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1938 Calm Before The Storm

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Hello Cantona66,

It appears for some reason the localization file shows each country as another?

Look below.

Thanks for follow-up.



#FRANCE= France



#CHINA= Finland

#GERMANY= Germany

#ITALY= Italy

#JAPAN= Romania

#NEUTRAL= Neutral




#BENELUX= Belgium

#BRAZIL= Bulgaria

#BRUNEI= Germany.

#BULGARIA= Neutral

#BURMA= Czechoslovakia

#CANADA= Denmark

#CHILE= Egypt

#COLOMBIA= Estonia




#EGYPT= Iceland


#NANJING= Ireland

#GREECE= Free Poland

#HUNGARY= Latvia

#HONG_KONG= Slovakia

#ICELAND= Lithuania

#INDOCHINA= Kingdom of Italy

#IRAQ= Morocco

#IRELAND= Netherlands


#MANCHURIA= Palestine


#ALGERIA= Poland

#MEXICO= Portugal

#NEW_ZEALAND= Free Armenia

#NORWAY= Spain

#PERSIA= Saudi Arabia

#PERU= Province of Ljubljana

#POLAND= Sweden

#POLYNESIA= Switzerland


#RHODESIA= Tunisia

#ROMANIA= Turkey

#PHILIPPINES= Vichy France

#MALAYA= Yugoslavia

#SOLOMONS= Lebanon

#SOUTH_AFRICA= Reichskommiseriat Ukraine

#SPAIN= Reichskommiseriat Ostland

#SUDAN= Reichskommiseriat Kaukasus

#SWEDEN= Montenegro

#SWITZERLAND= Italian Africa

#SYRIA= Transjordan

#THAILAND= Free France

#TIBET= Croatia

#TUNISIA= Italian Social Republic

#TURKEY= Free Greece

#VENEZUELA= Luxembourg

#VICHY_FRANCE= Free Norway

#WEST_AFRICA= Free Belgium

#INDIA= Free Netherlands

#YUGOSLAVIA= Free Czechoslovakia

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Hey Cantona,

Conversion is not necessary actually. The game works in AOD too. The problem was that the campaign folder, and .cgn file had names that did not match. Once I changed the folder name (removed a space and dash) the game runs fine. Looks great by the way!

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Ok, good! Keep on playing.

1: both in AoD and AoC in you are in the convoy/war screen and hit a flag the game crash to desktop.

2: in the Breakthrought version the german tanks strike at two hex range: it is intended or is a mistake?

3: in the breakthrought version 5 games in a row, France dow Belgium in december: it' s intended?

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1. strange, i will check.

2. i will not update breakthrough version anymore but not intended.

3. this happens to me also, not intended, no script from me, i Believe it is the Engine that causes this.

1: i make same test: it happen only in the first turn of a new game: from the turn 2 all fine. the error test is: segment failure

3: it is here even in the AoC version: France Dow Belgium at dicember. the strange is that in AoC declar war but not make attacks against Belgium unit after the first turn.

i think that if you cannot modify the AI script (i think is a script for the WWI scenario: if it is december and Belgio is neutral dow...) you must free the fall gelb chain or we never see....

4: there is same units in the german force pool that have stats very different from standard: is intended? for example light tank is better than tank group, the heavy bomber cost 150 pp, and so on...

5: i think that in the Italy economy lack the found received for plunder abissinia: as it is, with UK ai dow in april (and in multiplayer is even worst: i see no reason to dow with both UK and France asap), he don't have the money to put a full force more than the 2 army 1 HQ and the tank group in Libya....: maybe at the turn after the dow receive money as a free bonus if is a allied power that make the dow?

6: i don' t have find the canada convoy

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Hi Cantona66

On 3, I wonder if there is an Allied AI Offensive script which could be causing this?

i think this is the script:

#NAME= France - Lille -> Brussels (Belgium Neutral)


#FLAG= 1

#TYPE= 2




;Set global variable condition to always trigger (dummy value)

#GV= 1[1,100]

;Set link value to always trigger (dummy value)

#LINK= 0[0]

#SIZE= 3,20

;length of zero means it will take immediate effect



#RANGE= 10



#DATE= 1939/12/01

;Set top priority for this plan and use any necessary units from other plans


;Set friendly positions:

;1st Line - Lille


;Set variable conditions:

;1st Line - France politically aligned with Allies and not surrendered

;2nd Line - Belgium politically aligned with Allies and not active

#VARIABLE_CONDITION= 2 [2] [100] [0]

#VARIABLE_CONDITION= 13 [0] [0] [0]

;Set tactical conditions:

;1st Line - Paris not tactically threatened


;Set dummy activate position (no units at position 0,0)

#ACTIVATE_POSITION= 0,4 [0,0] [0,0] [0]

;Set dummy cancel position (single neutral unit at position 0,0). This is not possible as no

;unit can occupy tile 0,0 so event will not be cancelled due to #CANCEL_POSITION

#CANCEL_POSITION= 0,4 [0,0] [1,1] [0]


i think also that changing the trigger from 25 to maybe 5 make this a variable, now with a 25% every turn after 01/12/39 is sure

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3. have changed the offensive scripts trigger to 5%

4. Yes it is intended, check my explanation in the beginning of the thread

5. Abyssinia was already defeated (1936) when the mod starts

6. Yes, in this version Canada is part of UK so convoy is not possible

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I want Italy weak, but if you use all Italian money to strengthen North africa and invest in industrian research and maybe send a few german troops Before 1941, you may have a chance for some time at least. But i have incerased the MPP income for Italian decision regarding Jimma mines in Abyssinia.

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AoD version

1) Germany unit can go in Romania (active) only by operational or force marce and cannot make normal move when inside (is the same for romania unit in german territoty)

2) the "zeppelin" heavy bomber can't make recon: need a target to fly

3) the lack of sigfrido line garrison don' t have effect on france entry level (when france is at 89 for sure i don't known before)

4) there is samething of strange in the USA entry: no seelowe at decembre 40 is a 65 when URSS is a 42

5) i think we need more G unit (or with a lower cost)

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AoD version

italy: against the Artificial Idiot is not a trouble but against a real player i think that we need a reason for UK-France for not Dow Italy before historical entry and now i don't see nothing and at industrial level 2 production 2 the normal income for italy replace 1 army step nothing more

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Hello Quiritus and thanks for your findings/poposals, here comes some answers.

1. Romania needs to DOW on a country for example Egypt for Germany to be able to move freely in Romania

2. Not checked yet

3. Script it ok, should work but the trigger is 75% so it does not fire all the time

4. US usually enters fall 41 for me when playing somewhat historical and no Sealion

5. I add 1 or 2 garrison units and lower the cost a bit, but the tip is to use allies units to garrison.

6. I designed this mod for my personal interest and has put it into the repository since a few people seems to like it, i usually plays like Axis against Allied AI hence the Axis AI is not good at all, but i have added 2 new Italian unit scripts in Libya.

Thanks again! :-)

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1. Romania needs to DOW on a country for example Egypt for Germany to be able to move freely in Romania

yes i see now. but you keep the USA URSS and minor entry effecy, and must be done for every minor came in war by operation (yugoslavia for exemple)

3. Script it ok, should work but the trigger is 75% so it does not fire all the time
mmmh in my last game france stay neutral at 89 after poland. i want france in war so i free every G hex. stay at 89 from steptember 39 to may.

5. I add 1 or 2 garrison units and lower the cost a bit, but the tip is to use allies units to garrison.
i use every minor- romania units and buy same for garrison duty but for norvay i have to do with para-SF and for france with armored trains...

6. I designed this mod for my personal interest and has put it into the repository since a few people seems to like it, i usually plays like Axis against Allied AI hence the Axis AI is not good at all, but i have added 2 new Italian unit scripts in Libya.

against the AI you can leave africa as it is: i am in jerusalem by12/40 in every game i played without land german unit only i fighter and two stuka.

i like the old map with africa more than the last and you have to do samething for convoy war, now is without use, but thanks to you for a huge work

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I just uploaded updated version, details Belov.

1938 Calm Before The Storm v1.2


Increased build limits with one more tank for USSR and Germany

Lowered cost of German panzerzugs decision scripts

Lowered trigger of 1 US Mobilization_3 script from 100 to 50%

Added 2 garrison units to Germanys build limits (Thanks Quiritus)

Lowered the cost of garrison units to 150MPP (Thanks Quiritus)

Small changes to Italian unit scripts

Added Italian decision to invade Abyssinia and related NM and Mobilization_3 scripts

Added Italian Axis AI unit script in Benghazi

Added light tank to French Algeria unit script and increased experience for Foreign legion special forces in unit script

Added light tank to lebanon unit script

Added German decision to send MPPs to Italy

Lowered cost for 2 German decision scripts for mines in Portugal and Spain

Changed combat target data for Free Polish paratroopers, added them to build limits and production queue

Changed dates and condition positions in a few German decisions and unit scripts

Increased German build limits to 12 HQs

Added German HQ Mansten to production queue for may 41

Added USSR decision script costs for moving industry east

Added Switzerland pop-up

Fixed and added naval loops

Changed Japan to Canada and all things that comes with this

Changed 2 unit scripts from UK to Trans-jordan

Removed UK script to shift convoy routes

Added French partisan script for only supply

Added French decision script linked to partisan script and set date to 410901

Increased one Italian Axis AI unit script

Added 2 German artillery units to unit scripts

Reduced some USSR unit scripts

Added Stalingrad industrial center to the map

Lowered cost for German decision events to repair destroyed Soviet resources

Lowered strength on Italian navy

Increased MPP incoome for Italian decision event for Jimma mines

Changed Allies offensive script to attack Bussels trigger from 25% to 5% (thanks Bill and Quiritus)

Increased strength and entrenchment of UKs Malta and Gibraltar garrisons

Fixed problem with double Swedish railguns and increased strength on the remaining one

Added a few tiles rail

Fixed spelling in decision script

Added Free Polish supply script to attack in Narvik

Added Spanish railgun to production queue

Added German super heavy railgun Dora to unit script

Changed date on German artillery unit Karl in unit script

Added rocket artillery to Reichskommisariat Ukrainian and Ostland unit scripts

Added rocket artillery decision and unit scripts for Finland and Romania

Changed German Sturmtiger from engineer to Rocket artillery and its combat target date and also build limits and production queue

Replaced 1 German. engineer with one German and also changed combat target data and build limits

Removed German rail gun from the map

Added Slovakian rail gun to unit script

Increased loss evasion for rocket artillery

Added 1 German AA research chit

Removed 1 Spanish sea plane carrier Dedalo (there was double units of it)

Lowered strength on USSR Sevastopol artillery and 1 more artillery unit

Strenghtend Combat target data for Finnish troops

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1938 Calm Before The Storm v1.3


Added advanced level unit scripts for AI for UK, France and Poland

Added Turkish unit scripts

Added Hungarian units

Added Turkey sub to the map

Added Romianian unit scipts and unit to the build limits and production queue

Added Italian poor economy decision script -10MPPs per turn

Set dates when you can buy hungarian tanks

Increased build limits for Hungarian attack bombers and added one to the map

Changed Mines to worth 3MPPS per point

Added 2 German decision scripts linked to two Hungarian unit scripts

Lowered strength on a few Italian units

Removed double unit names in German build limits

Changed range of Italian poor economy strength script

Added Romanian NM script linked to German-Romanian treaty

Added Mobilization_3 scripts

Changed air planes cost

Added German pop-up script for strategy tips

Added Czech tank group to the map

Added German one corps and one army to production queue for 1942

Added German decision script and matching unit scripts for 5th Panzer Army

Added 1 German pop-up script for Barbarossa planning

Changed names of German gebirgsjaeger divisionen and added two to unit script

Removed 1 few German research chits

Changed Bulgaria to Romaians minor

Changed research level on 2 German unit scripts

Added German decision script for Romanian oil and Romanian script also

Changed german special forces to not able to purchase before 4005

Adjusted percentage of convoys

Lowered strength on German airplanes to 5

Added Belgium artillery to the map

Small changes of rail

Changed resources at the map

Added German decision script and matching unit script to convert liner to carrier

Removed van Wietersheim tank group from build limits (already scripted)

Fixed activation sprites for Canada

Added Belligerence script for Albania towards Germany

Increased Canadian build limits with 2 destroyers, 2 divisions more and added 4 land nits to production queue

Fixed a few faulty country IDs in amphibious minor scripts

Fixed faulty country ID on 1 transport_minor script

Added UK amphibious script to attack Italy

Small changes to research scripts

Added purchase scripts for Canada and Egypt

Small changes to purchase scripts

Fixed faulty condition position in decision script

Changed text & dates in decision scripts

Increased strength on some German unit scripts

Adjusted cost of some decision scripts

Added some mobilization_3 scripts

Adjusted Mobilization_3 script

Text changes in strengths scripts

Changed country ID on a few Japanese pop-up scripts

Fixed faulty source positions in supply scripts

Changed country id in one supply script

Fixed faulty source positions in supply scripts

Added 6 German decision scripts and matching strength scripts for kesselschlachts!

Added belligerence script for US to enter war towards Romania

Lowered unit costs a bit

Strengthend Finlands combat target data for some units

Added mine to Hungary and oil well to Austria

Changed cost in some decision scripts

Added decision scripts for Romanian oil to UK and Italy

Added decision scripts for German-USSR trade agreement

Added decision scripts for Czech gold reserve

Added picture and pop-up script for planning and targets of operation Barbarossa

Changed MPPs in gold reserve decision scripts

Big change of resources to try to get it more historically correct

Added French supply script for lowered industrial output under German government

Changed name of units in German unit scripts

Changed difficulty level on UK NM script

Ändra också Changed NM scripts: NM points and date

Increased US mpp boost in decision scripts

Increased UK mpp in lend lease decision scripts

Added UK and USSR lend lease NM scripts

Added 2 Free Belgian scripts for colonial income to the allies

Added German decision script for Soviet-USSR border commercial-dispute agreement of 1941 and matching Mobilization_3 script

Added USSR lend lease decision script

Fixed faulty link for UK lend lease decision script

Changed percentage of US convoys to USSR

Changed date and mpp cost for German Panzer armee afrika decision script

Added Free Polish submarine unit script

Added Egypt sub to the map

Added USSR industries

Added 20 oil wells to US

Added strong Egyptian army group for level 4

Changed a few unit scripts to AI

And some more also that i forgot

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