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1938 Calm Before The Storm

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1938 Calm Before The Storm II (AOC)

I have been converting my mod to AOC and also added many many things.

I also have tried to make the game a bit faster to play, hence i have removed the southern part of the map where not much action happened (Abbysinia, French West Africa, Belgian Africa, French Equatorial Africa, Madagascar, Cuba, Uruguay, Argentina, Brasil etc.)

New countries is Japan, Luxembourg, Free Greece, Free Belgium, Free Czechoslovakia, Free Netherlands

I also replaced Commonwealth and Spain with Finland and Romania as Majors and splitted Palestine-Transjordan up to two individual countries.

For this purpose i have added armies into the game and removed many divisions, corps and also some ships.

But there are quite a few divisions and garrisons on the map at the start but the build limits are low for these so they will not reappear after destruction

I have seen a significant speed-up of the game.

Thanks for to Xenon141 for unit bitmaps

Thanks to Crispy131313 for the tip to have Finland and Romania as Majors ( i have also used some of your scripts)

Thanks mcaryf1 for the idea to have lend lease unit scripts for certain USSR cities

USSR have mostly light tanks at the beginning

USSRs cavalry is corps, oher nations cavalry is divisions and weaker

I have as in previous versions both Germany (Upgradeble) and Germany. (Minor, Not upgradeble) to have multiple unit types, here comes a little explanation what Germany. units differ from Germanys:

Germany (No.6)/Germany. (No.15)

0#HQs Ordinary/(Himmler)

1#GARRISON= Garrison/-

2#DIVISION= Division Wehrmacht/volkssturm and weaker

3#CORPS= Corps Wehrmacht/Luftwaffe/Kriegsmarine

4#ARMY= Army Wehrmacht/Late war armies

5#MECHANIZED= Mechanized Light divisions panzergrenadiers/-

6#COMMANDO= Special Forces Grossdeutschland/1,2,3,5 SS divisions/Gebirgsjaeger

7#ENGINEERS= Engineers Sturmtiger/Wehrmacht

8#PARATROOPS= Paratroops Ordinary/weak

9#CAVALRY= Cavalry Ordinary/weak

10#ANTI_TANK= Anti-Tank Ordinary/Jagdpanthers, Jagdtigers

11#ANTI_AIR= Anti-Air Ordinary/weak

12#ROCKET_ARTILLERY= Rocket Artillery Nebelwerfers/-

13#ARTILLERY= Artillery Ordinary/super heavy artillery Karl

14#RAIL_GUN= Rail Gun Super heavy Schwerer Gustav/Long range artillery K5 and K12

15#COASTAL_GUN= Coastal Gun/v3

16#ARMORED_TRAIN= Armored Trains/?

17#ROCKETS= Rockets V2/V1

18#LIGHT_TANK= Light Tank Tiger II/Captured french/Czech

19#TANK_GROUP= Tank Group Ordinary Panzer corps/Super heavy tank Maus

20#AIRSHIPS= Airships -/-

21#FIGHTERS= Fighters Ordinary/weaker captured polish, czech, french or soviet planes

22#TACTICAL_BOMBERS= Tactical Bombers Ordinary/weaker captured polish, czech, french or soviet planes

23#MEDIUM_BOMBERS= Medium Bombers Ordinary/weaker captured polish, czech, french or soviet planes

24#STRATEGIC_BOMBERS= Bombers Amerika bombers/Long range condors for naval warfare/raiding

25#BATTLESHIP= Battleship Bismarck, Gneisenau etc./Older Schleswig-Holstein, Schlesien

26#CRUISER= Cruiser Heavy cruisers, Panzerschiffs/Light cruisers

27#DESTROYER= Destroyer Ordinary/Older

28#LIGHT_CARRIER= Light Carrier Graf Zeppelin/Seaplane tender

29#CARRIER= Carrier Europa/-

I have also playing around with my mod, testing what the best focus should be:

The map i used earlier for ww1 with more of Africa (French West Africa, Equatorial Africa, Belgian Africa, Kenya, Abyssinia, Italian East Africa), South American countries, India, New Zealand and Australia.

Or skip these parts and concentrate of the traditional map (but a bit bigger than regular ww1), this is the one i have developed most and is playtesting now as described above.

OR a mix of these (no South America or New Zealand, Australia but keep Abyssinia and parts connected.

Any thoughts?

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Thank you for all the work on the Calm Before the Storm mod.

I spend more than 50% of my SC playing time on this mod (not only because of the slightly longer AI turns ;-)) To keep the turns shorter I usually use the editor to take out Intel, so that I do not have to wait for all the pop-ups. Wouldn't it be great if that would be an option in the main SC screen?

Anyway, I can't wait to play the AOC version, but can't find the .cgn file. Is that missing, or am I missing something?

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It sounds like the campaign text document is missing. It should have values such as this inside:





you can probably just take any other campaign.txt document from another campaign folder and copy and paste it into the calm before the storm folder as long as you change the values and set them to '1' afterwards

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Strange problem, i have just checked and the Campaign.ini is there and it is correct.

Crispy, the map is as i recall quite like it used to be in last version as i remember but i excluded the Southern part and then south american countries and east africa etc is gone, instead i added a few other countries and used 1 slot as an extra Germany with special units like weak Luftwaffe units, Maus Tiger II tanks, V3 gun, and more

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I've been working heavily on my mod when time permits, and it is basically done I just want to play through a few more games to make sure everything is working fine. I've added many more decisions too and you're welcome to re-use some too, especially if some of the new ones fit into the Finland/Romania major theme.

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Bonjour Michel5656,

I guess you must be kidding when you say AOD is not worth the buy? Je ne me prononcerai pas au sujet de AOC pour l'instant mais sans équivoque AOD vaut chaque dollars et plus. C'est de loin le projet Grand Stratégique le plus achevé et le plus accessible sur le marché. Prove me wrong! Think also of the support for this game, support both ways. Avec l'équivalent Euro d'une sortie au cinoche, vous aidez Fury à développer un meilleur design pour SC3 et Fury est omniprésent pour aider ses joueurs. At least give reasons other than cash because it doesn't make sense in view of the hundred of hours of playing time you get for this price. Ceci dit, on ne peut reprocher à quelqu'un de ne pas aimer un scénario ou un théâtre d'opération et d'exprimer ses critiques ou ses réserves. I wish you can tell us what you meant and, with all due respect, I could then understand why we differ on that matter.

Mes salutations

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Cantona, my prob is solved. I only had to delete the ' - ' at the end of the campaign title in the campaigns file.

MonsterClaude I'll open a new thread on that question soon. Briefly speaking it's a matter of very weak AI and of balance between German and Russian sides due I think to a lack of skill concerning the story of the Eastern Front. Second, SC is a strategic game and not really interesting with operational scenarios; AoC has only operational scenarios which further don't take into account the "other fronts". The concept of Key cities is not accurate I think; against Russia there was no " key city", it was a battle to death. Tell me where are new units, new sprites ? In summary all of this is more or less like the anterior numerous so called Gold or Add_on versions. It's hard time to work on and develop SC3. SC2 is finished.

By the way anyone could "transfer" the Neptune scenario in AoC or AoD ?

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Hi Michel,

I've actually converted "Case Neptune" to the WW1 Engine. I don't think I've gotten around to uploading it to the repository yet but I will soon if you have interest in playing it. It is on the smaller scale map though, sort of a duplicate of the original. The scenario plays much faster and the AI is better (due to progression of the series) which are the main differences.

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Just a Quick heads up, the mod is crashing some times with out any message, for me usually efter the fall of France 1940 and summer ofc 1942, i Believe it has something to do with the media files, i have tried to remove the media folder out of the mod and then it works again and put it back after i have passed these dates. I have not been able to find the 2 BMPs that is causing the problem.

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