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  1. Quick question. The guide says t90s have aps but is that even true? I've been playing quite a bit with Russians and had multiple dudes take at6 shots at me from the front but never have I seen the aps go off.I know in terms of quality the Russians are supposed to be inferior (lack of funding and all that) but in game they are hilariously bad. Sure they've some good units like the khrys but it becomes a joke when your tanks struggle to spot even muzzle flashes from 700-800 metres away while everyone starts dying around them. Have there been patches/can we expect some patches to fix this in the near future?
  2. okay so i was playing the last mission of the russian scenario. heard a bradley on the other side of a wall. detached an at team from my engineers(had two rpg26) and send them to thesecond floor of the building right next to the wall. at this close a range, two rpg hits should mess the bradley up. so my guys go up, see the bradley... and just stood there. stood there for a good five seconds at which point the bradley swung its turret around, took about five more seconds to aim and guns them down. All the while the bradley was like 3 metres away from the building and my two dudes could see it perfectly. this seems to happen a lot where sometimes my troops just don't react at all
  3. Well I get that but the problem is most missions don't have enough time to be that thorough. I still think it could be easily fixed if the hunt command is tweaked so that high rates of incoming fire register as actual contact instead of it just being visual. You'd still get casualties but it would be far less
  4. i'd rather have more qol and ai improvments than visual really. one thing that really gets to me now is how the hunt command works. i find it pretty useless in forested/dense urban environments. the ai only stops if they see enemy, not if they have a torrent of automatic fire coming their way from a few metres away. keep on losing so many people like this. also the whole people running onto the streets when they are panicked. I am fine with people running away,, what annoys me is the fact that instead of running to easily accessible cover, the ai runs smack dab out in the open, often towards enemy fire. also may not be the right place to ask, anyone got any ideas for forest fighting. Have tried everything (splitting into smaller groups, adequate spacing, bounding movement), still taking massive casualties. I know the environment like that heavily favour the defenders but i am taking horrendous casualties
  5. Does the missile keep on landing just behind the tank?
  6. Don't remember but can't definitely be less than regular. Also the squad wasn't supressed or distressed in anyway.I don't think it is a training issue. I know these things will occasionally miss but four-five consecutive misses seem way too much. Plus it isn't even a specific distance or vehicle orientation that makes them miss. It just seems... random Sadly I don't but I will post a save file when I play it again
  7. It's really weird. I can't understand how the accuracy works with the Gill. Some missions it works absolutely flawlessly, some missions it can't hit anything.
  8. Hi, Just a quick question. Before we start of i am relatively new to cm. been playing a lot of the scenarios in sf2. is there some sort of bug with the gill atgm for the dutch. it seems like when vehicles are located at some sort of a depression/at an angle, the missile keeps on landing right behind them. i had this thing pop up like crazy in the dutch scenario back on tracks i believe. i launched four missiles one after the other at the same tank and they all landed right behind it. distance was well within the hitting range(slightly above 1000m) of the gill and the atgm team had a clear los to it. I was launching it from a tower. The same problem popped up in the mission where you have to defend the town(same campaign) from a syrian mech force. this time it was around 750m. i launched four atgms from two teams and they all landed right behind it. Not sure what's happening. i know these things do miss sometimes but consecutive misses like this are strange
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