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  1. Oh I agree with the financial wastage involved in the Afghan war. Our troops could stay just as safe I'm sure with something similar to the CLU that fires a SMAW/SRAW like warhead. AFAIK that's what the LASM was designed for, although I suspect there's a reason why the troops are using the Javelin instead. Would you like to hump around one or two CLUs and multiple missiles during patrols just for the 'cool' effect? As for the use of scoped Lee-Enfield then see this: L129A1 DMR Edit: You might also be interested in the that the Army's also getting. Sorry it's Future Weapons:p
  2. I found these two videos pretty interesting, especially some of the contrast between the conventional setup in CMSF and real-life counter-insurgency warfare. Note the use of things like the GPMG at section level instead of at platoon/company level. Also the sniper/sharpshooter with Minimi LMGs on his back. Grenadier Guards behind enemy lines Royal Anglians on patrol Edit: Should have said the Royal Anglians video was filmed on the 13th of February (this year) and I think the GG one is a recent one too.
  3. Nevermind, works now. Edit: The vests and helmets showed up in MTP but the uniform wouldn't change. I found the problem which is that the uniform skin is titled 'uk-uniform 2', simply change it to 1 and it works:)
  4. I'll try and answer these as best as I can but I expect others may know slightly more. 1) It depends on what you want them to do. Do you want them to deny enemy from re-entering an area or do you want them to ambush any units that come down a certain alleyway? 2) No, sadly this always seems to happen with me. It's a game problem I think. 3) It depends on how many MGs and platoons you have. I'll usually assign sectors to my platoons and find high ground for my MG to get the best view on the area. Then I'll assign arcs of fire to the MG. Sometimes if I have say 2 MG teams and 2 platoons I'll have the first working a likely area of enemy activity with the 2 MG teams overlapping their arcs of fire into that area while the other platoon is guarding the flanks and rear. 3b) Yes, but I would advise against it. I'm sure you know that firing a GPMG/M240 from the kneeling position is less effective than from the prone position. It's just wasting rounds and presenting a valuable target to the enemy if you ask me. 3c) Not sure and I've never been able to tell. 4) If I know a building has enemy on/in it I'll do everything I can to avoid unnecessary casualties. Usually I'll use a HMG/GMG/vehicle mounted weapon and even light mortars if I need to. One thing to bear in mind is whether you can really spare that much ammunition and time versus say a fireteam of infantry getting slaughtered. I've had times where I wasted so much ammunition clearing a street of houses and then coming up against infantry later on in the game with no supporting fires left. Very frustrating. And this is a great game, made even better by the mods for it I feel. A lot are to adjust the atmospherics but nevertheless well worth it. AKDs sound mods are worth getting:)
  5. I agree with the sniper being a terrible shot. I setup a firing range (inf 54 I think) with one enemy HQ team standing up 500m away. The conditions were clear, no wind, haze, cloud and it was midday. I set the British sniper team to 'Elite' and leadership '+2'. Nine shots it took for him to kill ONE of the men, one. I decided to let my Sniper team leader open up with his L96 and he was better than the sniper with a dedicated spotter and sniper rifle.. It's not just in testing either, I've noticed very poor sniper performance in game.
  6. Aaaah, cheers. Don't worry about doing it the short sleeves are only eye candy for zooming in.
  7. Good stuff, good stuff. Thanks again for that:) Edit: One quick question, will the short sleeves and t-shirts mod work with this skin?
  8. Looks spot on mate! IR flags and blood groups on the armour, you diamond:D What's left to finish on it? Looks great to me.
  9. Awesome, can't wait to storm the Green Zone with my chic pixeltruppen:)
  10. Looking very good, much more like I thought it would anyway. The pattern does seem much more tight compared to the earlier screenshot, which is good. And could you add the 3 PARA DZ flash and wings please? Thanks:)
  11. It looks great at the moment:D And yeah, not much to work with, I searched and it was either the same photos, ACU or MultiCam. WRT to brightness/colour the MTP looks a little darker/faded in the 2nd ref pic compared to Desert DPM, not quite sure how it looks in game atm.
  12. Cheers! And could you try a 'complete' MTP look please? Transition/mixed camo has always looked ugly to me, even on those blurry faced Special Forces:p
  13. Hi this might be a little cheeky to ask but if anyone's interested could they try making MTP (Multi-Terrain Pattern) camouflage for the British in CMSF? I play a number of 'Green-Zone' esque scenarios and I think this would give a much better atmosphere for my little soldiers:) Here's a few reference pictures for those who have no idea what MTP is: Thanks for looking.
  14. This can be locked now thanks. The help desk was quick and did its job:)
  15. I believe Flamingknives told us when I asked about putting the Mastiff PPV in game that these vehicles are not relevant to CMSF as CMSF focuses around the initial invasion of Syria and as such there is no 'holding' phase, which I guess is fair enough. One thing I would love is the ability to add our own models and textures, I think this is the one game that would prompt me to learn how to model/texture and the rest. C'est la vie, eh?
  16. Hi, CMSF is failing to launch because: 'msvcr71.dll was not found'. I've had the game (and both modules) installed for roughly two years and the last time I played it was at least an hour ago. I was playing a scenario and then turned the game off (no saving). I went to go back on it (without having restarted computer or changed any game/system files) and it came up with this message. I did try to re-install it but before doing so thought it best to un-license the game, but because I apparently don't have msvcr71.dll I can't launch the un-licensing tool:\ Any help?
  17. I'm not sure how you installed Windows 7 but I upgraded from Vista, basically keeping all my documents and programs intact. Before upgrading I still had to run CMSF as an Administrator because it would launch CMSF v1.20 if I didn't. Maybe your CMSF is trying to launch a version it doesn't have? To run as admin, go to Start > All Programs > Battlefront/Combat Mission Shock Force > Combat Mission Shock Force and then find the 'Combat Mission Shock Force' .exe. Right click this and click 'Run as administrator' which should be the second option from the top of the list. Note: I added two directories after All Programs as my other computer registers CMSF under Combat Mission Shock Force and the one I'm on now lists it under Battlefront.
  18. Cheers Damian, knew I could count on you:) This must be the British Army's version of an urban enhancement kit then as opposed to an upgrade for things like FCS and communications, as I originally thought. Excellent photos too.
  19. Could anyone shed some more light on what the Street Fighter kit for the CR2 is? I realise it adds certain external features such as the RWS and bar armour but I don't really understand what else is on it. The MoD seem to like to keep things quiet.
  20. I have Windows 7 64-bit i7 and it runs smooth for me. Tried running as an admin?
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