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  1. You want lots of cut shots of a Leopard 1 driving over a speed bump? Then a shot of it rushing to find a parking space? Then another of it firing its gun from static like every other tank can do? You're asking way too much.
  2. Excuse me, I came on here hoping to find something about a CMSF: Helmand type scenario. Any ideas where I can find it without sifting through petty **** from armchair generals?
  3. Yes good point, but I think if significant quantities of oil are found there nations will start sniffing around. And Gordon Brown will always be in the (near) hot seat, what with being an incontinent loon. But that's for another thread:)
  4. Let me explain why I left Britain out. Politics plays as much a part as our limited naval capability, take the recent authorisation of the buying of the Tranche 3 Eurofighter for example. We didn't get that because we have lots of money did we, or because Gordon Brown's a fan of our military, that's a safe bet. We got them due to the fact it would guarantee jobs in Britain which Cyclops assumes will be safe votes, after all; who wants to be out of the job? I imagine the pull out costs also bothered him a bit too, paying to get out of the programme costs almost as much as buying them and getting through life support contracts signed. What could Gordon Brown possibly hope to achieve if we did go to the aid of the FI? The oil? Votes of the people (which he knows he won't have even if he is Jesus Obama Christ)? I honestly think if America was involved in helping us 'reclaim'/'defend' the islands then they would want a sizeable fee for their services, say a fair chunk of the oil sat there. I'll give them they gave us intelligence support and the use of ports/airfields on the way there in '82 but now the playing field's not exactly the same. Argentina are heading for (more) economical hardship, and we know how calm and level headed they are! When your government's in the **** and the country's even worse (familiar?) spark up national pride by re-igniting history. Venezuela, meh, maybe just to stick one to America and give them a hard time. If Russia tells them to of course. FIDF don't really have a decision do they? If you ask me (which you aren't, but I'll say it anyway), the government should have kicked the treasury in the arse and told them not to sell 24 of our Tranche 2 Eurofighters to SA, then maybe we'd have enough for 6 Squadron to perform AD of the UK and 11 Squadron to deploy/train to/for Afghanistan, where our remaining F3s could increase in number on the Falklands.
  5. Falklands could be a real possibility what with the discovery of oil underneath it. Forces involved? I can rule Britain out. I would put the FIDF, America, Venezuela, and Argentina in.
  6. I don't have this problem. For me Strykers only pop smoke when they run up against AT units (vehicles and infantry). Usually they don't even pop smoke for IFVs, which isn't that annoying as their 40mm's tend to rip through BMP armour pretty fast.
  7. Sivodsi, I think the Jackal will be most useful in one of its main roles - Fire Support Group. 'The combined fire power of a troop of Jackals is an awesome thing.' Jackals in action The fact the Jackals' main purpose is to move over rough terrain and can move quickly (120kph road/80kph cross country) complements its huge amount of fire power well. Watch the video I posted above. If you were a sniper coming up against a group of these, would you take the shot? Bearing in mind by the time you get off one shot and acquire a new target GMGs, HMGs and GPMGs will be firing in your general direction. Even if it wasn't directly at you, grenades and heavy calibre weapons firing in your direction would make get away all but impossible. I think I also read about the Jackal 2 being given a stabilised weapons mount, though I may be wrong. Firing accurately on the move at high speeds would be very good news for the gunners on these things.
  8. So err, how much more of the campaign and skirmishes are left to finish?
  9. No problem Fighting Seabee. I think the QDG are supposed to operate the Scimitar recce tank for 20th Armoured Brigade but decided to switch to Mastiffs and WMIKs sometime in the last two years just for Afghanistan so they could be more mobile and interact with the local populace.
  10. Just a few quick videos I found on YouTube you might like:) (51mm is at 1:20) (3:33)
  11. Thought you might all enjoy this documentary from BBC Wales following the Queen's Dragoon Guards (QDG). Very good for getting looks at the areas in and around the Green Zone and the weapons systems used by the QDG (Available in HQ) Frontline: Afghanistan part 1 Frontline: Afghanistan part 2 Frontline: Afghanistan part 3 Frontline: Afghanistan part 4 Frontline: Afghanistan part 5 Frontline: Afghanistan part 6 This was on BBC Wales on Thursday night, I'm not sure how accurate it all is but I found it good, extensive use of Mastiffs and Jackals too.
  12. So, an update last Friday with new screens, and an update this Friday with an alpha video, is this going to become a regular thing or are you just showing off what you've got and we haven't?
  13. Sweet, a video:D British Vehicles, CMSF
  14. The British Army started buying these vehicles in 2008 I believe, after the Marines had such good fun with them in 2007. British Army equipment section
  15. Just want to add my input to this, as I'm having problems as well. When playing QB (either by myself or online), I get an out of memory error (hence CTD) at 84%. No other number, just 84%. The really frustrating thing about this is the fact that I have to start the same scenario I want more than four times (that includes starting the game, loading and then crashing). I will try a re-install and see how that works, but from experience with previous games, this doesn't seem to help much. Vista 32-bit Home Premium 4GB RAM 768mb 8800GTX Marines module installed on top of original CM:SF Btw, I never had any problems with this on the 1.10 patch. I also have this game and the Marines module installed on another computer, and that runs fine.
  16. We may have our own Harriers but they're worn out and have no cannon, something I'd prefer a CAS aircraft to have. As for the American's CAS, their A-10's have come a long way since GW1, with upgraded weapons systems and avionics, not to mention the A-10C upgrade programme to add a better capability of finding and targeting their targets.
  17. I know, was typing it out while FK replied:p
  18. Since when did the RMC get Mk19's? And to those wondering why the Pathfinders engaged with the Taleban, well they said in the video. It's the British doing recce (reconnaissance). The enemy fires at them when they see them. The Pathfinders get a general idea of numbers, weaponry and tactics. These are things that Special Forces may not be suited for (may have other jobs on, not enough men/equipment, not deployed in Helmand etc). While UAVs, fixed wing and rotary wing aircraft are nice, they won't really provoke a response. A fast mover may get a SAM lock on, which gives aircraft vital information but not much help for ground troops, Apaches will most likely get either no response or no useful imagery or the enemy will open up with all they have to down one of the kafir's 'Mosquitoes'. UAVs are simply not much use in determining strength, tactics and firepower as the enemy won't mobilise if there's nothing to attack.
  19. Future Weapons gets on my t*ts. It's one of the most biased programmes I've seen, it's all amazingly pro-West, pro-USA and anti-'commie'. While I agree the equipment is good, the way the show brings it across, every one of those items is like Jesus. The tests are relatively fair, but usually don't take into account any defensive or bluffing equipment such as jammers and counter battery fire. I noticed the NLOS-C item must have been filmed a while ago as I believe it's now too heavy to carry in a C-130.
  20. I have two computers, one with an 8800GTX (around two years old) and an 8800GT (one year old) and both are fine. Running on Vista 32 for both machines.
  21. I see your point, but unless we're going to be doing beach assaults from ships this doesn't have much impact on CM:SF really. Also, you're right, swimming faster and having a 30mm cannon doesn't do much for COIN ops.
  22. Apparently the EFV is also slipping behind schedule due to the USMC not being happy with it. For every four hours of operation, the EFV has one breakdown. Now you may say this is a military vehicle, it undergoes some very tough punishment. The fact is, if it's a military vehicle; it should be reliable. And having the EFV in Marines wouldn't really make sense to me. We'd have to replace the AAV-7A1 with the EFV. Now, an armoured LAV-25 with 25mm and a more armoured but still relatively weak EFV with 30mm wouldn't really suit me, or many people I'm sure. We'd lose the 40mm and 12.7mm GMG and HMG for a 30mm cannon, a 7.62mm GPMG and a huge troop and storage capacity for slightly more armour, which doesn't do much for me.
  23. Yeah they're used, but as far as I understand they're a valued asset due to the USAF having only eleven of them. I think they've also replaced one or both of the 20mm Gatling guns with an extra 40mm Bofors cannon. The last time I heard of one of these being used was during the up rise at Qala-i-Janghi, Afghanistan in 2001 when the Spectre was called in by SBS troops to suppress the prisoners rioting (insurgent fighters). I have seen a few videos of the AC-130U in action over Iraq (apparently) and it looked pretty effective.
  24. Yeah, it'll be a while, which isn't necessarily a bad thing in terms of product development (ironing out bugs). Hopefully it'll be out before the end of February or early March though.
  25. It's a shame it won't be out before the end of January but at least I have time to complete the Marines campaign and replay it:D
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