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Found 1 result

  1. I'm finally getting to play the German campaign from the CMRT base game at a decent rate and thought I'd share some of the things I've noticed in it, before I forget about them again. Most of the things I am going to point out are going to be negative, since thats the stuff that keeps sticking to your mind more, so first off: I am greatly enjoiying playing this campaign so far (I am about halfway through Mission 3). I like the scale and the open country armor clash gameplay of it very much. I also like that all maps so far have been cut from one large mastermap, as it gives a feeling of continuity from battle to battle. I also like that you get quite a lot of fire support, instead of artificially cutting away your batallion mortars or something like that, like many other scenarios do. But for the issues I've noticed: - The bug with the missing Panzerfaust allotment for armored Panzergrenadiers is no gamebreaker by any means, but it is annoying and more than once I had wanted to send some legged tankhunters into some undergrowth to weed out some T-34s that were hiding there and couldn't because there were no PzF around. - The motorized Panzergrenadier you get in Mission 3 also suffer from this. Their trucks do have one PzF each, but you can't have the passengers acquire them. I don't think this particular bug has been noted before. - The scoring in mission 1 seems quite off. In the end, the entire map was void of any Soviet forces except for a scout team or two and I still got a minor defeat or a draw because I didn't occupy all of the required areas (and I got most of them actually, it was Soviet bonus point that tipped the balance). Since many of the Soviets actually retreated and were off map, they didn't surrender either. - In mission 2 the scoring also seemed off. You have to attack a urban center with an artificially short time allotment of only one hour (1:20 actually, but it takes 20 minutes until you have a significant force at your hands). Seemed unrealistic to me, why the rush, why the ambitious goals, many of them weren't even held by enemy but you have no way of knowing the enemy is actually pretty weak in terms of force size). I think I also scored a minor defeat in this one despite seriously thrashing the enemy. Only about one platoon in relatively good order was sitting in the town center in the end. - the briefing for mission 2 is pretty inaccurate and some of the information it gives you is false. For instance, KG Baker gets a PzIV icon in the TacMap. What you actually get is a armored recon infantry company. So I was waiting the whole time for another group of tanks from the North West (?) which never came. The briefing also mentions you'll get a battery of 150mm artillery (6 Hummels I think), which never arrives. - I am not 100% sure, but in mission 3 it appears from the briefing seems to indicate you are expected to rush your truck-borne infantry force over a lot of open ground to reach a bunch of exit zones. Also seems ahistorical to me, I don't think this is the way motorized infantry was used. I am essentially not obeying my orders in this one and just take my time and walk everybody where they need to go and probably will not score a victory again. - In the beginning of mission 3 there is a pre-planned barrage hitting within your set-up zone. To me that is a no-go, it is just annoying and simply gets you to start over again and avoid the barrage. - In missions 2 and 3 the soviets get ground attack aircraft. While they didn't cause much damage (one self propelled Vierling wiped out while firing ironically) and it's cool to see your Flak reacting, from what I read about the Battle for Radzymin it is rather ahistorical. It appears the Germans for once actually had - temporarily and locally - air superiority during this battle.
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