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  1. What about tank crews where a veteran or regular trooper was make a tank crewman with just a few days training? Seems to me like he would be conscript and if there was more than two or so "conscript" crewman then the entire tank crew would be conscript till the trained part of the crew got them up to speed.
  2. In my experience the building itself has a lot to do with whether or not an infantry assault will be successful. Some buildings offer good protection some don't. If it is a strong building and offers good protection then your covering fire doesn't do much good , unless its tank or artillery fire of course. The problem is , how do you tell before you assault it?
  3. Sounds to me like that amount of difference would fall within the margin of error for the study. The US and British troops must have been about even by '44 and any difference in how they performed a task would , I believe, be because of difference in the quality and strength of the opposition the terrain the quality of individual units, leadership and weapons suitability for the task and on and on.
  4. I'm under the impression that it means that the soldier is completely untrained in what he is doing. Gunner, MG crewman , gun crewman etc. Am I correct? Grogs to the front please.
  5. I remember reading a book, cant remember the name right now, and it was about the US Marine Corps use of the Pershing in Korea and according to the book they did quit well with them against the T 34s. I remember one passage in the book where the crew of one of the Pershings was inspecting a knocked out T34 after a battle and they found that the 90mm of the Pershing had gone completely through the T34 from front to rear.
  6. The way tanks are used in the game may not be the same as it was IRL but the problem is that AT guns in the game are not coping with the tanks in the game at short to medium ranges the way that they did IRL. The guns are spotted too easily and the guns are too slow on the trigger to cope with the fast spotting and reaction time and accuracy of the tanks. It seems to me that the tanks in the game are endowed with better spotting ability and reaction time and accuracy than they were IRL and the guns are pretty much the same as they were IRL except that they can't be concealed very well.
  7. I don't know which Russian tanks were used in Korea but it would be interesting to see how the late war US tanks stacked up against them.
  8. Yes I agree. 600m is actually at the upper end of short range for the 75mm or better ATG but I have found that at that range the change of angle relative to the gun of a tank crossing at quick speed perpendicular to the axis of the gun is slow enough that the gun can overcome the targeting bug well enough to engage the tank if the gun is well cited. Hope I said what I meant to say.
  9. What I have found is that with a small or medium sized map the range of most encounters is so short that AT guns have a hard time traversing quick enough to engage a moving target unless its moving away from or towards the gun at an acute angle. Not only that but the AI for the AT gun targeting has a bug and this further handicaps the gun. Hopefully BF will correct the bug and that should give the AT guns a better chance at close range to engage a moving target where the angle is changing rapidly. Even with the targeting bug AT guns are effective against tanks if used at long range , 600m or so, if they are well cited but that can't be done on a small map or even a medium sized map in most cases.
  10. I have read many posts concerning the questionable capabilities of tanks but the only ones that I have read have been made by BF customers. Have there been any response by BF on the complaints? I use conscript crews but they still are , it seems to me, too fast on the trigger and too accurate. Some times their path finding does suck though.
  11. I just ran a test of a German AT guns target priority. First I had an infantry team quick time into the AT guns field of fire and then 10 seconds latter I had a tank at quick speed into the AT guns field of fire from the other direction. The AT gun first engaged the infantry target and then when the tank entered its field of fire about 15 second latter the gun quit shelling the infantry and targeted the tank. Very impressive.
  12. Kinda gives you a feel for what was going on at the individual soldiers level. http://www.dslreports.com/forum/r3430052-A-perspective-from-a-different-WWII-soldier
  13. The acquire command is listed in the manual as being available in the editor but it isn't. Any body else notice this?
  14. Is there a way to order a target arc and use the acquire command in the editor?
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