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  1. I live outside Providence and work in Boston for Marriott, and I actually moved out here from Cali about 8 years ago as I was hired by the now-defunct Stainless Steel Studios as a scenario designer to work on Empires: Dawn of the Modern World and then Rise and Fall: Civilizations at War. Been playing SC since the original although I didn't get too heavily involved in the forums until SC2 came out. Did some AI work on the side for that and eventually joined the beta team which sadly I haven't been able to participate much in for the global game. The team has expanded to include some seriou
  2. Hey guys, I'm not dead yet. My PC is though. I'm lucky enough to have it running long enough to type this out!! I miss SC and the community, but can't wait for HC to release the global game. Unfortunately it will be another couple of months before I can get back in here full time. Not really anyone else's loss, mostly mine!! Hope to be around more and reconnect soon.
  3. Hey Scottsmm, I'd like to try. I'm sort of in PC limbo right now. I have to wait another month or two before I can get a new one, and my current one is on zee fritz. I think currently installed programs are OK, but any downloaded programs won't work right. So I'm pretty sure I can play, but I'll have to use whatever version is currently on the HD. I'm also going on vaca for a couple of weeks so maybe mid-October we can look to starting a game up again. It's been awhile since I played anyone!!
  4. Or wait until after the game is released, then ask questions.
  5. I'm pretty interested in the new film. The old one was great. My first mod ever for a game was for Empire Earth and I did a Red Dawn scenario. I always considered one for SC2. I have the original soundtrack to the movie, how many can claim that?? hah The scenario for the original Red Dawn could be done in SC2, not sure how they're going to set up the world scenario for a Chinese invasion but there's no shortage of ideas! And not to get too off topic, but I have to say...Red Dawn really works as a slice of time in American history and culture. Kids watching the original for the first tim
  6. Good questions. I have only played one game in 1.02 and it's my current game, so I can't make any final conclusions yet. So far it feels like it's slightly more balanced towards Japan but I still have to see how it all plays out. It definitely hasn't changed my typical playing style yet anyway. As to the first questions, Op Z is unquestionably in favor of the Allies. This is not meant to be a balanced scenario. Japan starts in a position of power and has roughly two solid years, maximum, to take advantage of their numerical superiority. Their #1 strength is her navy so it becomes para
  7. Currently in a pbem game as Japan, just started an invasion of Australia and taken Brisbane. So far nothing too different has happened though. Stagnant in Burma and China.
  8. To be honest, there is little in terms of "mistakes" that I can point out in your war effort. You played a very good game on all sides of the war. Your defense of India was well done, and shuttling in US aircraft early on to assist helped a great deal. In my diary I made assumptions about Britain's ability to defend India, and was going on the assumption you had far less units available than you actually had. In this sense you were able to delay my advance into India long enough to allow the US to come to its aid. I made plenty of my own mistakes there to have sealed my doom, let alone ha
  9. Yes and thank you too, I hope you enjoyed it as much as I did! And I hope everyone else enjoyed reading along with the AAR. Scott is a great opponent and look forward to playing him again someday and good luck to anyone who faces him. You have clear skies this turn, but we hope to fight on another day. It's currently August 18th, 1945 and Japan puts into service her last produced unit of the war, an AA battery outside Tokyo, giving the capital duel defenses against the impending Allied air assault. It likely won't be enough to slow down the 20 or so strikes I expect on my defenders, but
  10. The steel beasts have landed in Japan, to which we have little defense against. The US lost a unit last turn from our counter-attack against Kyoto and retook the city. They retake it and we counter-attack again and destroy another invader. Our most experienced troops are now being sent to the front lines outside Tokyo but even they won't be able to hold up against the armor units, so all that is left is....BANZAIIIII!!!!
  11. Yes, time is thankfully on our side now and each turn counts. Rain over Japan has been extremely favorable to Japanese troops digging in against US troops who are making their way up, but they have a lot of bodies, mountainous terrain and erratic supply lines to deal with along the way. A US division tried an amphibious landing just west of Tokyo, but the beaches were well defended and the next turn was annihilated. We are allowing little room for US troops to land by sea. An SNLF division makes a bold attempt to head back home from Korea and manages to safely skirt past the Allied navy.
  12. I was about to say, I've definitely been following this thread and really enjoyed it and liked the style in how you guys posted. Screenshots really go a long way especially if you haven't played the scenario. I've only played a couple mini-campaigns but this reminds me to continue playing more of them, as these really set themselves apart from what was in SC2 and PDE. For those people who normally skip these scenarios, they are the hidden gems of SC2 Pacific that are waiting for you to try out.
  13. Hey K Man you up for a game or are you busy? And yeah, 7 in a row for the Sox! Wakefield sparked our resurgence in Oakland and we haven't slowed down. With my game with Scott winding down I'm looking to start up a fresh game with 1.02. I'll take either side. Anyone game? I typically only get a turn or two in a day during the week, I play pretty casually but can sometimes do a few on weekend days.
  14. Also check the patch notes, there's some subtle changes that should allow Japan to be more competitive like upping the naval attack value of tac fighters to 5 (US/UK gets this too though), garrison units in the island chains, scorched earth when the Allies liberate places like Brunei, increased spotting range for Japanese bombers, lower costs for subs, etc. All of these should add up to a slight shift towards Japan, if used wisely.
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