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  1. 3 to 1 is the norm driven by historical experience and lanchester laws. That said the ways you achieve 3 to 1 norm (or better) are varied, you could reinforce, you could use a strike or deception measures to reduce the enemy force or... you could reduce attack frontage (concentration of effort), etc.
  2. It is poorly/lazily researched in general. Examples below: 1) GRU was reformed before 2017 and no longer existed under this name. 2) Those are nominal figures, note the nature of the 2016-2017 change.
  3. Sadly the quality is, ehem, not uniform. And in some cases it is real sad, ie the DIA paper.
  4. Would be nice to see any (all) of those programs reaching massed use.
  5. Also includes maps, analytics. While I do not agree with all the points made it is a relatively good work. Link: https://www.cna.org/CNA_files/PDF/IOP-2020-U-028759-Final.pdf
  6. Post 2000 books tend to be decent, good enough for a layman/enthusiast due to the availability of better source base for him to use.
  7. Well it is December and the Russian massed offensive is somehow is still not happening.
  8. I guess I would return to this problem after the next POTUS gets sworn in.
  9. It is November, when was this invasion meant to happen?
  10. The economy argument is poor, as it as a rule uses nominal GDP statistic, which, due to the weak ruble, does not represent the real size of Russian economy accurately. Same applies to military spending figures, CNA published a paper to that end, after they adjusted for PPP and imports Russia had ~1/4 of US spending (and greater than any of the Europeans), China had ~3/4. As to the regionality of Russian power - due to the Russian geographic position we have either direct influences in many of the key regions (Arctic, Europe, Middle East, Central Asia, Far East) and some indirect influence
  11. https://warontherocks.com/2020/11/getting-the-fait-accompli-problem-right-in-u-s-strategy/ Interesting article by Kofman.
  12. A At that bit they are moving towards loading area into the helicopters. The assumption would be that this movement is being done in the rear so to speak. The 31st Air Assault Brigade was using airlifts to enable the larger force to conduct counter strokes, from what I remember.
  13. A cheesy documentary by Zvezda. Some neat footage though.
  14. For detailed day to day coverage of Kavkaz-2020 I would suggest following this author: https://russianmilitaryanalysis.wordpress.com/tag/kavkaz-2020/
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