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  1. "Simply put, if you’re attracted to ideas that have a good chance of being wrong, and if you’re motivated to prove them right, and if you have a little wiggle room in how you assemble the evidence, you’ll probably succeed in proving wrong theories right." Kettlerian methodology.
  2. Truth and Foxnews do not mix: Their headline right now: URGENT: Nuke Meltdown in 3 Reactors Of course following the link leads to an article fanning the flames for a meltdown with cherry picked quotes to pre-report the catastrophe that it is not.
  3. John Kettler - aka 'Captain Hindsight'. http://www.southparkstudios.com/clips/360430/captain-hindsight
  4. With all the Western Leaders demanding Ghadafi stand down, seems to me they are painted into a corner requiring action. As to moral outrage; yeah we would have to go to war all the time, and some of that would be with ourselves.
  5. Panzer/88 etc are being redone. Google up GMT Games Panzer.
  6. Now that I have those keylogs, I can now get into the Nazarctica Base. Thanks, John!
  7. Oh, hell, I can find these things when I want to. I bet a couple of dozen are in my yard under rocks or in the brick pile. I do kill them each time I see them, and I am very careful to be on the lookout. Here in the Carolinas, pretty darned common. When I used to do apt Maintenace and had to turn off the water, step one was to torch the water shut off box before I reached in to turn the valve handle.
  8. Yun is a fellow IT worker who is now in China for a month to visit family. Before he left, folks were asking him about souvenirs from China. It go tiresome. Eventually Yun told folks 'Go to Wal Mart'.
  9. I grow flowers - cut flowers is MURDER. Really - would you hand your GF the cut off head of a kitten to put on display? So, we take these pretty and healthy bits of nature, cut their heads off, and display the corpses to 'brighten' up the room and signify 'attraction'. Crap.
  10. http://****mykidsruined.tumblr.com/ Too funny! Dang it - seems the BBS software here does not like sh!t. so, just go replace those astericks in the above url with sh!t - and replace the ! with i. Jeeesh! A wargame forum that screens out the word sh!t? you gotta be f^cking kiddin' me....
  11. http://www.collegehumor.com/video:1935115 This video is both humorous and shocking. A spoof of Inglorios Basterds French Villager Hiding Jews Act.
  12. Had a friend in high school - Paul Bates. We called him 'Master Bates'.
  13. Enjoy this guy's reviews - he nails it... http://www.youtube.com/user/RedLetterMedia#p/u/7/uJarz7BYnHA
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