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  1. Atmospheric shot Lethaface, you can almost smell the damp rich earth, tinged with diesel fumes. Just one thing, shouldn't those SU-76's be behind the infantry screen?
  2. Careful Steve, Vladimir might take offence at your description of his government. I believe the Russians thought their home grown trucks inferior to LL ones if on roads, but theirs were superior for extreme conditions and cross country performance.
  3. Steve, I lived next door to a guy who'd been a ships doctor on a small destroyer escort, on the Arctic convoys (some of his tales were utterly chilling, literally), he said that the Russians in Murmansk were extremely grateful for all their efforts. So don't worry about Russian internet blowhards, some of their comments on tank forums are comical, but there are plenty of Russian posters who are very balanced, when viewing their countries military history.
  4. Sped it up considerably, literally in the sense of all the automotive transport supplied, and in the sense that the Russians could concentrate production solely on key war machines. Was it essential is really irrelevant as both the Eastern and Western Fronts successes were inextricably linked, let the revisionists carry on fighting, if they must.
  5. It didn't help that the German counter attacks, against, bridgeheads or spearheads, were unimaginative replicas of tactics used before and burned up armour in needlessly aggressive actions. The Germans seem to have bought into their, Slavic studies bull and not cottoned on to the fact the Russians had learned their costly lessons well. Spearhead flanks were heavily reinforced by anti-armour assets as they had a good idea where the blow would fall. Secondly, the German production of unreliable uber-tanks played a role, unable to conduct long road marches they had to be transported by train a
  6. Also as a teacher I have the dubious honour of trying to salvage many of my students from the sludge modern UK culture has immersed them in. Again true Steve, but Hitler also became a very convenient excuse to cover up major professional balls ups by the 'professionals'. The Generals were all too keen to coattail him in the glorious years, and all to quick to 'despise' him when it turned sour, i.e. people fought back effectively. Your Orsha example can be used at the CM level, by use of clever scenario design, Soviets win if they reach x, sod the losses, Germans win if they can stem th
  7. True to a point, but the GTA commanders were still complaining about rigidity and lack of initiative in some of the units, especially the rifle regiments. The spear, the armoured divisions had evolved substantially, Kursk really being the start of the process of putting doctrine into action (fortifications did not halt the Germans, the armoured reserves and subsequent mobile threats to their flanks did) other units less so, especially as they had the greatest amount of new recruits, due to high casualty rates.
  8. Regimental control might impose delays, but top down edicts, from a well placed RHQ, could move massive amounts of flesh and steel to a critical point at a critical time. Not all Soviet breakthroughs were because of attrition, the Germans were tactically more impressive, but they took an age to release operational reserves. Reading Soviet accounts, they moved operational reserves around like a board gamer moved counters. Again the flipside being a poorly placed or less dynamic RHQ would loose that edge, by mid-44, due to a Darwinian whittling, most RHQ's (especially those of the GTA's) on c
  9. The problem I foresee is that the Soviet style of warfare, requires a system that reproduces the command chain. Steve's description is pretty sound but it does not emphasise the forward deployment of the Battalion/Regimental HQ. In his example the battalion commander would be given the tank support, told to guard against the flank attack, but if he was attacked from another direction he'd be expected to deploy those assets, by the regimental commander, as the new attack threatened his main attack. After getting chewed out by the RHQ, for not committing all forces (a bit unfair as the BHQ wa
  10. Not much, they'd have probably got them conduction CAS, instead of interdiction strikes. Another mistake the Germans made, although tactically spectacular, using dual purpose air assets fro CAS is a waste. The Germans didn't need to destroy the Russian fortifications, they needed to stop the reserves from moving up to the front. By 43, the writing was on the wall anyway, Germany's defeat was assured, they just could not keep pace industrially and were rapidly running out of their most precious resource, their veterans.
  11. Fess up Steve, the launch of CMRT and the forum page was simply a device to unmask Steiner14, you knew he could not resist the lure of the Eastern Front. The DAR between Bil and Elvis is just a sham, and now you have the neo-Nazi, you will claim major coding errors have delayed the game.
  12. Back to Soviet tactics, how hard will it be for CM players to adopt the brutal logic of Soviet warfare? I always found myself in CMBB defaulting back to force preservation, so designed a series of forest scenarios, most of my lead platoons ended up down 60% and to win I had to keep on pushing. Time and time again, just when I thought the Germans would hold, the battered Soviets broke through. Perhaps fortifying the spirit with spirits (vodka natch), or getting my wife to threaten me with making a flatpack from Ikea if I loose, might help. Suggestions on preparing for commanding the Rodina'
  13. Let me show you where the excuses grow. Sorry, family and friends lost too many members fighting the 'misunderstood' Germans to buy into that revisionist line. Ever thought Hitler and the Nazis were just evil, just a thought.
  14. Speer's version was adopted very quickly by some Western historians and politicians who wanted to diminish the role of strategic bombing. Bomber Command only got an official memorial in 2012, which is a disgrace, given nearly 56,000 CW aircrew died, but a testament to how effectively its role was both demonised, politicised and belittled. Steve, they had US factories as well, The Stalingrad Tractor Factory was based on a Ford plant I believe.
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