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  1. If we do benefit from 'localized' pricing I'll almost certainly end up spending more. I can see my budget being stretched that little bit further to include CMBS with my soon to be made CMSF2 purchase at 'localized' pricing. Currently in USD though that's a bridge too far.
  2. Korea. Would seem the natural progression given we've got to play with late war Allied and Soviet equipment and now get to turn them against each other.....
  3. Amateurs Here in SA our ruling politicians appear on TV with berets sporting cuban flags along with our own and quote from Amilcar Cabral's theory of class suicide.....
  4. I've noticed if I receive armoured re-reinforcements there is a noticeable drop in performance. In general scenarios with plenty of armour suffer severe performance hits. Not so much with larger infantry engagements.
  5. A possible issue with LAVs in SF2 as pointed out by Hapless. It's mentioned shortly after 16:10
  6. Just for clarity has there been any tweaks at all to Tac AI's reaction to HE explosives? In my admittedly limited experience the "hedgerow bug" was far more prevalent as a reaction to HE explosives than small arms fire. While I appreciate the efforts so far it is disconcerting issues like squads running off to be slaughtered because a explosive went off somewhere in the vicinity might still remain. Edit: I see you have shed more light on this issue while I was typing this up. Thanks
  7. I suspect it's a manifestation of the same issue. In the Fire and Rubble DAR it's recently been confirmed that changes have been made. Please refrain from posting about it there and derailing the thread though I agree there is valid criticism about the amount of time it takes to sort out bugs. Especially the more minor issues that aren't complicated and requiring time intensive play testing. Still lets not lose sight of the fact a lot these bugs stick out because BFC gets so much right in the first place.
  8. Spare a thought for those of us who also have to deal with exchange rates. Recently the price went up 20% for me in the space of a month. Fortunately things have started to recover lately.
  9. I'd imagine it's been addressed with Fire and Rubble being so focused on urban warfare. I can then justify splashing out on SF2 which would be awesome.
  10. Seems to me Europe is big and ugly enough to look after themselves. At least with regards to Russia
  11. That was a great AAR. Very informative. Looking forward to your next effort
  12. A particularly brutal scenario even by CMFI standards. Degenerated into a surrender-a-thon as both sides try to throw in the towel first.
  13. Two men carry barrels containing human waste through a rice field. Human waste was a common fertilizer in rice cultivation in Korea. In addition to recording the war effort, Williams traveled to small towns, villages, and farms to capture the spirit, culture, and individual personalities of the Korean people, whose lives were dramatically affected by the war. https://calisphere.org/item/a052b1beb149c7ec69a61ec2c5b75e7c/
  14. On the contrary. Makes it even more enticing.
  15. I live about a mile from the beach. Thought I might take advantage of the 6am to 9am "exercise allowance" period to take a walk to the beach., Then again maybe not.... https://twitter.com/NoSurrenderRSA/status/1257559326421659648
  16. CMSF2 & CMBS : Airbursting ammunition being used against soft skinned vehicles and exploding harmlessly above them. My old bugbear the retreat mechanic issues.
  17. I can envision a "The March Up" inspired SF2 campaign titled 'the intrepid adventures of a yellow SUV'
  18. Exactly the book I thought of watching the play through of The Heaven & Earth sandbox campaign on YT. Great read
  19. Thanks I'll check out Fauda. For those interested in the subject may I suggest the book 'Rise and Kill First: The Secret History of Israel's Targeted Assassinations'.
  20. Apparently smokers are less likely to be hospitalized. It increasingly looks like it's the human body doing the dirty work not so much the virus itself. https://www.webmd.com/lung/news/20200430/smokers-hospitalized-less-often-for-covid-19
  21. Harsh reality of lockdown hits home . A reported 3km queue for food hampers
  22. Thanks. It's always a balancing act trying to get an realistic representation of battle with these things. I agree that's it's too conservative. Rather jarring that a squad in a quiet sector can't inform, face to face, another unit of an enemy's current position if that unit's older position was already reported. Especially when that's exactly what you've envisioned them doing as part of your overall battle plan. If possible maybe have whether location intel is shared based on whether communicating units are currently engaged or not.
  23. Only after first wondering around wards unprotected with a doctor that soon after tested positive for Covid19. Lesson learned Meanwhile our leader graciously demonstrates how to put on a mask....
  24. When you spot the typo after the edit window has passed.... "the rationale" obviously
  25. What would rational behind that be? Or is it simply an engine limitation.
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