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  1. Just had to share this. http://www.warhistoryonline.com/war-articles/russians-make-amazing-tanks-out-of-snow-and-ice.html
  2. Actually, for me, it ended up being Vin's Animated text causing the issues with combat commands for my armor. Once I removed the folder, everything appears to be ok.
  3. Yeah, something is definitely conflicting. I could still choose a vehicle, but the combat commands were all messed up. The clear target command kept giving me a smoke crosshair.
  4. Per the download info..... This 1.01 patch is SPECIAL. After installing the patch correctly, you WILL be required to activate the game again. No worries, this is not going to eat up an activation. Simply use the same license key as for the original base game. You will either find it in your account at www.battlefront.com/store or on the product itself (for Mail Only delivery items).
  5. Great mod! I was able to use it combined with Vein's German uniform V2 mod in RT, I just had to rename some of the files. For some reason though, using the same combination in Market Garden, your mod doesn't show up. Any known issue with MG module?
  6. Just donated $20. I'll donate more next month. Thanks for keeping the site up!
  7. Of course I get my email just as I get to work. Dah!!!
  8. Thanks guys. JoMc, I do realize that fire form that range is not going to be effective, but since I had nothing but a general idea of where he was shooting form, I figured at least putting some rounds at the building couldn't hurt. The squad does have a .30 as well, but he didn't engage in that particular turn. Womble, Didn't think about recalculating the turn. Will try that and see what happens.
  9. So I'm in the second battle of the MG campaign and I have a squad prone in an open field beginning to lay down area fire on a building some 600+ yards away. There are 2 BARs in the squad and as each lay down a burst of fire, they are immediately cut down by a return burst from the same direction they were shooting. Mind you there are 6 other men in the squad laying down between the two BAR's and no one else was touched. That's some sharp shooting machine gunning, I tell you. In the same battle, I had a split squad of 5 men enter a building and as they enter the fight with some enemy from
  10. I've noticed the same thing. I had one team in a building that wouldn't deploy after 4 minutes, but a second team that was in an open field deployed in one turn.
  11. Great pic. Yeah, flamethrowers a definitely a must for PTO...
  12. I think he means the rolled up sleeves.
  13. Decals! Flames! Tank riders! I'm so happy....I can't think straight.... Take my money now!
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