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  1. This one was a nutbuster. Props to Imperial Grunt-- his scenarios are the boss. Stryker platoons are difficult to manage, and on this map there are not many good lines of sight for the Jav teams. This is a highly recommended scenario, especially because of how dynamic it is. American air support is key in this one.
  2. Dang. I wish my Strykers in-game would ford like that. But nope. First vehicle bogged and then immobilized. Better hoof it!
  3. Yes let's impress the provincials. Yawn.
  4. I remember crap like that from CMBO, perhaps not including the dug-in tanks. Still nightmarish.
  5. The scenario that made life difficult for me was First Clash. I get decent framerates in Galloping Horse Downfall, perhaps around 25-28. Again I'd recommend anyone try out Nvidia Profile Inspector. With it I reached kind of an okay status quo; at least a better impression of smoothness, by using it to increase pre-rendered frames to 8 and just using Reshade for FXAA and some other (really pretty) effects (I have ALL AA hard-disabled and only use the shader injector). In any case, no engine calculations are even being made in WEGO between turns, right? I play strictly WEGO and the framerate is just as bad or worse during the orders phase VS the replay phase, (when, I mean, the calculations are simply being shown after having been made, dig?). Considering the computation time of an entire minute of action is negligible even in WEGO, I'm not gonna sit here and blame my processor. This is a bad, old, poorly optimized 3-D engine on an otherwise stunningly brilliant sim.
  6. Been looking into this topic a bit since our discussion of that barrage. How is it exactly the TOW-2B ATGM has enough surface area to discharge 2 EFTs able to catastrophically kill modern armor? So far I have been unable to find a good design diagram. Is it simply that top armor is really so thin? I was also quite delighted, when looking up Explosively Formed Penetrators, to learn that the Orion propulsion system also used this principle. This type of nuclear bomb spacecraft propulsion system figures heavily in Neal Stephenson's Anathem novel.
  7. I always admired the science-fiction notion of some civilization, knowing it would be long gone by the time, having launched fleets of relativistic, hydrogen ramscooping kinetic planet destroyers as posthumous retaliation weapons. Can't remember where I read a good example. Vernor Vinge maybe?
  8. Wow, I love how the music ends and the thing is still launching for a full minute afterwards. In total silence. Pretty horrifying if proliferated, considering the reported use of heavy ordinance in current conflicts though. Them hospitals won't stand a chance. Better for UKR to adopt a "Javelin in every pot" strategy, (if CMBS is any kind of guide).
  9. Hey I remember the Peng Challenge from lurking here back when CMBO/CMBB were my jams. I still have no idea what it is. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  10. Can't give you a proper reply atm, but one advantage is being able to set max prerendered frames to 8. In NCP this is capped at 3 or 4 iirc. I am still very much experimenting with it but it offers a range of mysterious and murky to overt, lower-level hard settings that I like, such as guaranteed forcing of 16x aniso. I also use it to force off all AA because I use Reshade's excellent FXAA for finer control of edge smoothing.
  11. It would be cool if I was a cross-eyed Asian woman pointing a pistol irl, wouldn't it?
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