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  1. Not the kind of groupies you want to get intimate with though. Very much enjoying your tutorial.
  2. I too am about half way through and am thoroughly enjoying myself. A mere 13 eh! Well done excellent effort.
  3. It's 11pm,15 minutes of quick sex followed by 2 and 3/4 hours of non stop passionate CM playing. OMG has my life come to this.
  4. It's 11pm,15 minutes of quick sex followed by 2 and 3/4 hours of non stop passionate CM playing. OMG has my life come to this.
  5. Zhukov used the only resource available and saved mother Russia.If anything he's one of the greats.
  6. Just took out a Panther at 1300metres with a single C shot from a Mk VIII Churchill.Admittedly a very lucky shot.I suppose loading them up with 20 plus of C shot would be just a little too gamey. [ 06-02-2001: Message edited by: Chek ]
  7. I play the Brits fairly regularly and have become quite partial to a Churchill VIII,Cromwell IV(40mph) combo.The Churchill works well as a kinda mobile pill box although as previoulsy mentioned as an anti tank weapon it is best for shorter ranges,you don't wanna waste those c shots unnecassarily.The Cromwells protect the Churchills flanks and they are brisk,I see them like a fast Sherman. Of course for those pop up long range shots it's hard to beat the Firefly or Challenger.
  8. As a struggling student I was unable to justify the cost of buying CM.However,I went halves with a friend of mine in a similar predicament and we now do a week about with the CD.We have resisted the urge to burn a CD copy off as we both support the ethos of BTS.We meet one day a week(usually),where we play a hot seat game and hand the CD over to whoevers turn it is.This also means that at least 2 weeks in every month we actually manage to get some studying done. Chek.
  9. Um,err.Well in that case disregard my previous post Peter. Chek
  10. Hey Pete. Most of the libraries around NZ have the official tomes of the various NZ battalions that fought during WW2.They're pretty comprehensive.I vaguely recall the one on the Maori battalion(I forget which number it was now)detailing a raiding party on German positions at night.Anyway check them out they're well worth a read. Cheers Chek
  11. Left Quickdraw RAVE on and turned off all other Quickdraw and ATI extensions as per your suggestion Schrullenhaft.Am now running in software mode(although it ain't nowhere near as purdy to look at). Can probably assume it's an ATI conflict somwhere.The only other 3D usage is for Quicktime(which I wouldn't have thought would be a problem) and Myth 2.I dunno I'm clutching at straws here. The pref file I removed is "Combat Mission BO Demo" in the prefs folder.Was the only CM related prefs file I could find,although it doesn't seem to have made any difference.See how fepp goes in software mode.
  12. I am having the EXACT same problem with the demo. However there the similarity ends.I'm running a Rev B iMac with a mere 32MB of ram(64MB virtual).Thought this may have been the problem(the RAM that is) but as fepp has 192MB it would appear not.ATI Rage Pro with 6MB and the only thing in common with fepp is OS 8.6.Have reduced sceen size,trashed prefs,reduced to basic set of extensions(with 32MB you can't run much anyway) but to no avail. If I hit esc from where it hangs at "the loading 3D graphics" I go to the desktop.Select CM demo from the finder and a white screen appears.I cannot
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