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New file at the Repository: CW- A ROYAL PAIN (2012-03-30)

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Here are the Designer Notes:


A Royal Pain Is listed as a Meeting Engagement style Mission.

While it does meet the requirement it also fits the Probe Style

Mission as well.

The questions will arise, "Is this a good scenario for H2H?

Is it balanced?"

I think it's a good scen for H2H play for two reasons:

1. There is plenty of time (1hr variable) but not so much

the game drags to a bloody, dyspeptic end.

2. It has an interesting (I think) and different set of challenges

for both players.

So is it Balanced?

Well, if you mean do both sides have equality of men and

equipment then the answer is no. But I believe that the degree

of difficulty facing each player lends this scen to a fairly

good H2H balance. In fact I designed the scen to be

played H2H with my PBEM mates.

Better Played Allied vs AI?

Royal Pain has 5 sets of Group Plans for EACH side. So

where the AI sets up and how they handle the attack is

always different. Also, the use of variable timed unit orders

throws another twist in the AI's attacks. But the degree of

difficulty the Allied AI will have knocking out the Human

controlled King Tiger tips the scale in favor of the Axis AI.

Is Royal Pain Historically Accurate?

No. But I did try to stick to some of the facts. Sort of.

It's really a small vignette scen that might be better suited

for TV... except for the complete lack of pretty French girls

in the resistance and a duplicitous mayor just trying to

keep his town in one piece (BFC fix or do somfink!)

Hope you enjoy the show!


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Multiply that by all the scenarios that people create and if it takes one to d/l and load up just to find out one doesn't want to play (say) H2H) that's a LOT of time wasted.

It's way easier for a designer to simply state whether it's H2H and/or vs AI etc in the promo you post here.

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Those are good designer notes, Mark. But, it would be helpful to have more info BEFORE we d/l the scenario as it's a "Royal Pain" to d/l something we don't want.

My Goodness! I certainly hope that's not the Royal "WE" or I could just be in some King Sized trouble here.

But I'll try to keep it in mind if I should post another scen

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