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  1. https://www.dropbox.com/s/eh2n63i3ahqjz33/Semenovka (2608 X 2608).btt?dl=0 I've deleted the old version, this is a link for the last one. Couldn't edit it in my post.
  2. @Haiduk According to memoirs of DPR volunteers who fought in Debaltsevo, "who has more serviceable tanks and heavy guns is winner". Not because he could break the defenders to pieces, but because the defenders just retreated first. Nobody wants to rush against enemy's tank with a grenade. Not that time, not that war. But in CM we model a fictional conflict (or even fictional "Battle for Debaltsevo") where the well trained assault groups could seize buildings with heavy fire supression, smoke screens etc. Passable houses could be appropriate here, I think. Can you give the link? It
  3. I'm agree that it was fun, I can't say that I was really concerned, it is really "Clausewitz' friction". All the more it was a vehicle with "green" crew. I just have reported. I have suddenly remembered one more thing about map designing. After my MTLB has bogged down, I tried to drive other vehicles strictly along the road (I moved from the deployment zone on the right flank). It was not really convenient because the road was very squiggly and I had to place many waypoints. Maybe it is better to make roads more direct? All the more so this road was not very important for the entire scena
  4. I have one remark on map designing. We know that CM soldiers can't use windows for entering houses. "Independent buildings" usually have 2 doors on opposite sides, and there is no problem. But if we model a village house using "modular building", I think we should make at least 2 doors on opposite sides too. The attacking group usually uses windows for entering, but does not walk around a house just to go through the door. Of course we should imagine that the windows are protected with grilles, but they are rare in villages. Only in villages - in towns and cities of former USSR they are u
  5. I ended this mission up. I like it. It seems that the defenders were a little passive. But I have an expirience of creating AI plans and I know that it is really hard to make the defenders as active as if they were ruled by a human. As I have already said, it is very atmospheric map. I had enough time and not great power. This way, the mission was more infiltration than assault. I think it is very realistic. The feature of CM battles which I don't like is lack of time - many battles end in a slaughter. This mission should be executed otherwise. I have lost 1 vehicle in first 5
  6. Oh, sorry, now I see that it's "part 1"🙃
  7. Hell, this map looks great, very atmospheric and realistic with winter mod (at least at the images). Thank you for this job. I'm going to test your scenario. As I know, there were very intensive clashes after seizing Logvinovo, when Ukrainans tried to return it and relieve their Debaltsevo forces. It could be simulated too. It could be even a mini-campaign☺️ Do you intend to create any other scenarios based on the events of that time?
  8. Size: 2600x2600 m Semenovka is an eastern suburb of Slavyansk. In 2014 , during the struggle between Ukrainian army and DPR militia, it became a battlefield. In june it was the last supply route for the DPR forces in Slavyansk who controlled it until the withdrawal. https://www.dropbox.com/s/f8vt26mk622h75o/Semenovka.btt?dl=0
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