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Easy scenarios

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I have been away from CM a while. I have played a lot of Shock Force in the past, but although I pre-ordered the special edition of Normandy, the bocage didn't appeal to me.

Now I saw Fortress Italy, and I am trying to get into it again, and I am looking for some easy scenario's, to get to know my forces, without being wiped out after a mistake. Something in the order of the 1st advanced campaign scenario.

Call me lazy, but I do this for fun, not work :-)

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I recently played the Lemon Hill scenario in order to try out the Italians. Wow! get used to lots of panicking soldiers and virtually no command chain haha. Anyways, if you scout the hill well and choose a good avenue of approach it can be done. Getting a major Italian victory is really rewarding compared to a german or USA victory ;)

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So these are the stock scenario's:

Alvano Anvil


Bad Day at Beach RED

Beyond the Belice

Biazzo Ridge

Butera Station

Casa Nostra

Catch a Tiger

Clearing the Niscemi Highway

Fight at Vallebruca

Gateway to Palermo

Hot Mustard

Lemon Hill

Livorno Pride

Ramparts of the Palikoi


The Battle for Borgo Cascino

Can anybody point out some easy ones, suitable to start with?

(Attacker side)

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