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  1. Yup just started playing again and noticed this after updating with the latest patch.I've even had with it with bocage.Had my guys move further up the bocage,way past a gap,and lo and behold,half the squad dead because they're on the wrong side of cover.Never an issue in the past.
  2. All the best bud.Hope everything works out right.
  3. Okay how about this.There's a DL option plus the disc.Rather than setting up a new DL only option why not add a tick box to the existing one with the disc being optional.
  4. Well let me put it this way.I'm unemployed at the moment but i had put money aside for MG.Now i've noticed another WW2 main game that was cheap and there's a wad of cheap DLC campaigns.So i was tempted and now hooked.Now it will be a while before i can buy MG.Now if i'd have had that DL choice..............................catch my drift. Yes i'm only one customer sure enough but how does that saying go-"For the want of a nail,the Kingdom was lost"
  5. I see you completely missed the point Most games today you can pre-order for a digital release without perks attached.BF simply don't. Pre-ordering to get the disc isn't worth it outside of the States.It takes weeks to arrive and you end up paying through the nose for the privilage. Why pre-order?I see a preview of a game i fancy owning,i'll buy it upfront.I know what i'm getting with CM so usually a preview isn't needed.I might not have the money in future or could be out of work(like now.money set aside already for MG).Good for me and few bucks into BFs coffers before the release.
  6. Epic AAR by the way.Love double kills either it's the shell which passes through both or an explosive domino effect.Either way it's one of those 'Eat that!' moments. Class
  7. Glad to hear you're up and running bud.Get the other two modules when you can,you won't regret it.Take care bud and happy gaming
  8. Okay i wasn't going to ask for this but why not.Any chance of just getting a 'download only' option for pre-ordering.This will mainly be for us European customers of course.Due to the usual Import tax BS by our respective governments the price of the game can double if we have to have the disc sent by mail. Now i'm usually quite happy to wait for the game to become available by the normal timeline so it's not a serious issue with me.Surely though it would be good for BF and customers alike,if we had the option for a 'download only' pre-order.I'm sure i had the option to 'download only' way
  9. For 'Aquire' your guys have to be in a vehicle that has stuff.Actually in Marines most Troop Transports do.For 'Hide' you normally add this at the end of a waypoint line.Give your guys a waypoint,click the line and it'll light up and then press the 'Hide' button.Your guys will then move and hide when finished moving.Alternatively just click the button where they are and they'll go in crouch mode,again the button should light up. If you can't do those above bud for any reason.You've got a corrupt download.Re-install(see your other thread )
  10. Actually Schrullenhaft has posted all the details you need to know.Follow that step by step.Do a totally fresh install from scratch,have everything from the Game launcher,and all the patches you need ready(everything is in his post) and then do it one step at time.It shouldn't take long.I have all the modules and it takes less than 20 mins from downloads to patching.ONE FINAL POINT-before you start installing anything,turn off your Anti-virus until the final install is finished.(AVG used to hate my Brits module and caused crashes galore ingame-i no longer use it).Turn it back on when youre don
  11. Oh well i was about bud.If the main guys don't get back to you in time(i believe they're well busy) drop me a PM and we'll go through some stuff bud.It won't be the game,it's just patches have to be installed in order and right boxes ticked etc.Then there can be anti-virus issues with certain modules(again it's the AV software not the game) and if you have issues with an install-always restart a clean fresh install(without mods installed or old data in the main file etc).
  12. The orange circle next to save games,is part of the upgrade.Before you couldn't delete saves from within the game,now you can.The upgrade isn't a patch either bud,it added features which weren't initially part of the engine.Better more effective MGs,graphical tweaks,save deletions,a few customer requested features etc etc.With the upgrade the new features might not seem a lot but they do make a hell of a difference to gameplay. There's a 2.01 patch to add to the upgrade,so don't forget about that.Have fun bud P.S. v2.10 will be Market Garden,it's not available patch wise,upgrade wise or
  13. Yeah i just put the CMFI folder in the CMBN/CW folder works a treat.I was put off with the shapes of units initially a while back but actually they are great to work with especially on larger scenarios.Makes micromanage less of a chore now as each unit stands out on it's own.Cheers
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