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  1. Got a mate who is a cabinet maker. Spent years acquiring the skills of his trade only to end up, over a period of time, punching buttons on a machine that churns out mass produced furniture that sells by the truck loads. Got sick of the mindless repetiveness so chucked it all in and sold his business. Has a little workshop in his backyard now and makes one off hand made furniture. Makes enough to keep the lights on, food on the table and the bankers off his back. Goes to bed with smile on his face. Have a couple of his pieces and very well made they are too. Wouldn't have touched t
  2. R9 270X running 14.4 drivers and dual core intel i650. Had similar issues with shaders in RT with latest drivers, 14.4 solved them. No problems in BS running great.
  3. I generally do reload turns until I least get familiar with the ergonomics of a particular period. More of a WW2 buff I am unfamiliar with modern munitions and their capabilities but once again CM is educating me. A week ago I didn't even know what an excalibur round was, now I not only know I have an idea of how effective they can be. The sheer weight of firepower a modern squad can deliver is staggering. Today's battlefields strike me as being frighteningly lethal. As I endeavour to develop the intrinsic knowledge of the various systems and their capabilities that a commander must surely
  4. The ayes have it, the motion is carried. BOF is next...ah ****e I'm not the chairman, squeezed in the standing room only area at the back of the hall more like.
  5. Storming the beaches of Iwo Jima, the inhuman slog of the Kokoda, Slims retreat then drive across Burma...dream a little dream - music fades with the images -
  6. Yeah I can just see it now. Joe Bloggs adds CM to his steam library to go with his Rome total war and wargame series, then after realising he ain't gonna be on top of this game in less than a week in fact it's gonna take him months, is on these forums bitching about how the game is broke. Not to mention mainstream reviews panning the game because they aren't able to spend the necessary time getting to grips with the unique GUI(which they'll probably say needs to be changed so it's like all the GUIs in other so called "wargames" and which would seriously limit CM capabilities) then there's the
  7. "BOO YAH" Yeah long live us. I hope I make it to the next BF release.
  8. I just paid top dollar to be involved in a beta release of a crowd funded game. Never ever been in a beta before, not interested. However in this case the main developer has been making games since the early 80's, I'm familiar with their products and I completely trust that they will deliver a satisfying experience. I have not been disappointed. My attitude towards battlefront is the same and I would much rather see every penny I pay going into their pockets in order for it to be turned into something I get a huge amount of pleasure from, in fact I see it more as an investment. Steam's doi
  9. D'oh it wasn't bothering me until you guys mentioned it.
  10. I can spend hours pondering that decision alone.
  11. Damn stirring stuff and on that note it's back to Red Thunder
  12. Whoosh whoosh fire fire. Ratatatat SMGs. Death, dying, bodies, carnage, mayhem. Well that's how my pixeltruppies see it. Hope that was helpful
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