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  1. Hi, I've now read that there will be a new CMSF game, called "Black Sea"...is there any more info available? I'm a little out of the loop concerning SF, so I might have overseen that info. Thanks.
  2. I'd also vote for CMSF 2 Concerning the quick battle generator: Yes, I also see the connections between the AI plans and creating semi-random(with predefined tiles) maps. But in the long run, my personal opinion is that the AI plans should be deprecated by superior means - that is a dynamic strategic AI. Such a research might be a good candidate for a thesis. I play WinSPMBT usually and although the AI is not flawless there, it's pretty decent and dynamic - considering that the original (unmodded) codebase is from 1996.
  3. It looks like Battle for Normandy is a big success and -although I will not buy it, since I am only interested in modern stuff - I'm happy about the success since this keeps the series going on . So, my questions would be: - Quick Battle Maps: Is it planned that in future major engine version of CM the engine is capable of generating random maps (or composing predefined tiles?) - Is there a very rough estimate (year) when we can expect a next post-wwii scenario. Would be 2013 realistic? Sorry if those questions were already discussed but I tried to use the search function, yes .
  4. any update what will be addressed in the new patch/NATO module?
  5. I completely disagree here...Not all folks here have the time to regulary play against other players and I think I am not alone here, who wants to play a QB against a capable and interesting AI. I'm currently reading a research paper of the university of maastricht: www.personeel.unimaas.nl/M-Ponsen/ (2005: . Automatically Acquiring Adaptive Real-Time Strategy Game Opponents Using Evolutionary Learning) They did a research on that matter and noted that players would be unhappy with current AIs; mentioned the reasons why developers are reluct
  6. I've bought the British module now. It was worth the buy! The QB maps are still a little weired if you wanna play small battles but you guy were right: A lot of new scenarios!
  7. Yup, I agree that triggers would be definitely a big enhancement. So, let's keep this thread alife so that Steve & Charles can adjust the development priority of it Any hints if trigger make it to Normandy or a subsequent patch? Would be great!
  8. That's actually the issue with most game AI's, I would say. Probably most AIs use final state engines, rules and randomize it a little. The behaviour is than pretty stable but the drawback is that the AI is not adaptive. As already discussed in this thread, learning algorithms like Neural Networks and Evolutionary algorithms http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Evolutionary_algorithm could address this. For games with 'simple' rules and environments like Backgammon this works very well, but the environment of CM2 would be a real challenge. Wouldn't that be a challenge for a student to write his
  9. I cannot counter this, Ken Actually, I also do not think that the AI in CM:SF is bad...it is good concerning the complexity. It's just that good things can always get even better .
  10. A 'rules-based' approach, combined with some randomized behavior is probably the best solution if the AI-budget is limited. In WinSPMBT the original steel panthers AI was also visibly be enhaced by adding a new bunch of tactial rules and vastly adding (reasonalbe) randomized behaviour to confront the player with unexpected behaviour. Sure, sometimes the randomization creates suboptimal resulsts if compared to a pure rules-approach...but I think in the end it's better since it is not so static. Still, I would love to see some form of API for the Combat Mission 2 Engine but I know Steve and
  11. Looks great :-) @Steve: Any chance that you talk a little about the features of the QB system? This is my most favorite feature I am looking forward too :-). Merry Christmas to all of you and let's hope that the next year is more peaceful, especillay for those men and women who do their dangerous service in the known places.
  12. Ok,thx for the feedback. I think, I will make a christmas gift for myself and buy the British module
  13. Hi folks, I've bought CM:SF almost from the beginning but never reallly got into since of some quality problems ;-) that time and real-life stuff afterwards. So, my focus would be single-player and quick battles. I mostly like random battles with a few units. Do you think it's worth for me to get the British module? Are the QB maps fun now...is the AI sufficient? I know that AI is not like a human player...it just should provide some challenges and not do always the same things...like the AI in Winspmbt if you guys know this (also) great game! Thanks for any comments...
  14. wouldn't that be an strong argument for releasing an AI-API so that everybody has the possibilty to code/improve the AI? I know, this would be some investment on your side. But just have a look at Civilization 4: There, a community project actually was the basis for an updated AI in an expansion pack. Even small games like Defcon have released an API afterwards and are used in universities for AI research.
  15. Flight Commander 2 is now very old but still the only true major tactical air combat game. Am I alone or is there anybody out there who still loves this game, too? An updated Flight Commander 2 would be just a hit! @Battlefront: Any chance that you produce a successor and if not did you consider to release the code?
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