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  1. Oops. Seems one broke down. https://twitter.com/MarkUrban01/status/596231779784208384 The first reply made me laugh. It's not going to be another Chieftain is it?
  2. Yes I may have been a bit defensive, my apologies. However after fighting one war for thirteen years and another (kind of) for six years I think Britain is entitled to regroup. The US may not have to do this due to its size, but I don't know any other nation (again except the US) that contributed as much in men and materiel to Afghanistan and Iraq as Britain did. What many who are interested in UK defence issues will tell you is that the British Army has been the target of much of the defence budget over the past thirteen years, but looking forward it is likely to be cut in favour of increased naval and air assets to combat emerging threats. And that is a move I completely agree with. BTW BF if you do plan on adding the British Military please don't include this horrible mandible
  3. Is this the Fox News thread?. For your information immigration is a hot topic in Britain now; as well as defence spending, which some political parties are receiving popular backing because of their stances on both. I however won't get drawn into a debate on the ethnic make-up of the UK. Here's a thought on why the UK is drifting away from the US, look at your anti-British president and his attitude towards the UK as a whole. Try looking at the UK spilling blood in Iraq and Afghanistan only for it to not matter one bit. Maybe the British government and public are tired of following the US line when Obama can't even be bothered to pretend to be neutral on British sovereign territory disputes (or the 'Islas Malvinas' as he called them). The French are interested in Africa because a large area of it is their old stomping ground, not the UK's, and thus they have a vested interest in protecting countries loyal to France. This coincidentally aligns with US thinking in the region. When they start deploying ground troops to Ukraine, the Baltics, and Iraq then let me know. One thing for you to all bear in mind as well is the French started the process of deep cuts to its military last year, something Britain started five years ago. So by 2020 they certainly won't be in the same state as they are today and perhaps their global influence will diminish as well.
  4. Thanks for all the work Kieme. An absolutely superb set of skins!
  5. Personally I'd prefer to see a British module over a German or French one. Looking at the current situation (and I realise the story isn't linked to reality) the French and Germans try diplomacy while the rest of NATO is sending troops forward for training exercises and into Ukraine itself. This to me shows a willingness to deploy before a conflict fully starts. Or make a 'European Big Three' pack with all three nations priced the same as a full game. Of course before this I'd rather see the Polish military added. Edit: Sequoia the Polish Land Forces seem to have a lot of indigenous equipment mixed with small amounts of Soviet equipment and newer NATO equipment (such as the Leo 2 with unique upgrades). It's Wiki I know but.. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_equipment_of_the_Polish_Land_Forces
  6. Well this might not end well. Cameron mentioned something earlier about 'upping the ante'. https://www.gov.uk/government/news/pm-announces-package-of-non-lethal-support-to-ukraine I believe a total of 700 troops from the UK & US are going to train the Ukrainians.
  7. How did it work in CMSF then? I'm sure I used sound mods to change the engine noises of almost every vehicle, including all the add-on packs.
  8. I'm getting the same issue as Harry with the overcast, horizons, and foliage mods. However I'm also having the same issue when I try the HD textures mod (which worked last night). Might be a website issue.
  9. Seems pretty good where I am (UK). Getting 2 MB/s and has taken 50 mins to download. Now to enjoy the game
  10. I know in CMSF infantry would be wounded or killed by smoke shells exploding near them, however this may be to simulate shrapnel or concussion from the shell breaking apart.
  11. There's a bit more in this BBC documentary. It's worth watching the whole thing tbh. It covers from the point of injury, evacuation, emergency treatment, and recovery. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_8rKzUk1wPg#t=21m5s
  12. Top tip. Add a non-Steam game to library. Ta-da! Launches right from Steam and the overlay is available in game.
  13. Some nice tags this topic has. I often search for elite tier one operator info.
  14. Going further with improved infantry I'd like to see an improved building assault capability. As it is right now assault just seems to be one fireteam on overwatch while the second one blindly rushes into a building. No stacking up on the doors, grenades in first, clearing corners; just run in and die. This is something that needs some attention.
  15. There's no such thing as the 'English Army'. Or Royal Army!
  16. Better add the Saxon http://army.unian.ua/1018315-minoboroni-zakupilo-75-bronemashin-saxon.html *Hopefully this post doesn't show up twice*
  17. An interesting video of a tank being chased by a Ukrainian UAV, which is then fired upon. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gyJ7kwItLfs Will our tanks in CM:BS be able to shoot down small UAVs?
  18. Several prominent members of RT resigned over the organisation's coverage and bias of Russian forces in Ukraine. How long before Putin seizes control of this organisation as well?
  19. Apologies if this is the wrong thread but I found this posted over on MP.net today. A detailed report into the weapons used by all sides in the current Ukrainian conflict. No intention to start any kind of vs argument! http://armamentresearch.com/Uploads/Research%20Report%20No.%203%20-%20Raising%20Red%20Flags.pdf
  20. I think some have watched the BBC program and believed every word of it, despite it being a very negative documentary (not a mention of one single positive thing we've done in Helmand?) As for Britain no longer participating in conflicts I'd have to disagree with you. Certainly we don't have the ability to deploy as great a number of forces any more but we are steadily re-deploying after 8 years of high tempo operations in Helmand. If you look at the British Armed Forces today you'll see we currently have surveillance and strike aircraft over Iraq and Nigeria, with 1.3k army personnel and 350 armoured vehicles in Poland for Black Eagle, and troops being sent to Baghdad for further 'training'. So implying the British military doesn't do anything any more is disingenuous to say the least. Having said all that though it'd be interesting to see what the structure of British forces in a fictional 2017 Ukrainian setting would be. Force 2020 comprised of high numbers of Army Reserves with lower skills bulking up the low numbered but more effective regulars?
  21. Weapon off the rail! The RAF have been sending Hellfires and Paveway IIs downtown since June 2008 from the Reaper UAV, and on active duty in Afghanistan from October 2007. So even if we're in the confines of the CMSF time frame we can safely assume the RAF/USAF operators were able to use the Reaper effectively by then. Implementing it in a CMSF2 game is something I'd be very interested in. As said, it's a bit of an all-seeing-eye, especially with its new sensors: Gorgon Stare Big Brother really is watching. Or should that be Big Brothers? We should also be thinking of what the aerial battlespace will look like in a future war (2035 onwards). The UK seems to be sidestepping the '5th Gen' combat aircraft, giving only a momentary glance at the F-35C. We, like the US and France seem to be interested most in the future of UAVs (renamed RPAS by some orgs). British Air and Space Power Doctrine On the table so far is the Mantis UAV, Taranis UAV, and some kind of future UAV with the French.. Future of UAVs in the RAF
  22. Fantastic work again Ryujin. I've always thought the game needed some slightly more impressive graphics but I didn't know it was actually possible. Any plans on doing the Brits in HD MTP?
  23. One thing that has particularly impressed me with NATO in general is the awesome APCs/IFVs. Yes, they're not as strong as the Bradley but the cannons are fantastic. Accurate, powerful and what I deem a high ROF. One thing that confused me though, the Dutch CV9035 has the same armour protection as an AAV-7A1. Is this really right? I just assumed a newer IFV would have more protection than a 30/40 year old AAV. Maybe the CV9035 is better vs IEDs/mines?
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