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Your Best Screen Shot 2

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Artistically, There are some really great compositions here! They should make this post sticky, and call it “The Combat Mission Museum”. Great work guys!

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Ok, I'm new to taking pictures, but here we go :

Once upon a time there was a Toyota hidden in the trees

It believed it would be safe in the shade, but it was not


Target in sight !


Woooosh !!!!


Target not in sight anymore, but it is too late now


Kabooooom, end of Toyota #2 :-)


[sorry Souldierz, but this little bugger of yours eventually got what it deserved for many turns :-)]

I'm puzzled by the look of the sky in photos #2 to #5. Maybe it's a distortion due to the zoom ? It makes for a true extra-terrestrial atmosphere !

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Nice pics JH Morneau.The gas pedal must have got stuck on the Toyota again,because that was not where he was suppose to go lol, but when the Javelin has a lock on,it's game over(most of the time), and those guys in the Toyota MG had no clue what hit them,nor will they ever.Toyota parts now liter the Wadis, but at least they used most of their ammo.The Militia hopes there's a Toyota dealership still around, they don't want to go back to using camels and they need something cheap, also Toyota's are the number one choice for Militias.You don't have a legit status or a reputation in the Militia world, unless you got a few Toyota's to back you up, no one would take them as a serious organization and you can't claim to be a real Militia if you don't have Toyota's in your vehicle pool lol.

Here's few more pics of our PBEM going on.My snipers are having a very good hunt,and they produced some good pics, but I can't post them all yet.

This Sniper pulled off a very good shot.He managed to ambush and put one or two Marines down(one Marine being a Major) at about 200 meters out.The 3rd Marine then tried to run back over the crest of the hill, but the Sniper managed to reload his rifle and get one final shot off,before contact was broken.


Same shot from another angle to prove the skill of the shot.He reloaded just in time.The Marine I believe was hit just below the neck in the back and was not fatally shot down,but went down severely wounded.This sniper however would not make it out of the battle alive and was later killed at the base of the hill where he withdrew for another ambush and firefight.


Here's a gun run on one of my other MG Toyota.It disabled the truck and all but one man was killed in the surprise attack by the attack helo.The Militia never heard or saw that devastating blow coming to them.


A Recoiless Toyota takes aim at some Marines and creates a good action scene.Toyota's would harass the Marines and kept them on their toes, but the Marines always seemed to be one step ahead of rocket fire,narrowly missing disaster each time,very lucky.Eventually the Marines got the elusive Trucks and took out a serious and dangerous thorn in their side.


This pic is of a trapped and pinned ATGM team.They were stuck and pinned in a crater,and then the end came as a grenade came into view.The militia man took cover and kissed his arse goodbye,I can't say that it was a quick and painless outcome.


It's a good game and the Militia is taking a pounding, but the Marines are getting bloodied up in this one also,lots of grieving will take place after this mission.My snipers are proving to be the most lethal men in the Militia and have claimed many victims,still hard fighting remains.

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