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  1. Also, when reloading the saved file I was reminded just how long it takes to load a game. I timed it and it was just shy of four minutes to load a saved game. Four minutes. Then I got to watch my units run in a direction I didn't expect because they couldn't go where I had plotted for them to go (but the game won't tell you that) and that particular squad got shot to hell. Another four minute reload. I think I know why I quit playing in the first place. The game is an exercise in frustration.
  2. I haven't played CMBN in a while but I've started playing recently - or attempting to play - and the game keeps crashing. I've had three crashes so far and I've only attempted two games. I can't remember what happened during the first crash but the second two crashed during the video replay of the turn. Is this an issue that is common or am I just unlucky?
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