Anyway I really enjoyed it and yeah thanks for that bold decision to use a offensive defense. I also assume you choose that partly for our enjoyment so yeah thanks. It worked!
  2. Wow! A shocker but always is the case when somebody you know or care about has it happen to them. God speed to you Phil.
  3. Thanks Sublime. Yeah I know but if one is not careful one can get chewed out at times. I hesitate quite a bit from asking at times in order not to bring on any negative replies. But then at times I take my chances.
  4. Pretty neat MOS. Thanks for such detailed explanation. I gotta check this out as I've never seen anything in regards to ammo dump but then again I never really looked - but will now. Thanks again.
  5. Now that is strange. Wonder why. I'm going to google that. I hate it when I don't know about something that seems strange to me. ;-)) Hope it's something really cool and not just something - plain, for lack of a better word.
  6. Well thanks for checking mjkerner. Had I known you'd be looking in those two places I would have done it myself. Didn't mean to put you out but thank you for looking. I thought there might be other sites or places that were unfamiliar to me. Too bad as I would sure like to see what all it would add to a uniform. I'm always kinda envious of the other nationalities unforms. The U.S. did have plain looking ones but I realize they probably weren't too worried about looks. :-))
  7. lanL, I really don't see what would be more important than a bayonet charge but whatever .............................. Yeah BLSTK I hear you. That extra 7.5 ft could make a difference. I know I'd want it if a grenade was thrown at me. Thanks for pointing that out.
  8. Don't get me wrong I love the game and have no complains but if they wanted to include anything along those lines I would not refuse to use them. Heck I guess we could go on for days of what would be neat but it is fun just talking and thinking about it. I remember a time when they said pigs couldn't fly.
  9. Thanks all for the information. Something I might use but probably not unless I stumble across in a scenario. It is a neat idea though.
  10. This term came up in a topic I was in and didn't know what it meant so decided to try to look it up in the manual but couldn't find it. Can somebody tell me more about it? and in which of the many manuals it's in. Thanks
  11. Thanks mjkerner for the reply. I forgot that the US didn't have textures for officers or NCO's. Oh well. Would have been neat though. You wouldn't happen to know which mod had them though would you. I'd at least like to take a look at it. Thanks
  12. I have noticed the same thing. I have both FI & BN and enjoy FI the most for the terrain. I do like the snow though which actually was one of the main reasons I got it but after experiencing the terrain that overrides the snow feature now. Next though I have to try RT. Would like to play the German and experience all their neat armor for a change. Sherman's suck.
  13. Thanks all for the replies. Didn't know about the 30 yard thing but good to know and also the light target order. I wasn't going to ask these questions but thought what the hey so did and glad I did. Thanks RockinHarry you mentioned supply dumps. I've never seen anything in regards to that but will try to find it in the manual. Thanks for mentioning it. Anyway, I can see why BF didn't or probably wouldn't bother with these little actions but would have been neat. Oh well.
  14. I was playing a scenario earlier today and ran across a situation that a good old fashion bayonet charge would have really been in order. :-)) Just wondered if anybody else thinks this would be neat? And since you asked I also thought that being able to instruct your troops when to throw grenades or when exactly to use a bazooka rather than their rifles would sure be neat and or helpful. Had that situation numerous times in my playings also. Anyway thought I'd see if these subjects were ever brought up. Thanks
  15. Would it be possible to mod stripes onto uniforms or is that not possible. If so would it be really involved or could somebody that's not a modder do it with a little instructions? The reason I ask is I have a 24" monitor so can see details pretty good and I for whatever reason enjoy decking my vehicles and troopers out with little fine details like that and think adding stripes or insignia's would be kinda cool. Anybody happen to know if even possible? Thanks
  16. Womble I see what you mean. I really hadn't thought along those lines. I always just assumed at least in my playing scenario's etc that I either whipped them or not but what you are commenting on really changes my thoughts on playing or how I will in the future look at it. Good points and or advice. Gosh my old way ( now after your very well explained comments above ) seems so - mindless or simple. Really appreciate you getting that across to me and taking the time to do it. Greatly helps me understand a lot and will make my future playing or scenario designing much more interestin
  17. Thanks sburke. That certainly sounds interesting to say the least so I will be playing with it but probably not for awhile as I'm really still learning all the other stuff. I can see where that would really make the scenario a lot more interesting and unpredictable for both the player and designer. That Battlefront guys think of everything. Thanks for the info. Some good ideas liveNoMore. I like the idea of determining balance in a short amount of time. Hadn't thought of that. Also thanks for mentioning what Combatintman said. I shall try that. Womble I like the idea of vie
  18. Thank you gentlemen. Lots more info than I had even hoped to get and very appreciative for you time and replies. This has opened up a whole new world for me and I don't see an end to it which is fine with me btw. I can see how detailed this could get and I am pretty excited about it. Really makes me understand and appreciate how much is put into the making of a scenario. sburke I have seen that choice/ feature but have not really played around with it yet. Is there a reason you asked about that particular feature? I'd be interested in any comments about it you might like to
  19. I just learned how to make a scenario and was wondering what was considered to be a fair ratio between the forces. Maybe there isn't one as I know a lot would depend on the overall circumstances but if you had to voice an opinion what would you think fair. In a quick battle they make it easy by having points to spend but there is no such valve in scenario's so kinda wondering. Thanks
  20. I have tired elite but not Iron. It sure takes a lot longer on those though. I normally have an hour set aside for gaming and the easier ones are doable in that length of time -at least for me. Plus I just flat enjoy the game more when knowing what's going on. I might get used to not seeing but for right now at least I'll stick to the sissy ones.
  21. Ohhhh. I see. I just recently started playing battles picking Warrior and/ or veteran and thought it was the scenario itself limiting that info. Never occurred to me that the level was doing it. Thanks so much guys.
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