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  1. I have to agree. A very, very enjoyable map and a blast to play. As Afreu said, the setup and positioning of the units (on both sides) really seems to work.
  2. Here's something funny I found on the Project Reality forums so I decided to link it for you. A good laugh imo. http://www.realitymod.com/forum/f22-military-technology/87884-10-pilots-coloring-book-pics-inside.html More photos in the link.
  3. Please delete this thread, as per request.
  4. Just a heads up, If any of you who compile/make sound effects for CMSF want some good quality and most importantly, varied and authentic sounds then have a look here at the Project Reality team: Project Reality forum topic Project Reality blog of the week's recording They're recording British vehicles firing/driving/being hit at Bovington Armour Centre in England. Of course, don't just 'use' sounds without their permission as it's their time, money and effort going in to making these but maybe if you ask nicely. As I said just a heads up:)
  5. The way infantry assault buildings in this game pains me. Now I know they're not all 'sAS/d3lta' guys but come on, common sense? In hunt, the first guy who enters the room will find the enemy, great. He then stops just inside the doorway, the rest of the section/squad will sit outside while Mr. Rambo battles it out and usually dies. In quick, as has been said: Run into room, stand in the middle/corner, wonder why 3 men are dead, look around, maybe win. Assault is four men (section setup) running into a building, dying. I know this isn't Afghanistan but bear with me please. In the book 'Attack State Red' it details how British forces in Afghanistan (Royal Anglian Regiment) enter compounds at Attack State: Red (maximum force). They blow down compound walls with bar mines (which we already have and work great) and then throw grenades in through the doors before running in firing. Something like this or a modification to the assault command like in a previous post would be a welcome improvement. I usually say 'screw the civilian parameters, I know there's something in that building, stick as much firepower on it as I can', send a squad in there quick and then cancel target fire at the last minute. This works well apart from when you have limited ammunition. Then again, even the best laid plans go to waste.
  6. From what I'd read I assumed the Vectors were complete sh*te but in the book Fire Strike 7/9 written by a British JTAC he said him and his FST loved the Vector as it was better protected than the WMIK they were given. In fact at one point they survived shrapnel from a 107mm rocket landing near their position :eek:
  7. Cheers Ryujin. I guess BF aren't too keen on releasing any programs that may help. Just wondering if it would have been possible to replace the L86 LSW with the L129A1. I can dream can't I:(
  8. So, is it at all possible to change a weapon model to a user created one or is it purely an aesthetics thing?
  9. http://helmandblog.blogspot.com/2010/05/new-look-for-troops-in-afghanistan.html Slightly off-topic but meh.
  10. Doesn't look to shabby. Blends in fairly well, although granted it is only a shop doorway.
  11. Bump, anyone seen these of 40 Cdo taking over from 3 Rifles in Sangin?
  12. Since I have to go out I'll just steal a reply off mp.net which sums up my feelings: Warning: Common sense ahead! As noted in their post, this is not the conventional CV90 such as the ones the Norwegians use in Afghanistan but the CV90 Recce variant.
  13. Just a quick update with regards to FRES-SV, ASCOD has won it! MoD release GD FRES page
  14. I must have read about this at least four years ago. Either Dstl are making a lot of headway or a journalist was in need of a story. Be interesting to see what kind of vehicles it's mounted on (FRES/CVR (T) being the obvious ones).
  15. Sorry to piss on your bonfire but the ANA are now changing uniforms to digi! Nice skins though:)
  16. That was the joke, referring to the game;)
  17. Air conditioning? That old battle winner:p
  18. Well Janes reported two days ago that the WCSP has been delayed for a year so I doubt anything like that's been implemented.
  19. No idea then. Unless Blackcat is privilege to information we're not.
  20. I think he means WFLIP/WCSP and the FRES-SV. Which I wouldn't mind having but obviously it doesn't fit the timeframe of CMSF and we can't make our own models.
  21. But what I'm saying is I'd prefer to be in a vehicle which has quite a good chance of keeping me alive if it is hit by an RPG than a vehicle which might get me killed if I faced a DshK or even a PKM. In the Scimitars defence though, in the book Attack State Red it does note how useful the Scimitars were/are at using their thermals to take out fleeing Taliban in the Green Zone. Scimitar is going though, and it'll be replaced by something much heavier, but much more protected. Btw, Flamingknives do you know if this or the ASCOD 2 (SV variant) will be able to carry specialist teams such as Javelin or Starsteak teams?
  22. Thanks for that FK. Is the CT40 dual or single fed? I think I'm right in saying that the 25mm cannon the Bradley sports is dual feed to allow for quick ammo changes isn't it? Do you know if the turret is the same as the candidate for the WFLIP?
  23. Well this vehicle is designed with networking in mind. Specifically common architecture with the Warrior under the new WCSP programme and I think I read somewhere they'll be able to share target information. Bear in mind the FRES-SV isn't just to replace Scimitar, it's for deploying to Afghanistan where there are RPGs galore. And you're right, this is kind of off the shelf (chassis is basically a CV90, and the turret and cannon are part of the WFLIP competition too). If we did develop a new system for ourselves it'd end up late, overbudget and crap. Then everyone would moan again.
  24. Didn't think this was worth a new thread but it kind of continues with my theme of real-life vs CMSF. Ok, just to make this perfectly clear *I know this variant hasn't been accepted yet let alone in service*. This variant (FRES-SV) may replace the Scimitar in the British Army. The other contender is the ASCOD 2, although I'm yet to see their candidate.
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