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  1. Here's some more from two scenarios I've played in the last week. Assaulting Lemon Hill! My platoon HQ scores a kill. Sorry for how dark these ones are, combat at dawn Airbourne! My squad was moving up the trench clearing it out, when the infantry inside of thise bunker decided to spill out in tothe trench, causing this very close encounter. The airbourne cut them down thankfully.
  2. Thanks Erwin heres a couple more from the next battle in the campaign. I moved up some guys to toss grenades into this foxholeto take out the last GI, instead they threw these. I guess that works too!
  3. Just some pics from a quick battle today. Move move move! Some shrapnel in the gut, not a good day. HMG in action.
  4. Hi long time forum creeper decided to finally contribute with some screenies One man got hit while the team tried to recon over the hillside, after moving them back I had to wait for more support before moving the team back up, which lead to this awkward moment where my men were watching this poor soul bleed to death without being able to do anything about it. Surprise mortar attack stops my assault. One lucky survivor.
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