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  1. A At that bit they are moving towards loading area into the helicopters. The assumption would be that this movement is being done in the rear so to speak. The 31st Air Assault Brigade was using airlifts to enable the larger force to conduct counter strokes, from what I remember.
  2. A cheesy documentary by Zvezda. Some neat footage though.
  3. For detailed day to day coverage of Kavkaz-2020 I would suggest following this author: https://russianmilitaryanalysis.wordpress.com/tag/kavkaz-2020/
  4. Considering early Russian posturing around the Belorussian crisis it concerns me significantly more than the Kavkaz-2020/Crimea story. For context this was the first time 12th GUMO has been seen exercising together with Iskander units, amongst other things (ie the Tu160 flights)
  5. Or this is a part of a scaremongering campaign that happens every year and with every exercise. Remember the times where the land bridge was being justified with the impossibility of building a normal bridge into Crimea? Or by impossibility to supplying the peninsular with electric power? Incidentally the parts of Crimea with the most Russian interest (tourism, military) are the ones in the southern coastal area and not the central/northern Tatar populated plains most affected by water shortages. But I would suggest that we avoid really going to deep here as this may, ehem, turn poli
  6. It is more likely to be related to Russian posturing due to the Belorussian crisis. It is now happening in mutual cycles.
  7. @HaidukI am familiar with the Ukrainian narratives on the Crimea. Still, Kavkaz-2020 began, no invasion so far
  8. A product of hasty ad-hoc organisation for a mission they were not prepared for, with the search for the volonteers and the like. It is amusing however how this is being projected onto an open high activity war.
  9. So the problem is that the bulk of current combat forces are made out of proffesional servicemen. "Small elite core" has been an obsolete concept, particuarly after the 2012 shift in the reform and the return to regional/large scale war focus (I use the official doctrinal terms intentionally). BTGs are just fetishised tactical units because Western military thinkers suddenly found out that Russian (and Soviet before then) military actually has a lot of thought going into flexible, mission orientated battalion level task forces. Not that this is a new thing, just new to the people who sudd
  10. I am familiar with the book, I just happen to disagree with it on this point based on how the exercises happen. Nor do I believe in the war between Russia and US staying very limited, I think it would become either a regional or large scale war. As to the article - the author asks how a brigade would be fighting a reinforced battalion and in general offers poor and confused insight.
  11. Blocking water supply and/or electric power is not the way to win hearts and minds of the Crimean people though.
  12. And then confirmation bias kicks in which lines up all interventions in one convenient line up without looking into the unique circumstances of each. We don't even need to go far - there was the discussion about how Russia would remove Lukashenko pre-elections based on his arrests of PMC servicemen in transit. Or how Russia would send combat troops to help him now under the CSTO umbrella, based on the idea that Russia must always act militarily. But then there were Kyrgyzia and Armenia and their stories get forgotten because they do not fit the pattern.
  13. Baltics have that "one British Soldier" so to speak to ensure article V going through (and fighting any forces that may be considered by the agressor to be below the level of war).
  14. The irony is that BTGs were used as a product of Donbas specific limitations, not because they are the standard approach. Which together with the US tactical bias now leads to US preparing to fight the wrong threat (BTGs vs large scale action, regiment and above).
  15. We have seen war scares happen with every exercise be it Zapad-2017, Kavkaz-2016 or Kavkaz-2020. Every time people invent this or that reason for Russia to invade and we don't.
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