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Small QB - you call that small?


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If you pick mixed forces any armor/vehicle purchases will eat up the points total pretty quick.

An alternative might be to import QB maps into the editor and hand place whatever forces you want for both sides then resave as erzats 'scenarios'. If you do a half dozen at a time then let them sit for awhile your memory of the enemy forces you picked should fade. I recall one scenario I did long ago for my own amusement. Dualling sniper teams in a ME. Ouite literally one shot wins or loses the game. :)

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They are mostly just men with bolt lock rifles, which makes them cheaper compared to say the US who nearly all have automatic rifles and each squad has a BAR and a marksman as well as someone with rifle grenades or Bazooka, and a company also comes with a weapons platoon. That's hell of a lot more fire power.

At all factors being average,

US infantry company -160 men - 733 points

Italian infantry company - 132 men - 489 points

So at Small you could afford two US companies (320 men) or three Italian companies (396 men). But you can afford more than that if you go for green, poor motivation etc.

If you want some well armed Italians though, the Guastatori (combat engineers) are what you need. One company offers 158 men for 1005 points. So 1½ companies for a small QB would give you 237 men. But each squad comes with a light mortar, LMG, several SMGs and 14 satchels.

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