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1938 Calm Before The Storm

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Hello Cantona66,

That fixed the problem thanks, unfortunately I had to finish the game when I invaded Russia because I ran out of troops to stop the endless wall of partisans. I'll just have to start a new game without them :( Is there a reason you used so many partisans?

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1938 Calm Before The Storm v1.8
Increased map to cover whole of North Norway and Finland
Reduced the number of unit available for some Minor Axis countries
Added new countries Brazil, Colombia, Venezuela and Cuba, replacing Montenegro, Iceland, Luxembourg and Lebanon, and related scripts also changed then
Adjusted German gold reserve capturing in different decision scripts
Some changes of German heer at the map, build limits(fewer armies) and scripts
And other small adjustments
Remodelled Swedish oob
Some resource changes
Fixed faulty German-Romania decision script
Added UK second BEF army in unit script
and more and more

The Media folder is empty to reduce the size of the zip file, so copy the content from the existing game´s media file.

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In the US we refer to this sort of thing as "the lights are on but nobody is home".  In other words, whomever reviews and approves these things is not paying much attention.  This seems to be the case with much of the SC2 franchise as there is a distinct drop off in activity.  Unfortunately, the dearth of information on SC3 is troubling also.  Makes me wonder if it it's all worth the wait and I suspect I'm not the only one pondering this question.

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