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  1. I think the big thing missing from CMx1 is that there was an option called "Mixed" or something like that which would always give you a balanced force that consisted of a core of infantry plus some support elements with a splash of armor. It seems to me from my experience playing PBEM QBs that this is how most people like to play the game. In CMx2 this option is thrown out the window and you must either choose from infantry/mech/armor only, or the random option that gives cruddy results. All I know is that I played hundreds of CMBB quick battles against the AI back in the day, and maybe te
  2. As far as QB force mismatches goes that's pretty tame. The only one I tried so far in CMBS I ended up with a company of purely anti-armor vehicles vs a few MG infantry companies. There should be a "Random-but-not-totally-nonsensical" option for QB. It seemed to work so much better in CMx1, I guess the way force selection is set up in CMx2 is to blame.
  3. This thread has inspired me, I think I'll take a stab at making a scenario this weekend. I'll skip the map making and just grab one of the QB ones and tweak it. As mentioned above, when one doesn't have to worry about historical accuracy you can just jump in there and make something fun. As for giving feedback on user made content, I blame the repository itself. Finding a given scenario after it leaves the first page of the relevant sub-forum is an often frustrating task. Even if you know the name of the author or scenario it's not guaranteed to be found by the search function. I think so
  4. Downloading now, this sounds like EXACTLY the sort of campaign I want to see more of. Leading a medium sized force through a campaign that has a personal element to it, with an actual narrative. So much more enjoyable to me than the ones where it's Mission 1: Company A and B attack town X, Mission 2: Company C Attacks crossroads Y, yadda yadda. Those can be fun, but the game greatly benefits from having some emotional attachment to what's going on. Also, bravo on using the mod tags and it seems including everything needed in one download. Thank you!
  5. Okay, my trigger finger got the better of me and I bought the game. I loaded up this scenario and had no problem getting my infantry to move towards those buildings. I was one of the people who had this bug in CMRT for the longest time, but it seems to be something different in this case. OP what is your computer setup? The bug similar to this in CMRT mostly hit people with Nvidia cards in laptops with Windows 7. Side note: So stoked to play this game! CMSF is probably my favorite wargame of all time, so excited to try all the new toys.
  6. This bug again? Was about to purchase the game but I'll hold off until it's sorted out.
  7. Hurray! I was afraid it would be a few more months of waiting to get all the building entry stuff fixed. Thanks BFC! I was also hesitating about ordering CMBS because of that bug, no longer a concern now!
  8. I was thinking something similar but maybe more along the lines of a "Scenario Pack" that includes numerous scenarios and campaigns for maybe like $10-15. The big draw for me with CM is campaigns, but these seem to be few and far between, especially official ones. I guess the big problem here would be making sure everything in the pack is of a certain quality level.
  9. I'm seeing the same thing as Rake on the first map of Blunting the Spear. Some buildings they will go in, some not. I don't have time this evening to test things out but I can check some more maps this weekend maybe. I fired up one urban map and didn't see any issues there, it seems to only affect certain types of buildings.
  10. Awesome! Been waiting a long time to take another crack at this game (had the building entry bug). I'm on the last mission of the German campaign from MG, soon as that's over its off to the Eastern Front.
  11. That's the thing, if you could reasonably expect a community member to come up with this in their free time, wouldn't it be reasonable to discuss the game developer integrating it into the game? I'm not demanding it or anything, but after a decade or two one might expect some upgrades to be made. Also, if you don't want to play with randoms, you can create a password locked game and still have it appear in the lobby. I for one much prefer asynchronous play since I don't have hours and hours of free time, plus it's nice to be able to take your time with each turn, especially with big scenari
  12. I think a great way to generate some buzz in the community would be if Battlefront offered one copy of each new game/module as a tournament prize in the months before release. Maybe with the requirement that players create AAR's in the final round or two, which would make things even more exciting.
  13. In case it wasn't clear from my post (upon rereading, I could see how there might be some confusion), all of that is done within the game. You have a screen that shows all new games waiting for opponents, games that you are waiting for your opponent to play their turn, and games that are waiting for you to play your turn. Easy peasy, no messing around with files outside the game.
  14. I ask this because I recently picked up Battle Academy 2 from Matrix and saw how their PBEM++ system works. Just imagine if you could fire up Combat Mission, hit multiplayer, create a nice little meeting engagement of size and type to your liking, post it, then wait until you get an email letting you know it's your turn to play! This is how Battle Academy works and it's awesome. You can browse games posted by others, decide on one that suits you and one-click later you are playing. I haven't played CM multiplayer in over a year, but last I checked it involved using Dropbox and a third-pa
  15. I'm really wanting to pre-order Black Sea, but I still have yet to play CMRT due to the troops not going in buildings bug. It would be kind of crazy to essentially have two new CM games at the same time!
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