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Found 11 results

  1. These are two of Kieme's outstanding buildings in HD. I hate Kieme so much I burnt and shot them up. :-) What you get with these buildings in HD: Scorched sides from internal fires Windows above the ground floor have no glass (still function in game terms) Lightly-smoked roofs x 2 – a Syrian delicacy – don't knock it if you haven't tried it Pockmarking from bullet and shell hits Other damage and battle crap Pro government and jihadist slogans/iconography A little easter egg (Yes, I think that sh*t is authentic. They're madder than a barrel of frogs.) Designer's Notes You need Kieme's buildings 4 and 5 to make this work. I recommend all his buildings. Because of the limitations of the way the modular buildings work I suggest you only use it as 1, 2, or 3 storeys as the scorching will look a bit odd otherwise. However it still works with taller buildings, particularly if you add balconies. The pair of buildings aren't too heavily bullet-scarred so they fit in with other structures around. Because of the way the modular buildings work there had to be compromises with the placing of the slogans and decals, but I feel they add a lot of character to the buildings. PUT IN THE Z FOLDER AS USUAL. You can add wrecked Aircon3 to your flavour objects for that extra bit of damage. Links to download files: Bldg 4a http://www.mediafire.com/folder/jq5xx756povzz/4a Bldg 5a http://www.mediafire.com/folder/a63o9rlf3h78s/5a Aircon3 http://www.mediafire.com/folder/2b89t2rv51e30/aircon3 Installation: put in the Z folder as usual. I've put them with the relevant Kieme building folders and that works just fine. Note, I forgot I was using my vanilla modding SF2, so I loaded up Darya Tank Raid which I was halfway through, the semi-finished buildings came up and they looked so good that I had to complete them to play the rest of the scenario.
  2. I've made a new building. It's an upmarket one because I got tired of all the squalor. It is suitable for a governor's residence, mosque, consulate, or warlord's palace. I didn't know what to call it, so "Posh Islamic Place" will have to do. I've made or added some flavour objects so you can create a large compound. It has two types of roof - one plain white, one traditional Islamic tiling. NOTE: It is numbered to follow on from Kieme's original 14 buildings in HD. If you don't have these buildings, just renumber the MDR FILE so it is consecutive to the buildings you already have - e.g it will be building 9 if you have just the vanilla buildings. Unzip and place folder in Z folder. I suppose you louts are going to blow it up now. DOWNLOAD LINK: http://www.mediafire.com/file/z54plxguppj217o/Building+15+Posh+Islamic+Place.zip/file A compound, with attractive water feature and nicely placed for local shops and ISIS homeboy parties: Note that the wall doesn't go all the way around for clarity. Extra flavour objects - some I made, some which are from Black Sea and Kieme's Civilian Vehicles. Note they are in convenient flavour object slots. Islamic decorated arch (pic doesn't show detail) and a flower bed. Our beloved president. Kieme's Civilian Vehicles Download links: JJ's Additional Flavour objects http://www.mediafire.com/file/0go8386p0dtkm0e/JJ's+Additional+Flavour+Objects+for+SF2.zip/file Kieme's Civilian Vehicles http://www.mediafire.com/file/t1qulvn5ap15kgj/Kieme+CMBS+additional+flavor+objects+(civilian+vehicles).zip/file Building 15 http://www.mediafire.com/file/z54plxguppj217o/Building+15+Posh+Islamic+Place.zip/file
  3. Not sure what exactly is going on here. I put my squad inside a building but for some reason one dude keeps on sticking out of the building. Tried repeatedly putting the squad back in the building but dude still keeps on sticking out(and proceeds to get shot immediately). First time i am encountering something like this. One of the tf thunder missions. Thi is happening with a lot of the buildings in this map. Any ideas? Added the save file and a screenshot https://drive.google.com/file/d/1WeCLB6kSSET8bqMfz3rSJTKFqoZz0FAj/view?usp=sharing https://drive.google.com/file/d/1nTgj9fgEtATNZdQZVyGlSyi-iLMhB74l/view?usp=sharing
  4. Overpowered Buildings? Playing cm Normandy, game engine 4. Campaign entitled, “A Moment in Time”, scenario entitled “In the Zone”. I’m leading inexperienced German troops through a forest and then attacking American paratroopers inside buildings on the other side of the forest. I have no armored vehicles and am playing on the easiest skill setting. The problem is that the enemy paratroopers have proven to be unbelievably hard to kill, demoralize, or dislodge from their buildings (which appear to be made of wood and brick, though hard to tell). I’ve tried targeting a building with 2 and even 3 squads, firing from different angles and, while they manage to suppress the fire of the occupants a bit, it’s nearly impossible to kill any. All the while, the enemy (usually one or two soldiers) manages to counter-fire well enough (through the windows I guess) to pick off one or two of my soldiers per barrage, and slowly whittles my forces down to almost nothing. What’s even more amazing is that I’m also firing on these buildings with 55 mm mortars (sure, not the most devastating, but still). The mortars are unbelievably accurate and tend to land right on the other side of the wall, window, or door as the enemy soldier yet, with rare exception, even after 15-20 near-consecutive strikes, the enemy soldier is neither killed, wounded, or in any way demoralized. Again, this is happening in combination with relentless rifle and heavy machine-gun fire! Is this a bug, or an accurate representation of warfare? Admittedly, my troops are inexperienced, but the fact is that they still managed to fire thousands of rounds into a buiding, against a sighted enemy, along with 15-20 pin-point mortar blasts, to almost no effect. If what I’ve described is not a bug, then why is it that, in the rare case where I’ve managed to successfully storm the building and kill the occupants (usually, the few shell-shocked troops I can muster for the assault get killed on the approach), my troops will quickly be sighted and killed by other enemy troops firing on the building? I should add that the enemy is able to quickly wipe me out using significantly less firepower than I was, firing at longer distances, and using no explosives. If the imperviousness of buildings and the unflappability of troops inside them is not a bug, then what can I do to counter this, other than set multiple lines of fire, rain down mortar shells, and use smoke to approach the structures in order to root out the occupants? Also, how can I obtain the same invincibility as the enemy for my own troops and do it without hiding? I’d like to whittle down the enemy with counter-fire, while outnumbered and inside a hailstorm of bullets and mortar shells, just like the AI does.
  5. Well finally got some time to return to the CM arena. Travelling around a lot so not close to my desktop with CMBN much but run a Mac laptop 'on tour' and am pleased to see CMFB runs really well. Firstly, brilliant game!!!! Easily the most polished in the whole CM arena IMHO and I have quite a few, right back to the first CM. I mean, the atmos that shots like below create for me (mind you, I had to move the FO from there early on, lost them a few times - why is it ALWAYS the darned observers / commanders that get the unlucky bullet LOL - few times I went back to the FO only to see 'DENIED', and of course he'd bought it). Stunning really. I like CMBS too, great range of kit there, just too much AT around in that game for my liking. Couple of well placed AT assets in that can really ruin your day (and for me hunting them down is kinda less interesting), whereas in CMFB your'e lucky if an ATG survives long unless you hide or haul ass ASAP after firing. Both demonstrative of RL, but I like WWII RL more LOL Couple of issues / questions (not complaints!!!) I need to clarify: Buildings and HE. Wow!, do the buildings seem resilient!! Not sure if they are supposed to be that way? I guess there might be buildings of differing resilience or does the type/size affect it? As an example, I played the 3rd scenario in the Training Campaign (where my stand-off and survive tactics for the infantry worked but gave me the unenviable task of trying to dig the Germans out of the village they were thus able to occupy - I wanted as much infantry in tact for the next scenario) so I ended up shelling the row of four buildings that extend to the left horizontally as you look into town from back in the US side. Jeez, I must have pumped 20 HE into each building (or at least it felt like it, I cut off 'Target' after two turns to avoid blowing my whole HE inventory), result ? - damage only!!! Huh?? I'd expect that after 5 shots. After 10 I'd have thought they'd be down. Maybe even after 5-8. Thought I'd seen a thread about HE and buildings somewhere, maybe CMBS, but can't find it now. For me, on the Mac, Alt-Tab doesn't return me to desktop. It might be something to do with how my laptop is set up with using swipe between pages / screens on the toucpad??). At times I really like the movie mode, too much snow though and it's a bit too close to B&W for me, maybe just my machine though. This maybe something I remember wrongly but dismounting from vehicles (now it might work differently in CMFB than BS) BUT IIRC in CMBB if you wanted to dismount a passenger in one turn you could give the vehicle a move order, give it a pause waypoint, give the passenger a move order, and the vehicle another move order which it would execute AFTER the pause (e.g. after the passengers had got off). In CMBS however I got caught out loads of times telling the Stinger transport to move, pause, give the stinger crew time to dismount, then drive on - only to check 3 turns later that the vehicle was driving off into the sunset with the stinger team still on board!!!! Argghhhhhh!!!! Maybe I remember it wrong or it's changed from earlier games? I just thought that giving passengers a move order, they'd execute it as soon as the vehicle stopped or paused long enough, or CAN it actually work like that but just I'm just doing it wrong? Might be worth updating the manual to reflect that preparatory bombardments are ONLY available in attack scenarios. I spent a fair bit of time hunting round for it in the CMFB manual and online after and I couldn't even see how to do it, let alone when you could. Or it may just be that the info is there but that my PDF reader app searcher isn't up to it. Any recommended mods, campaigns or scenarios to DL. I have Juju's UI (a must have for me), I'm trying the HQS 2.5 sound mod (not sure about that TBH, many of them are great (although I wish I could put back the stock intro music as an option) but I needed a break from "Did you see that?". I think the mod from CMBN was AKD, would that work with CMFB? I've seen folks say the AKD mod from CMBS would work but of course there'd be no 'Garand ping' in that. There was a great radio chatter mod for CMBN IIRC, not sure if that would work? Also got the Aris terrain mod which I mostly prefer I think. I like the USA no greatcoat mod too. Not doing TOO many vehicle mods this time around (I think I wasted half my time on CM/CMBB and even CMBN modding it, not playing, and it's not like CMFB needs much - unless there's any must haves Anyway. Thanks BF for a great game!!
  6. Here is my new, modded barn: http://www.mediafire.com/file/5aszwd6czkymgcv/Barn Building 201 Whitewash.zip I shall be uploading it to the official mod sites now. This is a modded, whitewashed, weathered wooden barn based on the independent CMBS building Barn 201. So it should be building201 (03). If you put the folder in your DATA>Z folder it should be available for scenario creation. Shift-left clicking should change the barn till you get this one. (alternatively you could rezpack it into BLACK SEA v100b, using the Mod Tools but I would suggest that is not necessary). It is suitable for anywhere and any period of Combat Mission where they have whitewashed barns. I imagine that's most places. It is in Standard Definition (if you like) so it will load quickly. I considered making it in HD (Like Kieme's Mods) but decided it was simpler this way and will not look out of place near existing buildings. It is fully functional, men on foot can enter and shoot out, and it is destructible, as normal.
  7. Hi everybody, I have successfully modded one building - just a variant on a stock CMBS commercial building and got it to load in the scenario editor. After more reading-around, especially @umlaut 's work, I have come to the conclusion that modding modular buildings is never going to work. Today I modded CMBS independent building 103 - a commercial building, and called it building400 and put it in the Z folder including a renamed .mdr file from the original 103. After opening the Scenario Editor I cannot seem to find it loading. Any ideas? Please. Second request: I know know how to mod flavour objects. What I want to do is turn the posters through 90 degrees to make them into shop/wall signs and billboards. If info is right there is "space" for at least 5 more poster designs, but I need an appropriate .mdr file. AFAIK calling it poster5.mdr will mean it turns up in the right place in the scenario editor. Unfortunately I have failed to open a .mdr file and don't know what to do. Anybody able to manipulate one of the poster mdr files so the alignment is changed by 90 degrees? Thanks Julian
  8. Hello everyone! The other day I was driving through my home city and thinking about CMBS (as you do!). And as I drove I was looking at the variety of buildings on display and how they are all different shapes and sizes, often curved and following the bends of the street, and I thought to myself "wouldn't it be cool to have a modern city environment like this in CMBS"... I.e. Buildings of a great variety of shapes and sizes, different architectures (a mix of modern and old) that follow the curves of streets. Offices and shops. And what about huge built-up industrial areas with massive factories? I have also been watching the seminal 1970s documentary series The World At War (if you haven't seen it, you should!), specifically the episode on Stalingrad and the grim fighting amongst the rubble and destroyed buildings - I thought here too, wouldn't it be cool to have a destroyed city to fight within, where your troops can take shelter amongst broken walls and buildings, hide within a dilapidated factory? A sniper in the broken buildings... I guess the question I am posing - is it possible to mod the buildings in this way? With the greatest respect, many of the stock buildings are quite basic and follow the same patterns in the shape of a square. I would love to have a battle in a realistic city, with restaurants, cafes, and factories, where the architecture is diverse. Or is this too complicated and beyond the game engine/graphics capabilities? Just wondering... Yours... A.
  9. So guys, because I am waiting like most of us to recieve some news from Steve & his Staff, and be a little boring of the time. Don't want to see empty buildings was trying to change the view of some empty buildings in CM's...but dont have really knowledges in the mod world, ... sometimes have some silly ideas, I know. Need some additonal infos, about 2d 3d view and more... I post pictures of the result, I would like really make more ...would be nice to have some tips, recomandations, advices, and know if my idea is good welcome or really silly... 01 What I did ! seem to be ok 02 result global ! the result is multiplied of different walls of the house !! Building can be found in Scenario : the Training Roadblock (Advanced house near the little river, from the german perspective) !! If some of you are interresting to see result can send the file... thanks in advance !
  10. I was reading that the Pat and TaL building mods are not the right style for Market Garden scenarios. Do any of them look accurate for the area? If not, I assume I should disable all the Pat and TaL building mods if I want my MG games to look more accurate? I'm using: Pat TaL Modular buildings 1 - 4 Pat_TaL_independent_building_1 - 2 Pat TaL independent commercial buildings Tanks a Lot's CMBN Barns Tanks a Lot's CMBN buildings Tanks a Lot's CMBN Church 2 Thanks.
  11. I am new to CMx2 and have seen a lack of accuracy in terms of doors and windows in buildings. For example, during one battle, I ordered a squad to approach a building from behind. The back of the building had no windows or doors; it appeared to be just a solid brick wall. I moved the squad up against this brick wall. I didn't know if any Germans were inside, but without any visibility or openings to shoot through, I assumed the squad was safe. The next thing I know, the occupants of the house opened fire on the squad through the brick wall, killing all of them with bullets and even a grenade. I have had other instances where a squad entered a building miraculously through a wall with no doors or windows. But then, at other times, when giving a squad a command to enter a building, the squad has had to run around the building to a door to enter, possibly exposing them to enemy fire. I have had troops inside a building able to have line of sight through solid walls in some cases and not in others. I just don't know whether to believe the accuracy of doors, windows, and walls on buildings or not. And not knowing this can be very costly. I would appreciate any comments.
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