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1938 Calm Before The Storm

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1938 Calm Before The Storm v1.4


Added Italian decision script and matching Swedish Mobilization_3 script and Swedish unit script and one picture also

Added German strength script for Ukrainian partisans to strike at USSr in spring 41

Increased cost for German decision scripts to form Baltic states after "liberation"

Added German NM scripts for Russian winter

Fixed faulty decisions for Cyprus and added Turkey garrison to Nicosia

Lowered combat target data for Italy and Italian Africa

Added Italian and Hungarian armored trains to the production queue

Increased strength on Italian armies

Added Italian decision script and matching territory, unit, NM and Mobilization_3 scripts for annexing Majorca

Added decision and matching territory script for Finland to annex Hanko

Added more parts of Africa and related to that

Added Italian and German decision script and matching unit script for cossacks & Afrika korps extra unit

Fixed flag bitmaps

Increased combat target data for Corps and armies

Added cost text for German decision script for Reichskommiseriat kaukasus

Fixed faulty link beteen German desicion script and Spainsh Mobilization_3 script

Many changes of croatian unit scripts (added, removed, switched units)

Added one Montenegro unit script "Lovćen Brigade"

Added one Province of Ljubljana unit script armored train

Changed position for Croatian armored train unit script

Changed Slovakian unit scripts

Added Catlos hq to slovakias build limits

Reduced Italian light carriers baction points from 16 to 8

Added German decision script and 2 matching unit scripts for Croat infantry divisions in Wehrmacht

Changed variable condition for one German unit script

Added/Changed German Waffen SS unit scripts

Changed Ukraine unit skripts

Changed German unit scripts in Russia

Added 3 Strength scripts for Baltic partisans Forest brothers to strike in USSR

Added 2 strength scripts for Ukrainian People's Revolutionary Army to strike in USSR

Added/Changed Ukraine unit scripts

Added 2 Ukrainian HQs to build limits

Added Cossacks to USSR unit scripts

Different small changes of USSR unit scripts

Changed combat target data for Germany. V3 cannon

Removed some units on the map and in scripts

Changed cost of some decision scripts

Changed some unit bitmaps (Thanks Battlefield)

Added Italian AT to production queue

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1938 Calm Before The Storm v1.5


Reduced build limits for UK with 2 attack bombers and US with 2 attack bombers and 1 fighter

Added 3 German sub unit scripts

Reduced build limits for US with one bomber and France with one attack bomber

Added research one level for German Anti tank and rockets and Finland infantry attack

Changed some US resourcues from oil to minor cities

Adedd one research chit for German submarines

Changed German anti tanks to 2 strikes

Added German panzer corps to production queue 4103 and icreased CTD for tanks also

Added Polish strong Army as unit script as a variant

Lowered Germany. build limits for artillery to 0

Incerased German attack bombers tack attack and demoralization

Increased loss evasion for German. nebelwerfers, and changed purchase date to 4002

Lowered strength on 2 UK fair craft unit scripts

Changed ownership of one tactical bomber unit script from UK to Canada

Increased CBT for German anti tank units

Removed from production queue, 1 UK tactical bomber, 1 USSR rocket artillery, 1 German army

Added German supply scripts for IRA bombing in UK

Added Italian decision script and matching unit script for light cruiser ETNA

Added German decision script and unit scripts for ME262 jet fighter or bomber

Changed German battleships purchasing date to 4101

Lowered CTD for USSRs armies, corps and divisions ince htye where smaller than other countries similar units, they are also a bit cheaper

Lowered Romanias build limits with one 1 army and 1 cavalry from 4 to 3

Lowered Italys build limits with 1 army and 2 corps

Lowered unit cost a bit for most units

Changed some USA resources from oil to towns

Changed Lebanon from Italian minor to Romanian minor

Removed Croatian armored train from production queue

Named spanish units

Changed Spanish volunteers division Azul unit script

Fixed faulty zoom HQ´s flags bitmaps

Added German decision script for taking Danish gold reserve

Added Italian decision script to sell destroyer to Iran and matching unit script and mobilization_3 script

Changed the MPP gains in German gold reserve decision scripts

Changed Germanys build limits, -1 for attack bombers, +1 for medium bombers, added medium bomber to production queue

Lowered UK build limits for armies from 5 to 3

Big change of USSR unit scripts and small changes on other unit types

Some MPP changes in decision scripts

Added a few towns and roads

Removed a few USSR resources

Made USSR heavy bombers slot (Former airships) into weak old pre war planes

Lowered Germanys build limits Armies with 1

Increased cost of Romanian units foth 10%

Added belligerence script between France and Romania

Changed some MPP collection in German decision scripts

Changed rocket purchase dates

Removed faulty Spanish mobilization_3 script

Changed purchase dates for some German unit types

Added missing link between German decision script and hungarian unit script for Fall Blau

Changed Romanian unit script from army to corps

Some name changes in unit script

Removed some unit scripts and a few unit on the map

Lowered trigger for Polish unit scripts

Added names and other small changes to USSR unit scripts

Lowered some German NM scripts

Small resource changes

Changed failsafe date on USSR unit scripts

Small changes to build limits and minimum production dates

Increased armies APs from 3 to 4

Changed date on Finnish decision script for Hangö

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1938 Calm Before the storm v1.6 uploaded with too many Changes to write down, long time since last update. Enjoy! (When it is published by Battlefornt). The media folder is empty so put the content from the v1.5 into it.

Edited by Cantona66
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Hi Cantona66!

First I want to thank you for this scenario.

While playing I think I found a problem: After defeating France and not accepting Vichy Spain doesn't join Axis. I checked DE 139 and it wasn't in the list of events. I think, because there was no empty line in the decision file between DE 138 and DE 139. I tried to change it in the editor but it still doesn't trigger and after accepting the decision (which pops up if you decline Vichy) nothing happens. Well, not nothing because I do pay the 1400 MPP without getting Spain! :-( Could you check this please? Thank you

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Hi Cantona66, thank you for your quick answer. One more question: Is it one purpose, that the Units which come whtih some decisions like Fall Gelb, Barbarossa etc have no upgrades? In the other versions of your Mod (for Breakthrough etc.) most of the units come with upgrades..  Thank you for your efforts!

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Hello, since scripted units cannot be chosen to have only one upgrade I have decided to have no at all on German armies since there were no German armies that was motorized and then sometimes I have used the second Germany (Germany.) for weaker German units (Luftwaffe, Kriegsmarine ground units etc.) that I do not want to be able to upgrade.


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Unfortunately I keep getting CTD saying "FAILED(lost_surfaces)" when I get to Spring\Summer of 1940 when I play the Germans. I can send you the saves\crashdump files if you want them.


This happens when I play Assault On Democracy or Assault On Communism.

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In my last game the Soviet Union declared war on me very early because I did not garrison Poland with enough units and consequently I was also unable to fight the partisans well enough. Can you tell me about how many units I must leave in Poland for these events to turn out well for me?

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roy, that has happend to me also, Battlefront belives it is a image in a pop up message that causes this, try to remove the Media folder from the Calm folder so you have no images for the pop ups and se if it helps, you can put it back later in the game. For instance you can cut the Media folder and Place it under the bitmap folder. Hope this helps!

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