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New file at the Repository: Unitinfo and Rank Display (2011-12-11)

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Yes, it's the same one, but, I forgot to put a .brz file in the script file.


I don't know the one at CMMODS(I have uploaded the tool to Battlefront Repository only).


I think the reason is your directory structure.

Maybe the popup also said the directory, like "Image not found:unit img\German\Jagtpanzer IV Early.bmp".

It means the script can't find the image file in the directory "unit img\German\".

Usually, users don't need to change the directory structure once the tool unzipped.

If users move or rename any file/directory, it may cause the error.

Please confirm your directory, or one more download the tool(Your DLed file might be broken).

Right directory structure

[unitinfoAndRankDisplay]+ <--- UnitinfoAndRankDisplay.uws is here.


    +[us ranks] <--- Many us ranks bmp files


    +[german ranks] <--- Many german ranks bmp files



    +[unit img]-----+

     |    |

    |    +[American] <--- Many us weapons bmp files

    |    |

    |    +[German] <--- Many german weapons bmp files

    |    |

    |   +[universal] <--- Many weapons bmp files

   |    |

    |    +[silhouette]<--- Many weapons bmp files


   +unit text-----+


      +[American] <--- Many us weapons text files


      +[German] <--- Many german weapons text files


      +[universal]<--- Many weapons text files

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