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  1. So which is correct? Tanks needing to be unbuttoned or not to communicate with infantry, we have two different answers in here. Hopefully a developer can shed light on this?
  2. Whats the pros and cons on turning out of a modern tanks with thermals for example?If the commander has his head out of the hatch does that mean he's no longer using the thermals? Same question for some small vehicles like hummer with the laser designator, Because if the "gunner" isn't inside the vehicle because his heads out the hatch then hes not using the screen inside to scan with thermals right?Just trying to figure out if i'm doing it wrong is all, Cheers.
  3. Looking forward to the rest of the RU vehicles
  4. I'm so happy you are modding the RU vehicles because imo they don't look very good with that horrid green colour they chose. Thanks again.
  5. I'm running everyone of your mods, Thank you so much!
  6. Oh you must of missed the point of me being a CASUAL player.. i want to start the next mission with my tanks so i can actually get somewhere in the mission now that its almost impossible to route enemy out of buildings without them. I honestly dont mind losing missions at all! Its making the next mission fun for me that im concerned about. P.s. I really do love the campaign PT even with time constraints
  7. I think i found my problem... After restarting missions so i have enough forces for the next battle i end up getting total victorys because i become an ace at the mission second time round which means i end up playing the "Veteran" version which takes me back to my cycle of having to restart the mission...never ending cycle. Might start again and surrender the first few missions so i can play "Green"
  8. Maybe if there was an option to turn off the time limit for us "casuals" ?
  9. Im having the same luck bodkin! So i gave up and started the new German one which leaves a better taste in the mouth. Gonna give the Brits another chance tonight though!
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