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  1. I got to this party late but read the whole thing over the past three evening and must admit I am sorry to see it come to an end and especially this kind as I always am for the underdog and In opinion we ( Americans ) were the underdog back then. Anyway I really enjoyed it and yeah thanks for that bold decision to use a offensive defense. I also assume you choose that partly for our enjoyment so yeah thanks. It worked!
  2. OMG! Fantastic! You will let us know of course, right, right? :-)) Any idea not that I'm rushing you or that I even could rush you but really would love to get those. I'm excited!! Oh and please yes on the Rangers. Truly excellent job! Thank you.
  3. Thank you for the reply. I thought they were talking about a new game. My bad.
  4. It looks good but was wondering what period ( dates ) this is set in?
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