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  1. I bought the original Shock Force many years ago and was looking through the manual and saw there was a coop mode that was to be included. When playing CMSF2 with my buddy we are able to play H2H but cannot find the coop option. Any help would be appreciated.
  2. I heard you were looking for a beat down in the snow!

    1. purpheart23


      Maybe, but just a heads up. you're going to lose


  3. Hey Stag, How can you say you are getting a contract for a game you are building in your spare time and then link RHS? According to their documentation you are a core member of the dev group but so is Ardy and all he did was create the OpsCore and ACH helmets. http://doc.rhsmods.org/index.php/Credits I don't see how a huge MP lobby would benefit the game that much, while there are those that prefer Real Time H2H without needing to forward ports and search IPs, the majority of players I have been around prefer PBEM. It is almost like how old men played chess with the newspaper back in the day. Play at your own pace, and I think this has a huge appeal to many of the people that enjoy this series. As for the AI, a system comparable to Steel Beasts Pro PE would fit the CM style very well. Conditions and Event based actions and reactions with triggers to spice things up. They have a very easy to use UI to make this an easy process and you can build them into every waypoint and route. I know that Steel Beasts has some military contracts so they might of had a larger budget for AI development, but it is a remarkable system that would seem to fit in with the CM engine. Everyone talks about ArmA's graphics but it is a pain in the *** to get the level of editing power achieved through an easy to use UI in Steel Beasts.
  4. Try adding a layer of fabric texture over the camo, also once you figure out where the seasm are you can break the camo down into the actual fabric sections. Also instead of adding the splotches for the camo onto the base layer try building a swatch of the camo pattern and then clone stamping it to the UV map. Then you really need to play with color balance and other elements to bring out some depth. This can be difficult but start by adjusting your gray scale and then maybe add a cavity map to help with the shading
  5. Is there a way to attach weapons company mg teams into line platoons, so they fall under the line platoons C2?
  6. Why do incoming mortars not whistle. It depends on the angle of flight and the relationship you are to its course. My COP got mortared almost every day in Iraq, sometimes 2 or 3 times a day. The ones that don't make noise are very close to you. The round that impacts 25 - 100 meters away makes a sort of whistling sound, more like the air tearing than anything
  7. An Iraqi Army Jundi once told me that boys are for fun and girls are for business. Maybe this was the attitude in Mussolini's Italy
  8. I use 7zip to unrar, but will try using winrar. I am of course logged into the repository and installed the file just like all the other ones that work. I will try winrar and see if that helps as maybe 7zip is corrupting the file during the unpacking
  9. I have tried for 2 days to download this scenario from the bf repository and I just cannot get it to load up. Any help as I would really like to play this map
  10. I downloaded this and the battle didn't show in the select screen. I tried to open it in the editor and the map wasn't there and no units were selected. Imagine the upload was corrupted somehow
  11. Nice bazooka shot on a German halftrack that was putting some flanking fire into my main effort
  12. August 1979 So 33 for you non calculating fools out there. I feel much older though after 2 combat deployments to Iraq (thank God for the VA)
  13. I use warrior for the realistic call for fire times. Wasn't sure of what microAI adjustments take place on the different levels though. Could anyone explain that?
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