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  1. Hi, Quick question. Do i need to keep a hold of the installation files for the games? I might get a new machine in the near future so is there any point in keeping the installation files (and hog up space in my current machine) or can i redownload the files any time i want?
  2. I was just wondering, the uncons and the Syrians in sf2 had access to the much nastier rpg29. I was wondering why doen't the Russians have access to any better RPGs. I know the 7v2 is frontline issue but I was reading up on their equipment ages back and I remember seeing that the army had other more modern RPG, including the 29, in service along with the 7. Just asking cause the 7 is kinda bad and struggles with anything above a Stryker and you have to mass a ton of them. Also it's not very accurate unless you are really close whereas the at 6 is quite accurate, has no back blast and hits much harder.
  3. i'd say to play defensive through out the whole campaign. except for a few mission, the russians always counter with huge amounts of armour. Always keep scouts at vantage points to spot spot incoming armour. right at the start of the game, get everyone in the squads to take up as much at4/javs as they can pick up. yes you are overloading them but trust me they will run through it fast. also remember strykers are kinda **** when it comes to spotting. in fact they are quite bad. they are worse than the bmp3m. your infantry is your main asset here. strykers on the flanks will do good work especially the tow strikers but never ever put them in front of incoming armour. even if you put them really well in hull down positions, most of the time their spotting is so bad that that t72b3s will spot them first and ohko them
  4. Hi, Quick question. Is there a thing in the single player missions where the ai has access to unlimited artillery? I am playing one of the russian single player campaign thingies and the opponents(ukranians with some attached americans) seem to have constant streams of artillery everywhere i move, even when i use trees and terrain to block line of sight. This is really annoying cause i would have troops held in reserve for use later behind the front lines and suddenly arty wil start raining on them and causing vehicle losses and casualties. Now is it cause the americans might have a drone up that they are using to observe or is just something the ai is allowed to do cause it's kinda dumb when it comes to actually reacting to the player
  5. So i saved my game right before my bmp begins the whole engagement process and loaded repeatedly to see if anything changes. Did that about six times. Now out of those six times, twice the bmp behaved like how i expected it to behave originally. it stopped, a slight delay( which i am guessing was the dudes loading the atgm) and then ko'ing the bv in a single shot. Now mind you all i did was just load the game and let it run six times and so the engagement range, situation etc was all the same(mind you tank never spotted me on any of the runs, at least not before i took my first shot so there can't be a situation where the crew panicked and let fly with whatever they had). i feel like there's some other variable that influences the choice of weapons at mid to close ranges. And yeah you are right at long ranges the tacAi works much better. It loads atgm to deal with tanks, autocannon to deal with apcs and such and autocannon/100mm to deal with infantry
  6. Hi, Just had a few questions about how the bmp 3 chooses it's weapon for engaging different targets. The bmp3 right now has a really bad habit of opening up on tanks with the autocannon while it clearly has a far better choice of the atgm right there. I was playing one of the russian campaigns and got a spot on a ukranian t64 bv. now that doesn't have a laser warning receiver and so i thought cool the bmp will launch an atgm and that will be the end of that. If it still doesn't go down then the autocannon should be enough to mop up. but the bmp just wastes about 5 seconds using the autocannon by which point the tank spots it, shoots and then the bmp decides to use the atgm. shot connects, missile connects, both dead. I feel like the bmp refuses to use the missile much at all unless the engagement range is very long. By the way the tank was literally out in the open and the bmp (zero subsytem damage) crew was a veteran crew and so i don't think the risk of the missile hittting terrain comes into play.
  7. yeah i tried doing that. problem is the stryker does not have good spotting to start off with. i'd say it's on par with the bmp3ms. javelin teams riding in strykers seem like a far more flexible tool to me
  8. Any tips on how to use the tow strikers properly? i've been playing a lot of the stryker campaign and they really seem more of a liability than an asset. Against single targets they are alright i guess(although i have seen the missiles miss quite a bit, either overshoots or crashes into the ground) but most armour pushes don't really have singular vehicles. also they take ages to acquire a target after spotting them and once you shoot your first missile everyone in the vicinity will spot you and 70% of the time something else nabs me as the vehicle tries to acquire another target. Now i am using them spread out over the battlefield. Should i be massing them for just firing salvos, retreat & reload and then coming back for more. any help would be appreciated
  9. Hey guys, Do the brm vehicles serve any special purpose? I know they are recon vehicles and i guess that means they come with better optics compared to their standard counterparts.However they also have radars. How do these work and do they really make any difference? So far i really haven't seen anything special in terms of their spotting ability and i've been using my brm3ks as just another autocanon platform
  10. Can anyone tell me how good the striker mgs is at spotting. Right now i am playing the us campaign(the one with all strikers) and i cannot seem to spot enemy tanks (t72b3s in this case) before they spot me. In one situation i had the striker behind a small hillock with the gun sticking out looking down a road(i checked los and yes i could hit anything down the road). t72b3 rolls into the road, sees me fires a shot, hits the hillock, reloads and then fires another and takes me out. my striker got a possible contact on the t72 but didn't even spot it properly so yeah how bad is the striker's spotting? been having the same issues with the other mgs. Now i don't know much but i thought us vehicles normally had better spotting than russian vehicles/ Thanks
  11. Quick question. The guide says t90s have aps but is that even true? I've been playing quite a bit with Russians and had multiple dudes take at6 shots at me from the front but never have I seen the aps go off.I know in terms of quality the Russians are supposed to be inferior (lack of funding and all that) but in game they are hilariously bad. Sure they've some good units like the khrys but it becomes a joke when your tanks struggle to spot even muzzle flashes from 700-800 metres away while everyone starts dying around them. Have there been patches/can we expect some patches to fix this in the near future?
  12. okay so i was playing the last mission of the russian scenario. heard a bradley on the other side of a wall. detached an at team from my engineers(had two rpg26) and send them to thesecond floor of the building right next to the wall. at this close a range, two rpg hits should mess the bradley up. so my guys go up, see the bradley... and just stood there. stood there for a good five seconds at which point the bradley swung its turret around, took about five more seconds to aim and guns them down. All the while the bradley was like 3 metres away from the building and my two dudes could see it perfectly. this seems to happen a lot where sometimes my troops just don't react at all
  13. Well I get that but the problem is most missions don't have enough time to be that thorough. I still think it could be easily fixed if the hunt command is tweaked so that high rates of incoming fire register as actual contact instead of it just being visual. You'd still get casualties but it would be far less
  14. i'd rather have more qol and ai improvments than visual really. one thing that really gets to me now is how the hunt command works. i find it pretty useless in forested/dense urban environments. the ai only stops if they see enemy, not if they have a torrent of automatic fire coming their way from a few metres away. keep on losing so many people like this. also the whole people running onto the streets when they are panicked. I am fine with people running away,, what annoys me is the fact that instead of running to easily accessible cover, the ai runs smack dab out in the open, often towards enemy fire. also may not be the right place to ask, anyone got any ideas for forest fighting. Have tried everything (splitting into smaller groups, adequate spacing, bounding movement), still taking massive casualties. I know the environment like that heavily favour the defenders but i am taking horrendous casualties
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