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  1. @com-intern: you asked on the first page for evidence, that nvme vs satassd speed differences are noticeable at consumer level. Thats what i replied to, should have made that clearer, somehow i managed to qoute the wrong post. I guess we both agree that this advantage is very small and i stated that the "enormous advantages over sata ssd" is something that i dont agree with. I still think though that if you are building a really fast gaming pc and money is not that much of an issue its totally ok to go with an nvme if only for loading a couple of seconds faster. @Erwin@Armorgunner is refe
  2. Just go to youtube and look at a couple of hundreds of videos that are focusing on just that question. I am seeing an advantage when it comes to loading times( no wonder as we are talking about a harddrive). It might not be much but its there. For your normal desktop work, well you probably wont notice it. Erwin otoh is going for a top notch cpu, which i would never buy because its overprized. Do you really think that the 20-30 bucks, he is going to spare for going for a non nvme will make or break the deal? On the contrary, id say if you wanna go full throttle you should go there with a nvme.
  3. Basically it comes down to what you want from your pc. This really makes a difference. For example, you want serious( meaning no compromise...) 4k gaming? There is just no way around a 2080Ti atm. Those beasts cost 1000+though, basically the price of a nice budget 1440 gaming pc with almost all components. CPU: Top-Level i9-9700k / Ryzen 7 3700x / Mid-Level i5 9600k / Ryzen 5 3600 GPU: Top-Level Nvidia 2080Ti/2080Super/2080( awesome to ok) Mid-Level 2070Super/ Radeon 5700xt SSD: if you go for the high end gear, its totally ok to get a nvme, its gonna be standard in a couple of
  4. Well, to be honest, that looks like a rather average build, some stuff is too much, some is a bit lacking imho. CPU is an amazing piece, but pretty powerhungry. Same goes probably to the RAM, 32 GB, as said before, right now its more a neat have, definetly no must have. Interestingly there is no brand mentioned for the RAM. Oh, and just to be safe, make sure its 2*16GB, if you go for it. The Samsung drive is a decent one, though there are even faster drives out there. Coming to the "bad", the GPU is rather mediocre. Nothing wrong with it per se, just in combination with one of the
  5. So, as the release of SF2 is close, to kill the waiting time i decided to replay this great campaign and started the first mission. In the briefing and in my memory its mentioned that you get battalion mortars as soon as they are available( T+5). The clock ticks away and among the other reinforcements a message pops up saying battalion mortars ready. But when i open the arty menu they are not shown. I started the mission a second time and they still never showed up. Maybe a change in force structure or sth like that? As a side note, with the new infantry behaviour and minus the mortars it
  6. Yes, go for it! I remember in my very first CMAK-TCP i killed an M 10 with my very first mortar round fired. You can do it, too! ( it wasnt until later that i found out just how lucky i got there...)
  7. Yeah, really nice infantry battle! I too noticed the massive amount of ammo shot off so i tried counting it at the end. I roughly went through 7000 rounds 5.62 and 1500 rounds 7.62. I didnt even used area fire alot except for the mgs. The real killer seemed to be the launcher grenades...
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