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  1. "...I do not understand what the “news...” element of the recent revelations is. The fact that different technology is now used is neither here nor there ..." My thoughts too, matter of fact I would be very surprised to hear they did the opposite, not eavesdropping at all. Ofcourse they're listening and reading. Countries have done this throughout the ages, only technologies change. Question is, how much can and will be "automated"? There's no way all emails, forums and you name it can be monitored, so it has to be done via programs. So how "autonomous" are these programs. We see the same
  2. Thx for the link John, at least it's shedding some light on that conflict. For me, and I think many westerners too, it is all very confusing. Russia *and* Iran working together...? The West backing up Muslim fundamentalists? Israel doing their thing, Lebanon too, and hey whaddyaknow Turkey is involved too now. All I know is that I don't know very much. Still to see so much destruction sure is sobering, reminds me of Grozny.
  3. I copied this from another forum, but this is the answere as far as I know, weightdistribution and the quality of the suspension. It would be weight distribution. They made their tanks so heavy they needed to fit in so many axles the tank would be two blocks long. So they had to make wheels interleaved so that they would fit in. The porsche suspension (not interleaved) on Tiger II and Jagdtigers was not very good at crossing terrain giving a bumpy ride. So there you go. Indeed repairing a wheel could be a major undertaking. Did anyone ever use it afterWWII? Not that I know of. Would
  4. Probably on the side that shouts "Allah Akbar"... Agencies probably are scrutinizing over these videos as well, but I think it's safe to say to most in the western world have no idea who is fighting who. Multiple parties in Syria backed up by various regimes and Jihadist groups. Iran is involved, Saudi Arabia, Lebanon, I even heard Israel bombed a convoy/military complex... So for me it's a very shady complex situation, all I see is the "rebels" using an almost medieval style of warfare and the Syrian army who still seems to have the upper hand ... in the areas that they control. They certa
  5. Thx for sharing, the tank battle at 36 min was with MK IV tanks. And the planes sure looked like Me 210's ...but not quite sure. Quite a good vid to watch.
  6. /Off topic Sorry you can't play Drakensang, one of *the* best RPG's I've ever played, next to Baldur's Gate that is.
  7. No, no explanation here, but what I've learned throughout the years is that I *always* install in the default install path the game wants me to, no fiddling with that. Yes you can install it anywhere you want and 9 out of 10 it won't cause any problems... but sometimes there sure is a problem. Usually it's a dev overlooking the fact a patch/upgrade can be installed to whatever disk/partition a user wants.
  8. If I'm correct they were even experimenting with body armour, or more "build a tank around a soldier". It was heavy and clumsy, and it didn't protect them that much. Ofcourse the best protection is "not be seen" as snipers are trained to be.
  9. Maybe not necesarilly so, 2D counters are usually stackable, you can see one counter on top of some other counters. That could be done with 3D sprites as wel. Maybe, if the game engine would allow that, make the sprites a few times smaller when occupying the same hex. Or keep the sprites the same size but give them some sort of 3D effect as to show that there are more units in the hex. (I'm thinking of the same graphic effect normal 2D counters have when there are more in the same hex, you can see that they are stacked).
  10. Interesting idea, so it would become a more Civilization like game? Where as the Civ series were more "civilization" oriented and not a wargame, the SC would become more a wargame with some Civ aspects. Because I can see already now that more sliders will be added, sliders and menues for peoples happines and growth and so on.
  11. Thx. Loved your AAR. And patiently waiting for the patch because I had a weird bug with the demo... the game freezes on some occasions, sometimes when a popup appears (like "enemy contact") the game freezes, the map doesn't scroll anymore and my left mouse button does no longer work, but the right mouse button still does...? I have found a way around it though, the right mouse button still works on the right hand panel, with all the buttons etc, when I click on that a menu appears and the game is working again, ofcourse I then have to leave that window again. Another workaround is pressing t
  12. Very nice! Thank you. In my opinion the WWI Breakthrough engine converted to a WWII campaign/scenario is a *blast*.
  13. Very nice shots, thx for sharing. Tabletop games have something pc games just don't have, and probably never will have.
  14. Thoroughly enjoyed the AAR of you both, the demo is available now so I can make my own decision now... still used to hex maps see, don't know if tiles is my style.. Thx again. And good to hear you survived the hurricane, it was pretty bad to say the least.
  15. Frankenstorm is meddling with your AAR? Yeah we're following it closely, it's on the news *all* the time and I live 5.000km away... go figure. Huge waves though. Hope it doesn't get too bad... fingers crossed.
  16. Thank you very much for the fast reply. Looking forward to this one as it really seems to improve the gameplay... IMHO.
  17. I have another question if you don't mind, since I don't own the base game but I want to play the expansion... will a complete package including both games be released as well? Thanks in advance.
  18. I agree it was a bit unclear, I searched for it a bit too :-) A little search gave me the clue it wasn't out yet, and like XWormwood says, an ETA of October the first.
  19. So you're fighting a two front war? Good luck, you'll need it Yes you can win it... barely.
  20. `" This is more of a DAR (During Action Report) than an AAR. So screenies are less likely" Eh? Well put it in this way then most AAR's really are DAR's. It's not posted after all the action has taken place, but during the game itself. And I agree, one has to photoshop/delete the sensitive parts. Oh well, the better the AAR, the more hits it gets. Heck, I even remember AAR's which were so good that people bought the game just because of the well written AAR, go figure.
  21. Maybe so, but reading an AAR is ... pretty boring without piccies. Matter of fact, I rarely see an AAR without screens, and *some* of them are quite a masterpiece. Yes you can read the words, but one doesn't feel the tension and exitement you do feel when viewing screenshots of, say, encircled battlegroups.
  22. Hm, yet another great idea from you Timskorn! You sure have a creative mind.
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