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  1. Ok ;-D - Just want to be sure about rules - as I have little ressources at my hand and want to use the Allies as much as possibe ;-D - especially against the evil red dragon ;-D I send you turn 10 yesterday ;-D
  2. Hey, should I respect the restrictions of the Allies (England, Frnace and USA) or can I just ignore them and use them in combat whereever I need them - what would be the consequences, if I ignore their rules? Will they retreat out of war anyways after a while?
  3. AoC on Expert level the Axis AI fields at least 18 Panzer Corps in September - is it supposed to be like this - plus seems to have 148 units by now...even with 100% bonus on MPP this should not happen, or?
  4. Another feedback - also in science the luck or bad luck factor is for me too high - one time in CtA my opponent had an Infantry 1 breakthroug as Germany 6+ month before me even though we invested at the same time - so he just overran me even though the campaign was really going well for me before... And in AoD I just had very bad luck with the Allies with tech investments too - before investing at the same time I had Infantry level 2 and Anti Air levels 1 and 2 much earlier - now as late as possible for SU, China and England - resulting in the Axis player murdering my units easily - I would r
  5. You are welcome - yeah I know that problem with games and time -D
  6. I know and play both titles and TEAW does a poor job giving you a WWI feeling except supply and cohesion - definitely the WWI of SC is the best title in that aspect - I wish the fronts would be a bit more stable - due to more available units - but as it is - one stupid attack of you can mean your end - especially against an AI that has all advantages - so best WWI TB title I know right now - especially with the breathrough expansion and all the nice scenarios...
  7. Another general feedback - I wish that the dice roll factor would not be so high - that is especially important for Axis/CP players - cannot count anymore how often a 4:0, 3:0 or an attack against a depleted and demoralized garrision unit cost my expensive planes or tanks losses - sometimes up to 1 damage point. It is very hard to keep up an attack like this and even to rebuild losses - so my suggestion ist a 30% cahnce that there is a 15% difference between shown combat results and real ones...would really help to minimize frustrations and really encourage careful planing...
  8. Hey, I am playing the German side right now and I feel the game is very unbalanced to the SU side - mostly due to the hiuge amount of light tanks that can kill in packs German tanks with ease and the German units are just not retreating in my game - even with strength 1 - so my tanks and infantry units get destroyed by counterattacks in huge numbers - even though they would only need to retreat behind the defensive line (they did not even use all their action points the turn before) - right behind them...is ist possible to make German units retreat depending on strength not moral? Otherwis
  9. Hey, I did get Vichy, but the same turn France surrendered due to me also occupying Algiers ;-D
  10. How to move in North, middle and south to get as many SU units trapped and especially Light Tanks destroyed - wpuld be great tohave screenshots...;-)
  11. Is there an event in SoE that the Iraque will join the Axis? And if yes, when?
  12. Yeah, I though about a quick Vichy France but the SU in SoE is really amonster and so I like the extra MPPs from all of France - which I have conquered by now except Paris ;-D A Sea Lion would be interesting too - but I doubt I could defend England for long....especially additional to the war with the SU and having to defend mainland Europe.... And if I still get Algiers Spain and French North Africa will also come in handy....
  13. Plus I would not have been able to go for an unhistoric early Algiers if my opponent did not go for an unhistoric early Italy (provocing Italy into an early war) - so it may look gamey - but it is from both of us...I only countered the Allied adavantage of an early Italy war entry.... By the way the early Italy should be also looked at - cause we need to move our units only one tile away from the cities to get that effect and honestly the Italians would not have been that supid to be so easily feinted into an early war....counts for SoE and AoC...
  14. When Malta is taking there is not second chance to change the convoys - so they are completly gone - same if North Africa gets conquered by the Axis player....
  15. I thought about the feint too - but getting more MPPs was even more tempting ;-D The question is just, if Algiers should be defendable if the Allied player throws everything in its way - I am not sure - cause initative - choosing to go after a target and being able to do so - is one of the few adavantages the Axis player has early on... In AoC there is also no way to hinder the Axis player to take it, if he chosses so - but it takes away units for Barbarossa at first and as this is the deciding war - not North Africa - and in SoE it is very hard to take Malta and very hard to beat the SU - I
  16. I have to counter reason a bit here - it is now end of November and Algiers is due to a huge british support still in Allied hands - so the Allies, if they realize early enough, what the Axis player is up to - can very well keep Algiers - even though I still did not conquer France and the extra units did not spawn - right now the British even have the strength to attack the Italians and keep the Germans out of Algiers - so if it should be possible at all that Algiers could ever be conquered for sure the Allies do not need more strength ;-D The main thing keeping me from taking it, are the ca
  17. I´d still like a more reliable system for diplomacy with 1-3% guarnteed movement for each chit invested - cause like it is I would only invest in diplomacy if I have already build all units available - so diplomacy could really play a bigger role with more reliable results plus it adds to possible variety how a game develops and so would add to replayablity... A few thoughts about garrisons - should garrisons not at least be able to keep up with infantry warfare and anti-air defense - as it is right now they are only usefull early war and later completely useless as they are even easier
  18. Agree on most - would not like to replace the original scenario - like it a lot too - am only thinking of an alternative one with more units for both CtA and SoE ;-D Maybe in SC3 then. I hope SC3 takes on the approach with bigger maps and more units from the last two expansions ;-) Some more details in research and a different way how diplomacy works (more constant small changes intead of random ones (I mean like we buy 1% constant change at a high price) - the opponent can still counter with his own investments - as it is now I would only invest in diplomacy, if I have nothing else to do
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