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  1. I'm not sure you could say London represented anything, it is probably the most awful City i have visited in the World, yet it still attracts people like moths. No idea why, once outside the tourist spots it is just a the Have or Have not place.
  2. Not a Scorpion either, Scimitar with 30mm Rarden.
  3. Houthis are just finishing off daesh, then SA will be in trouble.
  4. I hear he may be doing Op Goodwood, but this op came after it, btw his site is great for Normandy
  5. Play every demo available, they have small scenarios, see what one you like most, then go for that one. Then buy the rest as time and money allow.
  6. After serving 15 years in what he is going on about, it made me laugh, he could have joined instead of going on to make millions, i would have. 90% of my time was mind numbing boredom, 9% mildly interesting and 1% down right scary, and not once did Scarlett Johansson turn up.
  7. ah yes he belittled CM then goes on about having all the games. that one lol
  8. A nice video describing Bocage types and how many per Kilometre wartime vs peacetime.
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