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  1. On 3/26/2016 at 11:36 AM, Ithikial_AU said:

    Mmmm should be fine.

    Anyone else having this problem with the latest CMBN version?

    yeah i've been playing this campaign for awhile now, and decided to come back to it, bit way into it now, (second assault on village) every other mission has been fine...


    i don't bother with arcs etc, in pre planning, did a save once i did all my moves and issuing of artillery, and doing nothing. the nothing step worked and the pre planning didn't , i shall try to just issue moves and leave the artillery out...


    my spec

    intel core i7 8700k @ 4300mhz oc

    32GB RAM DDR4






  2. On 9/5/2021 at 8:59 PM, Artkin said:

    No hummels for any of the Germans for any period in single vehicles...

    I don't understand why every vehicle isn't available as a single vehicle option. surely it can't be hard to list...??? the manual doesn't list any details on when or how to purchase said vehicle


    is this something we could look at fixing for future updates @BFCElvis is it as easy as it sounds? lol

  3. i liked it, atmosphere was good.. only thing i got annoyed at was the pak, positioned to the right of the Reichstag, couldn't see over the little walls and was completely useless...lol...


    and yeah the games do have some limitations but all n all i thought it was a fair representation...the Combat mission engine has always been bit limited...my only complaint was that the object could've been bit taller lol

  4. On 5/31/2020 at 8:10 AM, SgtHatred said:

    2-player turn based already exists. The timer can't be adjusted and you can't rewind the action because it's just real-time mode with a 1 minute auto-pause. You can even give orders during the playback, although I am pretty sure you are not supposed to.

    i think what hes wishing for is it without the PBEM system. which i agree is a dated and fussy system to set up

  5. use to be some website years back where you could add so many affects to any picture or document you uploaded, can't recall the name but sadly it had to shut down. was so so easy to do, i did some paper work documenting a u boat campaign i was playing once, it was so easy, just up load any picture and insert and place, boom...with all the cool affects etc you'd want..

    scan0001 black and white added.jpg

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