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  1. Do I need to buy commonwealth forces add on to buy Market garden. Or are they exclusive of each other.
  2. I like the indirect. In today’s satellite era - we can place ordinance anyplace with a sighted.
  3. I have many matrix games - the first post was not malicious - just informative. (No it wasn’t me - conspiracy theorists) but there is a group that for some reason slam CM games whenever they can. (Like the last one by Rico - no need for that) Since I have delved in here a number of times - I should say what I think is positive in this whole mess - I do appreciate and commend Steve for allowing this post to go on. As I’ve said repeatedly - my only concern was in the “coincidence” theory which I found preposterous. That being said there is nothing wrong for people like me to use the info to decide not to buy til they are comfortable with the method again. I see people who say this bashed for their opinions. It’s their money - their choice. PS as for the comment above on the bank - we hit this before - as much as the bank loses money it is a pittance to what they make and eventually pushed back on the consumer with higher charges or lower interest.
  4. First of all I never said this was the only site ever hacked - I said it was obviously one of them. My idea as to the new site being the problem was just as an idea. New code - new problems. You guys take everything as personal - it's not. My card was once hacked years ago (then as now I only used it for one site during an extended time period.) When I searched that site - it like this had multiple people hacked. IT HAPPENS, but don't say it's coincidence. That's like saying a whole bunch of people wearing grey just happened to show up at gettysburg. There use to be a site that reported most hacked sites with numbers of reports. My card support told me years ago that except for the big ones (usually done by big hacking networks) - most like this are smaller businesses that are hacked by individuals or smaller groups. I hope this gets worked out as - it is a great game with great loyal community following it, but til I'm sure - no more soup for me! (Please don't say you can never be sure - I know that, but you also know what I mean.)
  5. If I saw 35 accidents from the same make and model - no I would not buy it. In fact they’d be a recall. As I said game is great - was gonna buy expansion packs for CMBN but will not now. Had a friend who ask me about game - was honest - told him best game I know but to read this first and then make his own decision - he went with a competitor. It is interesting that they all all happened after the new site was up and running - could the fault be there?
  6. Also I try to stay away from paypal as much as possible. Too many horror stories from friends and readings.
  7. Paypal has had its share of hacks over the years. It’s where I had my fi`rest 7 or 8 years ago. Even though my account has been closed for years I get emails with that account # (phishing) so it was stolen Recently, debit cards are giving the same protection. At least mine. Previously, they were like a forged check - you were responsible for recovering funds (at least some.) They’ve gotten better because they we`re losing so much etrade revenue. Still I dopn’t use mine oneline. Only Amex - best coverage of all. (Al;though they’re all relatively equal) PS The fact that debit cards have visa or the likes on it does not make it a cc. It allows you to use debit for a credit transaction but it still comes out as debit for you - from your account.
  8. On a side note, it is crazy how easily it is to get our money back from the banks. Why? They just add the loses into our cost. First time my card was compromised i read a great article on this. More recently, last year Netflix complained their service was being abused (i.e. additional non-sanctioned users.) Their answer - not better security, but to raise fees 10%. (Although they also claim that much of this was for additional creative content.)
  9. Wow - just noticed 101 relies - maybe that’s coincidental too.
  10. A little more history. I have two cards and an atm. I rarely use either card. My Amex was not used for they month of December except for BF sale. My credit card was used too enter a writing in a contest through paypal (I do not or will not have a permanent account.) and some house furniture. The CC was not not hacked. Both were done from the same computer. These are not coincidences. We live miles apart. Timing and tie ins connect them. Steve, I under stand you do not store info. I never allow sites to store mine (at least as far as I can be aware of.) I do not use either of these for gas or restaurants so i couldn’t be swiped. At some time your internet connection / portal or your connection / paypal must have been compromised. Does it happen - yes! But it is obvious there is some connection here. About fifteen years agoI had a card hijacked and items bought in Sweden, Denmark, etc. I was refunded, but I studied the situation as best I could. (I’m not a computer wiz) People who do this are smart. I was told by Amex back then they are broken in two main components. The big hackers and the smaller hackers. They are then divided into two - those using the info for themselves and those that sell the info. (This is a big big business in the black market.) I was also told the smaller ones will hit a site - then run. Pull their hack up and go to a new site. These smaller one are random - they search for a vulnerability then exploit and run so as not to get caught. I think something happened here Steve. Just read the post. To say it’s coincidence is to be blind top the smoking gun in the killers hand with the body on the floor. As you say “it happens” but it did happen!
  11. The list gets bigger. How many people have not reported it to this site as a lot of buyers do not use the forums.
  12. Is it a coincidence that many young people wear nfl football juries yes. Is it a coincidence that everybody near Philadelphia wear eagles Jessie’s _ no. it happens. Just be proactive.
  13. Ps - I’m not worried due to protection i have in place - but i am insulted by the answers. You make a great ame. I will continue to play, but until you change your pay method - dump payp[al if you think they are the problem. - i will not buy nor will i recommend people buy. (As i said - you make a great game - so i will never bad mouth it - i will just make sure people are aware. Then it’s heir choice.
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