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  1. It's not really the worst comment I've seen about games (or even wargames) on Steam... I think that part of the "problem" is Steam's policy on prices. Games get old very quickly on Steam and masses of Steam users expect huge discounts on older games. Some other games by Matrix/Slitherine, for instance, also got similar hate when they were released on Steam. For example, Gary Grigsby's War in the East and War in the West is a good case in point. They had already been in use for a couple of years (especially War in the East) when they came out on Steam, and their prices were quite high (wit
  2. Does CMBN BIG BUNDLE contain all the game stuff released so far or are there any other add-ons not included?
  3. I'm asking since I keep my game files up in a cloud and it's not very convenient for me to upload a single 3-6GB file...
  4. So if I bought ONLY the base game, I would still download the same file but some part of the content would simply be inactive? Also, is the file a full download or only an installer?
  5. What's the difference between CM1 and 2? I know that graphics are better and so on, but I'm rather asking about more serious changes concerning e.g. gameplay, game rules, the game engine (I don't mean graphics here), etc...
  6. I've read something about "the all-in-one full game installers" in different parts of the forums (I think it was on the forum about the Italian campaign) and so my question is this: If I bought the entire Normandy set (which consists of several "packs"), what would be the download? Would it be a few large separate files, just one file? Would I have to download everything manually? Would it be just one small installer that upon registration, or something, would download all the needed files for me? How is the thing arranged? Any explanation appreciated. Thanks. 😀
  7. Is it real time like Close Combat or are there turns?
  8. So..., er... I've been toying with this idea of buying one of the CM2 games, but the priced seem a little steep (discounted 100$ still seems a little high for a computer game...), so I was wondering if you could try to, perhaps, convince me that it's good value for money...? Any new modules coming up? Is this series still alive? Are the developers still looking after it? Are there many scenario available? Any free scenarios? Are there good prospects for the game's growth? ... ❓
  9. Hi! How do you add games to your wishlist? I've created a blank wishlist in the options but I can't see any button anywhere to wishlist a game... On games' pages there is only the "Add to Cart" button.
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