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  1. Sincere thanks to both players for some great entertainment and some lessons on how to play the game. I look forward to the re-match.
  2. Mr. Emrys, You are, as always, correct and reasonable in your comments. On the PIAT stuff, I was thinking less of the times C3K's men missed and more of the lack of kills when he did manage to hit. The two strikes on that AA beast and it could function afterwards seemed particularly unfortunate. I'll also repeat a moan I have expressed many times over the years, that CM gunners seem incapable of learning from the fall of their shot. Time after time I see a round go over or under then the next shot at the same unmoving target goes further over or falls even shorter. Drives me up the w
  3. "I think many reading this AAR made a huge error in believing you a "bloodthirsty impulsive" who ricocheted from one crisis to another" And we were wrong? Seriously, C3K's biggest mistake in this AAR is, as pointed out above, his choice of fonts on some his pictures, especially the red coloured type face - I can't make that out at all. Of course having lost his armour for no gains didn't help but he has been dreadfully unlucky with his PIATs
  4. Wouldn't argue with that at all. Still don't suppose the chap understood Cricket though.
  5. I doubt that, and if it had been he wouldn't have understood it, would he? Mind you, I doubt that more of a small minority of people on this site would understand the term. Some of the English, a few Aussies perhaps, maybe the odd-kiwi (yes, Aussies, I know you are going to say all Kiwis are odd, so settle down), possibly one or two Septics, though they probably think we are talking about baseball and so miss the point completely. Be that as it may, I am far from convinced that Giap was as good a general as he was a politician, and to compare him to Slim, Patton et al. is to compare app
  6. Three to one on (in pints) that Mr. Ken's close support tank goes the way of the rest of his armour.
  7. I think you are being a bit harsh on Mr Emrys' tongue in cheek comment. I thought rushing forward his tanks, that were armoured with papier-mache, against panthers and Jagd's before carrying out proper recce was fully in the traditions of British cavalry, and, true to those same traditions, he got slit up a treat. Bravo C3K, I say. Not many players would introduce role-play into an on-line AAR. As an aside, it did cross my mind that C3K preferred to play infantry only fights and just dumped his tanks as soon as possible, but on reflection I decided that was silly. He could have just kept
  8. Nah, MCs are only awarded for acts of personal gallantry. For leadership you might get a DSO but only if you win an stunning victory or get badly beaten - giving a DSO to a defeated commander helps when dealing with the press afterwards (valiant action against all the odds, standard of leadership outside that which could normally be expected, etc. etc.). So, looking at the state of play, I reckon you'l be in line for a DSO.
  9. I dunno. but I sometimes wonder if these AARs, conducted to supposedly show off the game, don't actually have the effect of putting off new players or even some of us old 'uns. Don't get me wrong I thoroughly enjoy reading them. Big Bill has taught me a lot and C3K, Baneman and others have an engaging style that makes me laugh. However, each AAR always seems to highlight a problem in game design, that I have seen in my own games and put down to poor play, bad luck and so on but which I now realise are endemic and fundamental. I mean, really, a target drives past a PIAT crew within th
  10. Thanks, Fuser. You gave us a very good scenario with this one. A very nice map (though I by-passed its most interesting features in both of my attempts), and a very tough fight that needs proper tactics to avoid horrendous loses but even then is hard. My thanks, Sir, for something like 16 hours enjoyable gaming.
  11. Well, at the second attempt I emerged with a tactical victory and I think that will have to do. Without more mortar/artillery support I don't think I am going to do any better. This time around I had 30-odd infantry casualties, plus one half track destroyed and one Sherman immobilized. The Panther survived though - I just didn't have enough assets to tkae the right flank and the objectives. A good scenario.
  12. Fuser, I just finished my first go at this - a major defeat. Basically I ran out of time. **** Spoilers ****** I tried a wide flanking move around the right - 1 platoon to seize the woods on the hill and then use a platoon mounted in half-tracks to grab the far objective. Meanwhle he third platoon, plus the late arrival tanks pushed up the far left flank. Clearing the woods took too long (that damn Stug), nearly 15 minutes - though the Panther died without causing any casalties. However, once they were clear I was horrified to find that there were no, that is
  13. I am glad you enjoyed it. Problem is I have just remembered that Mr. Stanbridge is in Scotland so, if he is a native rather than an exile, he probably didn't understand a word.
  14. Mr. Stanbridge, So you are just under half-way and have taken just over half the KIA that I did. Sounds to me as if you are doing pretty well yourself. The key to this campaign seems to be take your time and, whenever you can, go for the left hook. TEGPT does seem to have a weakness for the off-side, he generally defends it much more strongly that the leg-side. I'd go so far as to suggest that where ever possible send your forces off to deep square leg (or as close to it as you can) before turning right and moving up through deep mid-wicket and then in through long-on. Mr. Tiger's plans
  15. Mr. Tiger, Well, I finally got there. Just finished the last mission with an enemy surrender with 32 minutes still on the clock. The last three missions: *** Spoilers *** Ecausseville Looking at the map I decided that the tried and tested left hook was the way to go. So I sent one platoon accross the fields to my far right with orders to get into a position to watch and wait - short target arcs to ensure that they didn't fire on anything they saw. Meanwhile I used all my mortars to pound the snot out of the copse surrounded by hedges on my left and set up my MGs
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