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Found 2 results

  1. Sadly we still get bridge bugs from time to time and personally I want to get to the root of the problem so we can solve it once and for all. Or as much as possible. I know it will be hard, but challenge accepted I have set up a "test arena" of bridges and vehicles to study bridge bugs and try to analyze why/when they occur. So I need some volunteers to run the test and provide me with saves, screenshots etc of bugs and I will complile it all somehow. This is the base test and it is for FB. I might tweek it further on depending on what hypotheses I want to test. There might also be a test with German vehicles (though I doubt the type of vehicle is the main problem) and one with diagonal bridges. Any volunteers can drop me a line with your email adress so I can send a Dropbox invite with the test and folder in it to upload stuff. Below is a part of the briefing of how I want the test to be conducted. But feel free to improvise as well. All data is good data. "This test is designed to get to grips with the elusive bridge bug that occur in three forms: vehicles teleporting from under a bridge up onto it, vehicles falling down trough the bridge surface landing underneath it and finally, vehicles getting stuck on the bridge “rubber banding” / “jerking back and forth” and becoming permanently stuck. I have set up lanes of successive bridges to make it easier to test many bridges quickly in successive turns, using several vehicles at the same time. There are also lanes for vehicles to pass underneath bridges. Each bridge type is tested in four lanes with slight variations on how the anchor points are designed, elevation points around the bridges and if there is a road under the bridge. The test should be carried out as follows: The entire map is a set up zone so tanks and vehicles can be placed wherever needed at the start of the test. Then plot waypoints and at the end of the orders phase save. This is very important to be able to go back and check for details if a bug appears in the action phase. If a bug appears, save again and put both in a folder with you forum handle that is in the Dropbox folder. Also name the action phase save with the red location indications where bugs occur for ease of use/analysis. Another reason for having both saves is to check if the bug always happens when the action phase is underway or not. That will point to if the bug is consistent given a set of given factors or if it is a random glitch tha occurs regardless of those factors. In the latter case, the bug will be much harder to identify and squash. When you plot waypoints use different speeds, approach from the North/South, direction of paths, interval of waypoints, waypoints close to the edge of a bridge or close to pillars (underneath). You can also place vehicles on bridges as obstacles. The idea is to try to “break” normal conditions so that a bug trigger. For the underneath passes plot try passages from both the East and the West side of the map and different passes under the bridges where it is possible."
  2. Hi, Not sure if this a bug or something but I can't pass through this bridge with bradleys. it's one of the tf thunder missions in sf2. first time i am seeing anythng like this to be honest. it keeps on reseting back halfway across. the strykers went across fine. any workaround to this or should i just run my dudes across. https://drive.google.com/file/d/1nTgj9fgEtATNZdQZVyGlSyi-iLMhB74l/view?usp=sharing
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