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Proposed Mosque/small building for Fortress Italy( Tunisia)

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If you have CM: Shock Force and Afghanistan they share the same Mosques and single small building really haven't investigated in depth the file structure. But what I propose is to snatch the single story small building with a Mosque roof option and using worm holes, The Space/Time continuum, E=Mc2 and Black Magic.

I recolored the turquoise dome to something simpler (I even recolored the damage textures to to get rid of the turquoise color-finally mastered that damn magic wand tool.). The outside walls are the right color-but could be a bit more bleached white with dirt and dust at the bottom of the walls. But that eye candy can wait. Got to get the building in game. If it can get in the game you can change a bunch of texture stuff like the roof, wall textures, sill, parapets and doors etc etc in the Scenario Editor. Tunisia was very, very poor back in the day-Their Mosques were not elaborate affairs and small. So this is I think a good representative of what was out in that desolate area.

If it works (not making any promises) will be in BRZ format for easy addition and removal from your Z File

Oh yeah-don't ask me to get your Rangers Javelin equipped STRYKERS, AK-47s and SAGGERS to deal with der Deutscher Afrika Korp. Ain't gonna happen. Just going to have to learn to dominate the battlefield with an M1 and a Stuart.


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:D What you are seeing in the screen capture is 2 versions of the same small Afghansistan building-just different textures and roof has been changed (one has the dome and one has the roof and parapets.) You make your changes in the scenario editor 3d map preview (click on walls and roof) on how you want the bldg to look. If I understood your question.
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First the GOOD NEWS :)

I got the CM: Afghanistan building in game. Wall textures and blast

holes do appear.

Now the Bad News :mad:

Roof textures, parapets and the domed mosque roof isn't appearing. You can see the corruption on and around the roof. And I'm tying to limit to 2 story buildings-note the 3 story to the right.

Right now this is in the Modular Building screen of the Scenario Builder

I'm going to do something a lot of modders don't do now-I'm going to take a rest and actually play the game tonight-which I enjoy a lot.




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1 hour ago, mjkerner said:

Rust never sleeps. Neither does Kohlenklau! Great stuff as usual, Phil.

I have big plans for this mosque. I will mod it with arched openings and extra little pointy things at the roof corners just like Bogie had to fight near.

BFC! I need a Grant tank for CMFI.

Remember how excited we all were when CMAK came out? It had the multi-turret Grant in the game code.


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Very stirring. 

But, I am still loyal to, and have loved, Dietrich's "Lili Marlene" for NA settings ever since I saw a 1969 movie called "Play Dirty" with Michael Caine and IIRC in the open scene this LRRP comes out of the desert blaring her song.

"Capt. Douglas (Michael Caine), is ordered to guide a tough band of convicts, including the cynical and possibly treacherous Capt. Leech (Nigel Davenport), to destroy a Nazi fuel depot in North Africa during World War II. Though it's probably a suicide mission, it has to be completed. But the mission, the enemy and the brutal desert aren't the only things Douglas has to worry about, as it becomes clear that Leech is undermining his authority at every turn."

The film's story is inspired by the exploits of units such as the Long Range Desert Group, Popski's Private Army and the SAS in North Africa during the Second World War.  (In case this inspires any scenarios.)

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