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  1. Will Red Thunder play in XP? Normandy, Red Sea, Final Blitzkreig and Italy all do. The specs now have Win 7/8 and the minimum. Thanks.
  2. How do you get troops to get back into a Bradley... or in WW2 games back on the tank or whatever vehicle. Thanks.
  3. Does anyone know if this will work with XP even if it's not in the specs because Gustav Line does work with XP. Thanks.
  4. I have CMFI V2 - updated to Engine 4 - and I want to purchase Gustav Line. Will it be Engine 4 compatible or will I have to upgrade it ? Also, how big is the GL download. Thanks.
  5. I have xp and CMFI v1.12. If I upgrade to engine 4 via 3/4 upgrades will it still play on XP? Thanks.
  6. Is there a way to combine squads who have been reduced by battle to just one or two soldiers. It would be handy to be able to amalgamate the survivors. Thanks.
  7. As in TOW tanks etc charge to the sound of guns. Is there any way to make them stop? The actual command does stop them then they're off again - brave but stupid! How can you get them to stop and stay stopped?
  8. It was just a Battle Generator mission. Not sure what map though.
  9. I must say,as a newcomer to TOW, that the issue of not being able to get vehicles across a bridge is ridiculous and fast putting me off the game!
  10. F9 does not turn on the outside view . The Patch will not install. It comes up with an error message.
  11. Thanks. It was in "battle generator" battle.
  12. Could someone tell me the secret of getting tanks and other vehicles to go across a bridge. Infantry no problem. Are there different sized bridges and so some that won't take the weight? How can you tell? Thanks.
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