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Found 4 results

  1. Celleno: The Final Battle The Mission Before us, lies the hill-top fortress of Celleno. This is the final objective of our campaign, and it looks to be the toughest one, yet. We did our best to conserve our fuel, ammo and manpower for this battle. We are ahead of the recce, and nearly blind. Now, night approaches and we must begin the assault. The Plan Phase 1: Establish observation points and direct the initial bombardment. Phase 2: Occupy the heights and establish a base of fire. Phase 3: Begin the combined assault on ALPHA. Phase 4: Mop up BRAVO and CHARLIE. The Forces Task Force 1 (Armoured): C Squadron (Major Chetty) Task Force 2 (Infantry): B Company (Major Jansen) Task Force 3 (Infantry): C Company (Major Ntsimango) Supports: 2 x Recce Troops, 2 x Forward Observers, 2 x Machinegun Sections
  2. So i started playing with the commonwealth forces and had a few questions with them. Is it better to keep each squad as three teams and split with that to move around or is it better to combine the squad to make two teams and then spit with that to move around(to get better fire output from each team). So far I am finding commonwealth squads very anaemic in terms of fire power in the ww2 titles. The americans tend to do well at mid to close ranges cause of the m1, the germans are great at long ranges thanks to the mg and the russians are very good close up cause every second person gets an smg. Also i keep on getting the feeling that squads are hesitant to open up at ranges on people. any ideas on how to get the best from them or is it a given that i will take more casualties with the british cause it takes a longer time to build up fire superiority?
  3. For King and Country How can I live among this gentle Obsolescent breed of heroes, and not weep? Unicorns, almost, For they are falling into two legends In which their stupidity and chivalry Are celebrated. Each, fool and hero, will be an immortal -Keith Douglas, 1942 For King and Country is a CMBN Commonwealth campaign that follows the actions of the 1 Regiment Sherwood Rangers Yeomanry from their landings at Gold Beach on the Normandy coast on June 6th, 1944 and the hard fought battles through France until June 26, 1944. I have tried to keep it as historical as possible based on what research I could dig up though a few of the engagements should be considered semi-historical. After the British moved inland there were many small battles that were waged across the French countryside so to keep some variety I have "created" a few of these engagements. However, to keep to the flavor of historical, most of the included scenarios are actual battles and I have tried to model them as accurately as I could portray. Most of the battles are offensive operations as the German forces during this time were on the defensive. You can expect to see some counterattacks however as this was the common strategy for the Germans. I also have included the actual commanders of the various troop HQ's of the regiment. However the chain of command must be considered to be semi-historical as there were a number of leadership changes of the SRY as they fought across France during the real campaign due to casualties or simply reshuffling of the command structure. The leadership tree in this campaign is setup to reflect what the actual command structure was at the end of June. This campaign can be considered a preqel to my previous CMBN campaign Operation Clipper: The Geilenkirchen Salient which includes the SRY also. About the Campaign: This campaign requires the following: CMBN Game Engine 4 CW Module Market Garden Module Vehicle Pack It is designed for single player only from the blue side. All the information here is also in the designers notes of the campaign. Most of the battles and maps are medium to large so it could impact some older PC's. The Campaign Tree: 1. Gold Beach (Allied Attack) 2. The Ridge (Allied Attack) 3. A Meeting at Hervieu (Meeting Engagement) 4. A Hard Day in Hottot (Allied Attack) 5. Tea Time in Cristot (Allied Attack) 6. Fontenay (Allied Assault) 7. The Assault of Rauray (Allied Assault) 8. The 12th SS Counterattacks (Axis Attack) Victory Conditions: A Draw will advance you through the campaign. However careful management of the core units (SRY) is vital. You will get some replacements later in the campaign. Also the primary leadership is essential to preserve as the Germans get high points for killing top HQ assets. Maps: All the maps were created by the author (me) and I have tried to get them as accurately as possible based on google maps, drawings and old photographs I could find. Most are medium to large maps. Unit Tree: 1 Rg SRY (Core Units) HQ - Maj S.D. Christopherson 2 x Sherman V Tanks HQ Squadron - Maj R.Sutton-Nelthrope Recce Troop - Capt. P. McCrath (2 x Stuart V Tanks) 3 x Sections (3 x Stuart V and VI Tanks each) A Squadron HQ: Maj. J. Semken (3 x Sherman V Tanks) 4 x Troop (3 x Sherman V and 1 x Sherman VC Firefly Tanks each) B Squadron HQ: Maj. M. Gold (3 x Sherman V Tanks) 4 x Troop (3 x Sherman V and 1 x Sherman VC Firefly Tanks each) C Squadron HQ: Maj S. Mitchell (3 x Sherman V Tanks) 4 x Troop (3 x Sherman V and 1 x Sherman VC Firefly Tanks each) Feature Units: British: 1. 1 Bn Hampshire Regiment 2. 82nd Assault Squadron Royal Engineers 3. 6th Assault Regiment 4. 2nd Bn Essex Regiment 5. 1st Recce Regiment 6. 11th Royal Scots Fusiliers 7. 6th Royal Scots Fusiliers 8. 2nd Bn Hampshire Regiment 9. 1/6 Duke of Wellington Regiment German: 1. 726th Infantry Regiment 2. 916th Infantry Regiment 3. 352nd Fusilier Battalion 4. 352nd PzJag Abt 5. 1 Bn PzGrLehr Regiment 901 6. PzLehr Regiment 130 7. 12th SS PzAufk Abt 8. 1 Bn 25th SS PzGr Regiment 9. SS PzRg 12 Mods: As is common for most of my campaigns I use featured mods by some of our very talented modders of the CM series. Below is a list and all credit goes to them. 1. Aris Vehicle Textures (I have modified a few with the (hopefully) correct unit symbols or to represent damaged or destroyed vehicles 2. Mords Unit ID (The featured British units (except non core armor units) have the correct ID patches that will show up in the UI) 3. Various terrain modifications 4. EZJax CMBN Uniform Heer (Lehr) 5. EZJax CMBN Uniform SS All mods needed are included with the download and are tagged to this campaign so they should not interfere with any other scenarios or campaigns. The campaign has been tested but if any issues arise please let me know. Also any suggestions are welcome and I will make any adjustments necessary. I hope the campaign will prove enjoyable. Michael Special Note: The first mission Gold Beach can prove to be a beast. To quote Captain Miller " Get your men off the beach" will be an understatement. "Keep em moving". Below is the link https://www.dropbox.com/s/sce3ibep7mysjto/For King and Country.zip?dl=0
  4. I'm trying to help my dad with CMBN installation. Here are the separate file components he had; - CMBN disc -CMBN Commonwealth Forces Disc -CMBN upgrade V2 - CMBN Operation Market Garden Disc - CMBN Upgrade 3+4 Windows bundle Downloaded files. After having trouble downloading version 4, I finally managed to get it installed, however his two add on modules were not present. I read some of the forum and tried to figure out how to do it. I understood that they needed to be reactivated, yet I couldn't find the activate modules shortcut, nor could I find it when searching the files on the computer. I need help on how to keep the v4 upgrade, but also how to install/activate the Market Garden/Commonwealth modules. Thank you P.S. Whilst looking through the files, i could only see the v4 upgrade, and no v3 upgrade.
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