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  1. Also, when reloading the saved file I was reminded just how long it takes to load a game. I timed it and it was just shy of four minutes to load a saved game. Four minutes. Then I got to watch my units run in a direction I didn't expect because they couldn't go where I had plotted for them to go (but the game won't tell you that) and that particular squad got shot to hell. Another four minute reload. I think I know why I quit playing in the first place. The game is an exercise in frustration.
  2. I haven't played CMBN in a while but I've started playing recently - or attempting to play - and the game keeps crashing. I've had three crashes so far and I've only attempted two games. I can't remember what happened during the first crash but the second two crashed during the video replay of the turn. Is this an issue that is common or am I just unlucky?
  3. The inability to purchase got sorted out. I was getting a PayPal error even though I was purchasing with a credit card. I ended up purchasing the Commonwealth & Market Garden bundle and the 3.0 upgrade. FWIW, I wish CM was on Steam or somewhere else to get exposure. Maybe wargames like CM just aren't popular enough to matter. Though a game like EUIV manages to have a large audience and it's pretty detailed. Also, too many forums. Should just lump all of CM2 WWII discussion in the same location.
  4. It's a moot point, anyway. I just tried to buy something and got an error message so it's off to customer support I go.
  5. What am I hoping for? Well, the question is basically open ended aside from not recommending I buy a game I already have. Recommend whatever you would do and, hopefully, why. Perhaps the newest game was just so awesome that you might recommend I just skip everything and jump right to Blitzkrieg (and Final Blitzkrieg has some positive recommendations in this thread). But it's also nice to see that all of BN looks worth getting and is probably a good place to start.
  6. I own CM: Battle for Normandy. I purchased the SteelCase thingy when it was first released and have a real, live disc of the game. I don't think I've purchased anything since then. I own all the original WWII CM games and even played the Beta version of CM way back when. However, I'm not really certain what I might wish to purchase now. And, while "everything" might be a valid answer, if I had to start somewhere what should I purchase and what order do you suggest I buy stuff? Although really it means, "what do you suggest I put on my Christmas list to my wife and in what order shoul
  7. Your printer should have an option to print in black and white instead of color. Should help on ink usage.
  8. I love SMGs because I have a higher chance of my units actually using up there ammo before they become a casualty. My one (1) completed PBEM had a 2-man tank hunter team net 16 casualties caused largely because they fired hundreds of rounds at the enemy. Great for suppressing a larger number of men than are in the firing unit.
  9. Kingdom = CM Phylum = CMx2 Order = WWII Family = Western Front Genus = Normandy Species = v1.00 That look good?
  10. I'm in agreement with gunnergoz. I usually use the cover arc command to prevent units from attacking. When I want units to attack, I almost always let the AI make the decision. There are times on defense that I've had cover arcs come in handy to prevent my guys from shooting until the enemy is close enough that I don't mind giving my position away.
  11. To some extent, CM *is* a puzzle game. Figuring out where and how many enemy there are. Then it becomes a rock-scissors-paper game in using the best tool for the job. Failing that, it's a game of having more of your rocks pounding on their rocks. I'm sure I won my first PBEM (small scenario. my platoon vs. his company) simply because my opponent thought I had more units on my front line than I did. I had one squad and a few support units and 65% of my force was in reserve. I suppose that's the downside of playing scared is waiting too long to make a move. He eventually did, but by
  12. Is it possible they are at the limit of seeing? I think, but I'm not sure, that establishing command can also take a bit and it's not instantaneous.
  13. This is the internet. So I'm afraid that's a 'no'. Also, can you get rid of enemy minefields? I hate them and they kill my men.
  14. Okay, so the situation occurs when the FO can't observe the spotting round fall. That makes sense for the scenario I was playing as almost nothing outside of the line of bocage targeted was observable by the FO. The situation was the same for my opponent as my line of bocage was the only thing his spotter could see. In this particular scenario, I only had a platoon of troops, some assorted tank hunter and LMG teams, and one 81 mm mortar, so an inaccurate mortar is potentially something that could be of real importance to such a small battle. Otherwise, everything else in the PBEM
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