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  1. No problem AKD, have a nice time out there:D If anyone else has it that would be able to upload to a file sharing site (e.g. Rapidshare) I'd be grateful.
  2. Any chance of this being uploaded anywhere? Filefront doesn't have it anymore and I can't find it in the repository. Cheers.
  3. WRT the last sentence then yes, it is gamey in my eyes. I think I've seen some armour crewmen on here before and I'd just like to know if you guys would advance into an objective on foot after abandoning your vehicle (for whatever reason). If you load up the scenario 'UK Battlegroup Attacks' and play as red you'll notice at the end the stream of CR2, Warrior and Scimitar crewmen wandering towards the town. Back to the picture though, is that a modified T-[Number]? Never noticed huge slabs of ERA on any Syrian tank but the T-90S. My troops never demo tanks either, my inefficiency gets them killed before they reach the tank
  4. Though these may not be right for the time frame of CMSF I do feel that they'd be a great addition if anyone wants to have a go. I think in scenarios such as Afreus' 'Joint Venture' - a very good attempt at replicating the Green Zone in Afghanistan - this camo would be interesting to see how it works out. As to the camo in the real world, it seems almost a shame. Yes a mixture of DPM Woodland and Desert is an unofficial compromise but the MTP seems to be an official compromise. If you look at these photos from the MoD website it shows that DPM desert does seem to work pretty well in non Green Zone areas. 1 2 3 So, does anyone think the forces will retain DPM desert after MTP becomes more widely issued, or will penny pinching rear its ugly head? Also note the last picture, seems the MoD have finally caught up to the real world and started blurring snipers faces. Maybe something to do with this?
  5. I installed 7 Home Premium (x86) the other day, upgraded from Vista as it was ****e. CMSF/M/BF works very well I have to say and a little performance increase over Vista.
  6. Me and someone else used to play a bit of CMSF real time MP. It's all jolly good fun and afterwards we go for some Pimms and sandwiches. If I'm being serious though, and completely fair, he is useless so I prefer to play v AI as they give me more of a challenge and don't bitch when I use pre-emptive artillery strikes.
  7. Read this: http://www.arrse.co.uk/Forums/viewtopic/t=130145.html All are (usually) serving or ex-serving British Army personnel. The one titled Jim30 is an MoD employee who's usually very good at answering questions like this.
  8. Aaaah right, I see now, thanks. And yes Apocal I did read the link but saying it used a tripod didn't really offer much of an insight as to what I thought was a soldier firing a Javelin without any sighting aids.
  9. Yes, thankyou for the facetious answer JonS. If it needs to be put simply, I was asking how it is being aimed/targeted as there doesn't appear to be any form of sighting.
  10. If you're using Google Chrome try using Firefox or IE, seems to be the main problem I've heard (and had).
  11. Although this is a question about the Javelin actually used and not the virtual version in CMSF I'm still pretty curious about what's going on here at around 2:00 and 3:00 with the method of launching the Javelin. It appears to be a Javelin and as far as I can tell a CLU isn't being used. Now I know the UK Javelins are modified from the US ones and certain things remain classified about it but I'm sure someone must be able to have a good guess. Video in question: 42 commando RM in helmand province 09
  12. I'm not sure on the exact numbers of Challenger 2s knocked out/damaged but I can give you these: A Challenger 2 was hit by an RPG-29 in Iraq, which hit the lower front hull and caused the driver to lose three toes. Link A Challenger 2 was penetrated by an IED which caused the driver to lose his legs. Link And as Other Means said, a HESH round from another CR2 hit a friendly CR2 and the hot pieces from the HESH went through the open TC's hatch and killed two, seriously injuring another two. Link. Page 14 Another incident occurred which saw a Challenger 2 (reportedly) take 70 RPGs. Link And one from Wikipedia because it makes me laugh a little, not sure if it's bemusement or nervous laughter. A Challenger 2 took damage to the driver's optics and while trying to back away with the aid of the commander's optics they were damaged too and one of the tracks was thrown. The tank was hit with 8 RPGs from close range and a MILAN (I'd say it's comparable to the TOW, what stats lovers would say I don't know). The crew stayed safe in the tank for hours before it was recovered. It was then repaired in six hours. Read what you like into the last one as it's Wikipedia, a place for all to write their interpretations of the truth.
  13. I did it already, over rough terrain, 8 CR2s Enhanced vs 8 M1A2 SEP TUSKS, CR2s won.
  14. Yep, gotta hand it to you guys, one great job. I noticed an extra stowage bin mounted on the back door of the Spartan Javelin Detachment Vehicle.
  15. They're different, a lot:p A well placed WOMBAT took out a few Warrior WRAP2s and Scimitars. Still need a chance to play around with infantry and CR2s. But from what I've seen so far, fantastic job BFC! Edit: For those of you who aren't able to get a copy yet I could grab some screenshots of vehicles/weapons/soldiers/battles if you'd like.
  16. Said two weeks delivery when I ordered it (but I got it downloadable).
  17. Umm, check the front page Falconander;) Thank you King Monkeys for the game:)
  18. Am I to assume that as this is set in 2008 the Warrior won't be upgraded in the future to include the new WFLIP programme replacement?? Even as part of a NATO module. Good article Edit: Looks like the 40CT has already been involved in trials earlier this year:
  19. I have swine flu and therefore I know everything. The game will be leaked by rage infested monkeys, ala 28 Days Later. But seriously, nice monkey bell.
  20. *Arararacough* Oh my, that swine flu is bad. I need some kind of cure. Don't say bloody Tamiflu or I will quarter you.
  21. Delete thread please, fixed the issue myself:)
  22. Hi, I recently installed CMSF (Paradox) and Marines module (Battlefront) and licensed it today. Now, my problem is when I boot the game it skips the intro scene and just goes to a blank screen with the USMC logo (LAV-25, square bottom left). I am running Vista 64-bit Home Premium and have tried running the game in compatability mode for XP SP2/3, as administrator and launching in minimised, maximised and windowed. I also run the CMSF: Brits demo fine, no problems at all. Intro comes up (in maximised) and loads all fine. Add to that I run the game on another machine (and have done for some time) which is 32-bit Vista, running the base game, module and demo. Cheers, Eddie.
  23. I want somebodies' balls and I want them now!
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