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Is it safe to say if my PC can handle CMBN it can handle CMFI?

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One potential problem could be if you have a really-really-really old ATI graphics card. Then you may miss out on bump map goodness but be otherwise unaffected for gameplay. But I'm talking oooold, more than 6 years old. Like on my old imac. I think it was the Radeon X1600. Something was just not right with that thing.

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Hmmm, mine is a Radeon 4670. Any clue on how well I should expect it to perform?

Absolutely fine. The pixelshader technology needed for graphics cards to run normal mapping is pretty old now (6+ years for pixelshader 3, the latest version I think).

As a trade off for needing to render normal maps, the models in CM v2 have reduced polygon counts. So instead of the graphics card having to render lots of polygons, it now renders normal maps, which is often more efficient resource-wise and in many cases (if used well) looks better.

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