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  1. Regarding the percentage debate, remember that NATO countries are obligated to spend 2% of their GDP on defense but few major European countries do. There’s no obligation to spend it wisely but it’s at least a start. As for German military readiness, two examples painting a pretty bleak picture of the Sea and Air. http://www.businessinsider.com/german-military-fighters-jets-not-ready-for-combat-2018-5 https://www.defensenews.com/naval/2017/10/20/all-of-germanys-submarines-are-currently-down/
  2. I *never* said the single artillery thing, I refuted it. The original quote was from MikeyD, in this post. The following italicized portion was my line by line response to the very same post in which I italicized his quotes to respond to (multiquoting from the same quote is annoying). I apologize if that wasn't clear but the entire post followed that style and I assumed that the readers would note the [exact] similarity to the previous post in italicized bits, as well as my framing and my general disagreement across the board between the italicized and non-italicized portions.
  3. They also lost a TU-22M. Looks like the crew got out but the plane is a write off. I'm on my phone but it should turn up with a Google search.
  4. This is getting off topic, sort of, but I will try and bring it back I promise: Again, I'm not a Tomahawk officer so I can't speak on exact employment anything past how I would use them and my own messing about with CMANO, but... A lot of these numbers for simplicity come from wikipedia but they pass the snuff test of more reliable sources I have read and checked out in citations on wikipedia. "The only people firing cruise missiles these days is Putin that one time in an ostentatious display of strength in Syria." Not true. First, Putin has used them multiple times and the general con
  5. To back up Raptor the Tibet thing was as panzer put it "bar math" from my source but looking at the more widely circulated and easily doable number of 1500nm from non-official sources the only part unaccessible by Tomahawk is eastern Kazakhstan/NW China. Of which there are RUS/Chinese bases in those areas. (All doesn't really work because you then have the issues of range limitations from their own assets.) The point is if it's 1000 miles or 1500 miles (or more), all of Ukraine is accessible by the missile from the Eastern to Central Med. This still leaves plenty of room for circuitious o
  6. Slight exaggeration but not by as much as you think. I think the real number is close to 20,000. Google Ohio SSGN Their official range is "over 1000nm." A SWO once told me that Tibet is about the only part of the planet that we can't hit. But yeah Tomahawks are on every Navy sub and ship and they would not be withheld against Russia. And that doesn't include air launched conventional cruise missiles. You could probably walk from one side of the Black Sea to the other end, wide way, across Tomahawks if push came to shove.
  7. Going to go ahead and call myself out on this one I'm not going to go too heavily into tactics and capabilities because security but here's how the air war would play out over Ukraine. This is pretty much just going to concern NATO vs. Russia because the Ukrainian Air Force won't exist after 12 hours. Note that I've hit this before but it's time for a refresher. Day 1-3 - Blunt Russian attacks, fight for Air Superiority. Any and all CAS operations will be conducted by organic rotary elements to Ground forces (i.e. AH-64 and AH-1Z). A-10 wouldn't survive the environment and fast mu
  8. Meh not really that wrong. Generally speaking in real life you have better SA than you would in a sim, but a low level to an unfamiliar target is still very challenging. It's all about planning ahead of time (I know this isn't done nearly as intensely in even the strictest of sim communities) with multiple checkpoints. But at the end of the day you'll probably only have a few seconds to see your target when you're down low. PGMs (lazed from someone else or GPS guided) can make a difference here but often your launch basket is so small that you may justify nonguided weapons and hope for the
  9. But again this is a scenario issue, not a game issue. Also, can't jets target a building without it being observed by a unit? I recall this but may be mistaken.
  10. 1) Agree, although seeing as this game simulates low level fixed wing CAS, it's pretty freaking hard to spot a tank when you're hauling the mail at 1000' AGL or lower. I don't know what altitude exactly the fixed wing CAS is supposed to be at but it's apparently low enough to where SHORAD is a factor. 2) That's not really how controlled CAS works. One controller is going to control one strike, even if it's multiple aircraft. Simple example: Husky 42, 2 F/A-18s would attack tanks in the open at grid 123456. If Husky 421 is going to attack a tank while Husky 422 is supposed to attack a bu
  11. http://tass.com/defense/961838 Russia is now planning to buy just 100 T-14 by 2020 according to defense officials. Some of you may note that is 2200 fewer than claimed only two years ago.
  12. This is heavily spearheaded by a single person who doesn't respond well to criticism. I think very few people here don't accept the limitations of the Stryker.
  13. Just stop responding to him. I'm surprised BFC hasn't given him the boot yet.
  14. If you say anything less than "I agree completely." to Lucas you will encounter exactly what is going on. Lucas, the primary weapon system of the Stryker is it's infantry squad and all their weapons. I highly recommend you check out "Pentagon Wars."
  15. I think this thread is best left to die. Logic and reason have no place here.
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